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The number of underpants (3) in your package is perfect for my purpose ( I'm the nagging grandparent!), plus the stickers with the free achievement sheet, are a terrific ploy. I also thought your pricing was most valid, AND the postage method to Canada didn't take my breath ( and cheerfulness ) away!
In his short twenty three months of life, David has already amassed a large collection of Thomas related toys and books. My boys are both Thomas mad so when I seen this on sale for ?5 at my local Argos I decided to pick it up for my youngest sons birthday as I knew he would love it.
Thomas the Tank is a cheeky engine who lives on the Island of Sodor with his friends.~Push 'N' Go~Push 'N' Go Thomas the Tank is a toy created by toy giants Tomy. Bright, sturdy and mercifully easy to clean, the Push and Go Thomas does just what it says in the title: push down on the driver's head and the bright little toy will move along merrily until it runs out of steam.
I drove my wife to the North Carolina Department of Highways to get some paperwork done on her car and there happened to be a toy train hobby store next door. This evening I was playing with Katie when I flew my head back and started to sway with my arms held out.  Katie immediately go the hint and started to perform her little dance.  What a ham! If you are interested in seeing what Katie loves to have for breakfast I have posted a photo to the left.  She likes fried eggs with cheese (no runny yolks), and grilled mushrooms and tomatoes. We threw some of the plastic balls that we got yesterday in the tub this evening when Katie was taking a bath. 1) Katie would love to have the Thomas The Tank Engine Table (and all the train stuff on it of course!!!).
As children embark for fun with their engine friends, adventures unfold that leads to timeless life lessons. It is now 2008, a time in which some people might consider stories about talking trains to appeal to both boys and girls. And please, in time for my two year old niece who is Thomas-mad to have some knickers for Christmas. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. He had recently become very interested in Thomas The Tank Engine and the toys in this range and had always loved push 'n' go style toys, where you compress something and the toy rolls forward. The toy looks very well made and there are no small pieces so it is perfect for younger children.The toy is made from durable thick plastic and is a good size for little hands to hold and push easily. I havn't been buying 2 of everything as I'm trying to learn them to share and play together with things. I talked to Laura (Katie’s teacher) today and she said that the muffins yesterday were simply amazing. Since Becca takes care of Katie on Thursdays we didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter. It is light enough for younger children to pick up and move around and can be rolled along the floor or the push and go feature can be used.
The toy measures 15 x 9 x 7cm and is presented in an open front box.This toy is said to encourage crawling and general fun. These early morning drives are certainly rare these days…but they do happen from time-to-time. I got three quarts as it lasts a while and both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods were out of it last time. MAKING TRACKS TO GREAT DESTINATIONS!These Thomas The Engine Tank & Friends Underwear Briefs are excellent for motivating your son to get potty trained (Don't forget to check out potty training tips for more helpful ideas!) and to start wearing big boy underwear!!Thomas the Train Toddler Boys Underwear include 3 boy briefs per pack. I say eventually as we had seen the James variety of the toy in Toys R Us and thought we'd be able to pick up a Thomas elsewhere, as my son would favour that character. However, before we decided on a Thomas to purchase we were clearing out my daughters 'old' toys and came across the Thomas 'Push n Go'.Well, the moment myy son saw 'his' Thomas he was delighted and it has become one of his favourite toys.
It resembles the little blue engine perfectly and the driver is also modelled very well on the TV characters which my sons love.
I bought one from a Charity Shop for just ?1.50 and I had one with a bundle of toys I bought off ebay for just ?10 including the postage and packaging. It's great to hear there are other little girls out there who love Thomas. My son loves these!!!
However, after a look in several stores and a search online it became clear this wouldn't be as easy as we had anticipated. Rarely a day goes by when Thomas is not 'pushed' around the house or garden.Now as a mum I want toys to last and be of a very good quality and I have to say Push 'N Go Thomas does not disappoint.

