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Astromega DD435 is seen at Madison Gardens in New York loading for Philadelphia on August 18th 2010. DD087 is seen offloading in Boston's South Station Transportation Center having arrived from New York. A CoachUSA Dodge service van is seen in Manhattan outside the Port Authority Bus Terminal suitably decorated to promote the new Megabus New York network.

Contrast the rear of this newer MCI coach, seen passing through Harlem, with 51104 above and you will see that the Megabus character, Sid, hasn't had his face shredded on this model! In July 2008 this Van Hool doubledecker leaving New York for Baltimore was the shape of things to come. Stagecoach placed an order for 96 similar wifi equiped machines that October for its North Anerican Megabus network.

These coaches began arriving in July 2009 and there are photos of the newly delivered machines in our Canadian gallery.

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