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A beautiful reproduction of a turntable based upon a Santa Fe prototype including many of its key detail elements. Shoot, having spent about 10 years on and off working atP&D all I can say was it was a 'damned near thing'. Like many of us, I got started with Lionel and had a huge (16' X 34' layout in our basement. I've been in HO since about 1959, but I've found the degree of detailing that Atlas O provides irresistible.

If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers. It's all about WAITING - Waiting for something to come out in O scale, waiting for space for a bigger pike, or waiting for the MONEY to pay for it! Railroads still use turntables to assist in the maintenance of diesel locos and rolling stock. Based on a Santa Fe prototype, Atlas O has realistically duplicated its above ground details, so adding a working turntable has never been simpler.

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