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The Chesapeake & Western is a free lance (imaginary) railroad running from Morehead City on the Atlantic Ocean to Chapel Hill North Carolina in the mountains and basically following along the Neuse River. Originally this layout was designed for cab control but this proved too cumbersome and the layout and all the locomotives are being converted to digital. We used Kato Unitrack for everything because it provides extremely reliable performance and is very easy to install. I have sent a note to ATLAS Mfg asking if the motor drive and TT are a match----unless some wizard modeller has an answer to my earlier post.Best guess is the pants and jacket are froim different suits. If the TT is definitely the older style one, then I'd look around for the original motor to fit.

The client wanted to include on a compact layout her favorite seashore location and the home of the University of North Carolina. The initial plan called for three modules- one representing Morehead City, one representing Chapel Hill, and one in between holding transition terrain and the turntable and roundhouse. The track also holds itself together, which makes joining the modules much more convenient. Likely some on a shelf somewhere and there's always the famous on-line auction site, where old stock comes up frequently.Just so you know, the combination makes a racket like a bat out of Heck.
The wireing is ok but to turn with the motoer you need a DC controler to power the motor for the turn table.

I would put the track on a table and put some adhesive on it to glue the track and turn table down.
Motorizing this turntable was challenging but by building a gearbox and shaft stabilizer,  I was able to use a Walthers motor kit and make it work.
Mine's at the end of a branchline, so typically only gets used once or twice in an ops session, but everyone present knows when it happens.

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