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With the benchwork completed, I decided to mock up some of the scenery just to see if the visual effect was going to come out as I had been picturing in my mind. As track laying was progressing, I started to work on a scenic area that will include some bridges that will need to be constructed before the mainline can be completed.
Didn't mention it, but couldn't help but get some trains running during all this construction! I might mention here, that I was a little worried about the 24" radius on the helixes with a 2% grade. You mentioned access and concern about the walls as a big reason you aren't adding a backdrop. I started modeling the N&W because I love the Appalachian type scenery, and really enjoy seeing trains of hopper cars snaking around the corners.
It's funny you should mention the difficulty your having in getting rid of past equipment.
If you look at the track plan you may have noticed there are really not any long sections of main where you can just watch the whole train go by. If you are already a subscriber to Model Railroader Video Plus you must log into your account to view this video. Sign up for the Model Railroader Video Plus newsletter to receive special offers from MRVP and its marketing partners. I hope some will find inspiration from this plan, and others could tell me how this plan could be improved. The theme is coal hauling on the Norfolk and Western, somewhere on the West Virginia, Kentucky border in the late 1960s era. Maybe you will have some good observations or comments that will help me make the layout better.

I wanted something that would be effective, cheap, easy to build, and be able to indicate at a glance which way the turnout was thrown. The screw eye on the back of the dowel provides some adjustment capabilities to the whole system.
I wanted to be able to run 35 car trains and was afraid that the weight of the train would pull the cars off the track to the inside of the helix.
Progress on the mainline is continuing with about three-quarters of the mainline being finished at this point.
Your magazine and the resources it connects me too have proved invaluable, and made this layout much better than it would have been otherwise. In addition to a few other industries, I've got 2 mines and 2 coal loaders planned for the layout. That's somewhat a result of the smaller size of this layout compared to other basement empires.
Turnouts are hand laid #5s using FastTracks jigs, with a few #6's where the main runs through the diverging route. It's not ideal I know, but needing access to a circuit box in the corner of the basement, and not wanting to do anything to the walls fueled my decision. To prevent that from happening I superelevated the track to the outside of the curve instead of to the inside as would be prototypical.
I have a 10 guage solid strand twisted main power bus that runs to either end of the layout. In upcoming posts I'll try to provide more pictures to bring you up to the current state of construction.
I just used some small styrene strips under the outside of the track to superelevate it in the reverse direction.

I hoped this would countereffect the forces trying to pull the cars inward and off the track. Off of that 14 guage stranded twisted feeders supply power to the 14 guage solid twisted track buses via 1156 car tail light bulbs for short protection.
I don't know for sure if I absolutely had to do this, but it made me feel more confident in the running reliability.
As is typical with most modelers though, I reserve the right to change my mind as I go along. So recently I decided to use ground throws for switches that are near at hand and use the piano wire control only for those that are not easily reached due to distance or cars sitting on adjacent tracks like in the yard or engine servicing area. 3M scotchlok connectors make short work of running the 18 guage stranded feeders to the track.
I'm also planning on having at least one of the through trains that will be waiting on the lower staging tracks as a coal drag, with hopefully 40 some cars.
I know electrical pictures are not real exciting, but here's a couple just to give you an idea of what things look like. But maybe these suggestions by fellow modelers will provide me with some leverage so labor can renegotiate the contract with management!

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