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Issue: It has come to the attention of Horizon Hobby, LLC that some DX18G2 and DX18 Stealth Edition transmitters may have a reduction in performance at extreme ranges.
Any Spektrum full-range receiver with servos attached (or an electric aircraft with full range receiver installed), together with the appropriate charged battery. A small non-conductive (non-metal) stand or table approximately 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) tall (to place the transmitter on when testing). When bound, verify that failsafe is working by increasing the throttle position to a low RPM then turn off the transmitter.

If using a receiver and servo only, put the receiver in small a small cardboard box with the antenna taped verticality and the throttle servo located so that ita€™s easy to see. When bound, increase the throttle position to full throttle, then turn off the transmitter while observing the throttle servo. Place an approximately 30-inch (75 cm), non-conductive stand or table in an area that allows an unobstructed, line-of-sight view from the table to the area where the transmitter range test will be performed.4. If using a throttle servo only, increase the servo position to full throttle and note the location of the servo arm for later reference.

If at 0.5 miles the system goes into failsafe (Low throttle position), the radio should be returned to Horizon for service by following the above instructions. Carefully wrap the transmitter in bubble wrap and pack the transmitter into a strong cardboard box, ensuring the transmitter will not move around in transit.

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