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It's a former LMS C40-8W bought by CN (along with a number of other locomotives they picked up second hand). Some (I don't think all) of these LMS units were later sold to CN, and CN gave them IC reporting marks and just painted over the LMS lettering. GreetingsOur club, the Baltimore Area N-Trak did a project layout for the B&O Elicott City Museum's Festival of Trains. I am very happy with the Atlas code 83 turnouts and based on that would not spend the money on PECO or Walthers. The vertical headlight stacks I've seen look like they were later retro fits for the single headlight.

For my current layout I have purchased some Atlas Code 83 Super-Flex track, some Atlas, and Peco #6 code 83 turnouts.
Atlas Custom Line turnouts have metal frogs and Peco makes two types, insulated and all metal versions of their turnouts. Factory paint scheme is horrible - horribly WRONG, but it's a single color job so it should be easy to repaint and apply correctly sized decals to. I think these were former Conrail units that were kept in Conrail blue by LMS, but could be wrong.
I wa quite disappoint in my Athearn - it wouldn't run on a simple single length of flex track smoothly until I soldered additional pickup wires (to avoid the bolster pickup).

As for Atlas, great mechanisms, but theyhave some wierd details, like that giant bulge behind the radiator grills (I guess that's supposed to be the shutter actuator) and extending the generator air duct over to make it be one giant blob instead of the seperate crankcase vent pipe applied to some units (see the pipe on the Erie unit in front of the cab.

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