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Michele Bachmann doesn't fit the liberal, feminist mold, and the left is bringing to bear on her every piece of heavy artillery it has. It's not so much that the liberal establishment and its media lackeys fear the likes of Bachmann -- or Sarah Palin before her.
A successful, articulate, politically aware and active woman who doesn't fall meekly into line with the leftist-feminist ideal is a threat to be eradicated by any means necessary. Bachmann doesn't fit the mold, and the left is bringing to bear on her every piece of heavy artillery it has. The key difference between Bachmann, the congresswoman from Minnesota, and Palin is that Bachmann is taking her first step into the national limelight already well prepared for the assault. How effectively she can withstand it remains to be seen, but she knows it's coming and forewarned is forearmed.
Bachmann has credentials that, in our credentials-obsessed culture, look as good as or better than former Alaska Gov. Bachmann begins her experience on the national stage with a better grasp of a broader set of issues than Palin had at the outset.

And one suspects that Bachmann carries an even firmer commitment to conservatism than does Palin, who has been known to veer from principle into populism in quest of popularity.
All of that makes Bachmann a superior presidential candidate not only to Palin, but to quite a few of the announced Republican candidates for president. None of that means she'll survive the minefield the liberal-dominated media are laying for her. So it appears that the line on Bachmann is going to be that she dwells somewhere outside the mainstream of American thought.
She's too religious, too pro-life, too small-government, too free-market, too hung up on the Constitution, too Tea Party. Since she's everything that drives the secular, nanny-state left crazy, she must be some kind of "flake" -- the term Chris Wallace used (and later apologized for) while interviewing Bachmann on his Sunday morning TV show. In a fairly lengthy interview on CNN two days later, Kiran Chetry managed to ask Bachmann not a single substantive question, boring in instead on Bachmann's "misstatements" and the "flake" flap.
The very same media whose free passes rain down like confetti several times a month when President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden embarrass themselves with breaches of protocol and rhetorical howlers will go through Bachmann's every utterance as if it were an email from Sarah Palin.
Sporting a merry hat and equipped with a snow plow, Thomas is ready to brave the winter weather to make sure the Christmas tree and important cargo arrive on time for the Island of Sodor holiday party.

Here comes the media onslaught reserved for women who have the gall to be outspoken conservatives. Palin's: Bachmann is a lawyer, with an advanced degree in federal tax law, has served in Congress for five years and served in the Minnesota state Senate before that. It's sad that so many people are so firmly dedicated to the task of making sure Americans never take the possibility seriously.
The festive Thomas’ Christmas Express will deliver Yuletide fun to children of all ages! Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Bachmann Trains Online Store interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
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