You can buy variations of this toy and we now have Percy and Thomas so that they can race against each other and make things a little more interesting. The retail price for these though are roughly ?10.It is such a simple toy, shaped like Thomas the Tank himself, with a train driver at the top of it. Tesco Direct stocked the toy but could not guarantee which character you would receive and it currently sells on Amazon for ?30!
To get the toy to work it is really simple simply push down on the driver that is pre attached to the train in the driver's seat and watch Thomas roll along all by himself. Now the name Push and Go Thomas obviously comes from the fact that all you have to do is Push down the train driver and off Thomas goes.
Overall the product meets our expectations and the transaction was smooth and seamless. Another Girl wanting Thomas undies!
This is simple to do even for younger children the driver is a fair size for them to get their hands around and fairly easy to push down sometimes it does stick a little but after a few pushes this eases up again.Although Thomas does not roll very far along the floor he still rolls enough to provide enjoyment for little one and this also means that younger children that are just exploring movement can enjoy this toy as well as older children who are sturdy on their feet. It is made of plastic and is a very good resemblance of the character it is intended to be - the blue is perhaps a little deeper than the blue on some of my son's Thomas toys but I wouldn't say that this was incorrect. I have to say that my son has had no problems at all in pushing down the driver himself (I know there are some people who have said that the driver is hard for little ones to push down) and off he goes to play.Another big bonue and what also makes this a firm favourite is that no batteries are needed! This toy is said to encourage crawling which it does as my son loves crawling after Thomas and now he is a lot steadier on his feet he loves running after him too.
I cannot remember how we came to have this but know it has been in our collection since my son was around 1year old (so 2 and a half years roughly).
It's not a huge toy and not too small just the right size for children from maybe 8months plus to pick up.I do reccomend this to anybody who has children who love Thomas, or even just trains or cars.
My 3 year old is trying to convince me that she is a boy so I will buy her Thomas underwear. There are six blue wheels on the train to propel it along and on top, in the driver compartment is the head and shoulders of a driver. Thomas just keeps going and going and going!I have to say that we have certainly got our moneys worth out of this toy - my daughter had it and now my son has it and it still shows no real signs of any wear and tear.
We have found that this works on both carpets and wooden flooring though of course as you would expect it does roll further when used on harder flooring and so my boys tend to take ours to the kitchen to use them. We also have the matching Percy somewhere in the house but James can also be bought if you want a full collection.~Quality~From a parents point of view, this is a decent toy.
Like I said it is such a simple toy to have and extremely easy to use but so far it has provided lots of fun for my boys as they press the driver and try beat Thomas to the other end of the room. Please, please, please realize that little girls love Thomas too and want to wear the undies! Grand daughter 4 yrs. This can be pushed down into the train and this propels the train forwards in a straight line. The wheels are still smooth, no paintwork has faded and the everything looks as good as new. They can be used by themselves or you can use other engines in the series to race and we find that Thomas always rolls that little bit further than Percy and so always wins the race.We have had this toy coming up to a year now and he has been bashed off everything in sight and in the early days my son would just throw poor Thomas across the room for no reason other to see how far he could throw him. A very well made toy.To sum up I'm hoping that Thomas provides my son many more hours of fun and play. There are no markings or scratching at all and Thomas has lasted well which is great that he is so well made as he is aimed at younger children. The driver can then be pushed down again to make the train move forward and so on and so on.PLAYTIMEMy son knew what to do instantly with this toy as he already had various push and go style toys. The toy is recommended from 1 year and above which I believe to be a good age range to begin from as it is simple to use and great for encouraging fine motor skills in younger children. He was also well above the minimum age for the toy meaning that his strength and co-ordination was very good and he was more than capable of pressing the driver down accurately. This does not mean it is limited to a young child as even my eldest son who is soon to be five enjoys racing this Thomas with the Percy push and go engine and although he does play with it for shorter periods and a lot less than my youngest boy he still really enjoys racing them. There is no sharp surfaces or small parts which could cause any issues with babies and nothing will fall off if the train ends up near a hungry toddlers mouth!
The driver is quite stiff though and I would imagine a younger child struggling a little more at getting to grips with this. This toy does get small bouts of use rather than any longer play sessions but it does get used very often making it worth its money. We get this toy out when his younger cousin, who is 16 months old, comes to play and she struggles with this.

