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After meeting up and hitting the road with my World Nomads' Passport and Plate crew, we finally arrived in Kandy, a city with Bogambara Lake at its centre. After leaving Passau, we sailed into Austria and made our way to the Wachau Valley, an area renowned for apricots and grapes. Passau is a small city sitting at the confluence of three rivers: the Inn, the Ilz, and the Danube.
After hanging out with geoducks and oyster seeds, it was time to toast the shellfish industry in the Comox Valley. On a cold, rainy day, people lined up around the block for supplies from a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center in Far Rockaway, Queens, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.
More than 100 days after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, leaving power lines, houses, family heirlooms and human lives decimated in its wake, it's a clear sign residents are still figuring out how to cope.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the recent storm would cost New York State alone nearly $42 billion. An avenue away from the last stop on that final shuttle train, Rockaway Boulevard is strewn with the painful aftermath of the storm. Yet on that same boulevard in Far Rockaway, the home of a once burgeoning surf scene and vacation area, two words shine through: We’re open. Not only had the floodwater ravaged the small store, the shop had been broken into and looted - a common occurrence in areas without power. Surfside Bagels was rebuilt through an in-kind donation from FrontStreet Facility Solutions, a facility management and maintenance company. After being denied flood insurance and still awaiting a response from FEMA, Edwards recalls asking Kennan: What did they have to lose? Edwards said without their angel investor, Surfside Bagels would be exactly where they were in early November - waiting for FEMA and insurance to come through. Great to see this business back on its feet, but I'd be curious why they were denied flood insurance, and why the FEMA issues continue to seem to drag out forever.

This place has all the usual bagel varieties (plain, onion, everything, raisin, etc.), but is special because it also has vegan tofu cream cheese.
The lake was constructed by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha in the 19th century, with a square island that apparently used to be the king’s private bathing facility, and was connected to the palace by a secret tunnel.
The apricots are made into fine desserts and excellent schnapps, and the grapes—particularly Reisling and Gruner Veltliners—are turned into the wines the Valley is famous for.
As you may have read earlier, I travelled to Sri Lanka this past June as part of World Nomads' Passport and Plate program with Intrepid Travel.
Because of this, Passau is prone to flooding, a fact that proved true during our short time in the city. Despite the odds, the recent reopening of small businesses, like a tiny, neighborhood bagel shop, indicates a new day is dawning. They opened the shop in April 2008, and on February 11, 2013, they opened once more after Hurricane Sandy. Because of its height on the wall, the sign was one the few things the storm water didn’t reach.
NOTE: I believe the area is Rockaway Beach and Far Rockaway is a little further East on the peninsula.
Not only do they have A tofu cream cheese, they have FOUR tofu cream cheeses: plain, jalapeno, garlic, and scallion.
I had a cinnamon-raisin-walnut tofu cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel a few months ago, which I didn't see when I went yesterday. The guy gave me half and half so I could try both (after allowing me to sample both of them). One guy even told me I could come pay for my bagel later or the next day if I didn't have the money.
Here’s my first of a series of posts I’ve been writing for them, which I’ll be sharing here once a week.

It rained hard while we were there, and the riverside walkways were beginning to be overtaken by the river. Even if people wanted to forget or move on, the reminders are everywhere: condemned houses, wind-torn American flags, wooden debris lingering in the road.
And while Edwards voices concern that a storm of Sandy’s nature might happen again, he and his business partner are looking toward the future, rather than the past. The spread was good, but I don't think it offered anything above plain cream cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel; it was basically the same flavor. They were both good, especially the blueberry, which had big chunks of blueberries), but I prefer the savory spreads, perhaps because they go better on the more interesting bagels that just wouldn't mix with a fruity spread. In the Fall, there will be three videos from kickass videographer Seth Coleman, who filmed my trip. To access the Rockaways, riders have to transfer to a shuttle bus, then back onto a fare free shuttle train, which only started service in late November. I think my favorite is the tofu scallion on the everything bagel, or maybe the tofu vegetable on the garlic bagel. I'm kind of terrified to see them, since I was sweaty and inarticulate the entire time, but I promise to share them nonetheless.
It’s a couple more transfers than residents are used to, but it’s better than the lack of transportation they were saddled with for quite some time.

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