Usual retail for this toy is around ?10 and although it seems a little pricey considering you can get other push and go toys for half this but it has lasted well and of course you are paying for the character as well as the toy unfortunately.This toy does not require any batteries which is a nice change from a lot of my children's other toys this means although it is a little expensive for what you get there are no further costs added by having to buy batteries over and over again even though it is still an interactive toy for a child and provides great enjoyment by rolling by itself. It is durable and has withstood being rammed into walls and the usual toddler tantrums.Thomas actually looks like Thomas. She understands what needs to be done but it is just a little too stiff and she lacks the required strength and manipulation skills to do this - which can be quite frustrating for her! Both my sons and I would recommend this toy it is simple yet fun and both my 2 year old and 4 year old like this toy although it does only receive small amounts of use on many occasions it has certainly paid for itself over the year we have had it.
Probably a daft statement to make but I find that poor quality Thomas toys often do not look like the real engine. This toy has a realistic looking Thomas from his cheeky smile, red detailing to his black funnel numbering. It does move over the rugs and carpets but at a much reduced speed, which does not entertain my son quite as much!
The toy has a glossy finish though regular play has resulted in small flakes of colouring falling off. The drivers detailing is minimal - a simple blue hat and jacket.~My Sons Opinion~My son was impressed with this toy from the moment he received it and took it to relatives homes to show it off (alongside Percy). At the same time, it is gentle on the floor and doesn't mark or scratch the laminate (other vehicle toys we own have done this) so this pleases me too!There is not a great deal to the toy and my son enjoys it most when he has someone to play it with - i.e.
Thomas was subject to flying off the edge of sofas (and survived to tell the tale) but was mainly used on a carpet.
Whenever this toy is ressurrected from the toy box now, it is mainly used on the laminate flooring as my son has learned that Thomas works better on the wooden floor compared to carpet.When my son first received this toy, he found it difficult to push the driver down far enough to gather up speed. Better for Haynes to join the rest of us in 2008!! Why are the pants only made for boys? However, he has developed various games with it too - so it has helped his imagination - such as standing up other toys like skittles and aiming this at them to knock them down. I would say he probably plays with this for 10 minutes at a time, it doesn't hold his interest or attention for much longer than this. My son eventually got the hang of it and it doesn't take much force for him to get Thomas moving now.
None of the plastic has chipped or damaged and the driver remains intact (as does the push 'n' go mechanism which I worried may have weakened under such heavy handedness!).MY OPINIONThis is a lovely toy for young Thomas fans. Once pressure on the drivers head as been released, it takes a few seconds for Thomas to start moving.
The wheels spin quickly and to start with, Thomas would go shooting across the floor in a fairly noisy manner.
My son probably got it when he was a little old, I would say it was ideal for children at about 18 months. However, he still enjoyed it (and still does at age 2 ?) and has had plenty of play from it. When Percy was with us (I still need to find him again), my son and nephew would race the engines which always proved to be fun and it was something they could do together.Now though, the driver seems even stiffer and doesn't seem to move Thomas very well on his own (especially on the carpet). It is basic but does what it is supposed to well - and it is nice to have simple, non-noisy toys in his collection too!I think that the toy is a little overpriced for what it is, even at the ?13.99 we paid for it. My son pushes him down and then has to give the back of Thomas a nudge to release the driver and send him on his way.
But I have found this to be true for a lot of Thomas toys (as well as other character toys) so it is not overly surprising. I was astounded to see the price that it was selling for on Amazon though and cannot see that anyone would pay that (nor should they!). Not so bad on laminate but no where near as fun as it used to be.~Conclusion~This is a good, fun toy for a younger Thomas fan but doesn't have much appeal to my son or nephew who are now 3 and 3 and a half. It isn't educational and has limited play options - it looks good but is really basic and my son prefers toys with more play options now.
I would recommend it for young toddlers that are Thomas fans, if you are able to get hold of one at a reasonable price.

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