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Another steam train, the Big Green Action Locomotive is battery operated and has a pwerplant that enables it to tow long lines of coaches and trucks. This heavy weight freight engine look very similar to the kind of giant loco's you would find in the USA. A diesel engine with an expensive cargo, the Freight Gold Train pulls what must be one of the heaviest loads ever! Originally built in Doncaster in 1923 the Flying Scotsman was made to run the non-stop service from London to Edinburgh.
The Flying Scotsman was designed Sir Nigel Gresley to be part of the A1 class which were the most powerful trains of their era. The train was bought by enthusiasts who took the steam engine on a tour across the United States.
The great thing about a children's wooden train set is that it can start small and be built up over time to become much more substantial system.
Brio have made efforts before to re-invent their products by buying licensing agreements like Thomas the Tank Engine, for example. Made with toddlers in mind, the Brio My First Railway Set comes with a length of standard wooden rain track and an engine with three carriages. These are some brief descriptions of some of the train sets that are now available from Brio. Brio have continued to innovate and breath new life into the humble wooden train set which has prevailed as a popular children's toy for many decades. A wooden train set is a one of the most intriguing and expandale wooden toys that you can buy for a child. Have a good look at the sorts of wooden train set that are available in your price bracket. Be aware of the type of connector that is used on the train setFor the most part, wooden train sets all have compatible male and female connections.
Apart from these points, a wooden train set makes a great gift and is a very rewarding wooden toy for a young child.
The great thing about a children's wooden train sets is that they can start small and be built up over time to become much more substantial railways.
Plan City Road & Rail – Railway Station starts as solid wooden building but when folded out transforms in to a railway station with wooden train track and roads. Road & Rail City Transportation, Deluxe and Standard are great quality train sets that vary in their wooden train track size and accessories. The Road & Rail Starter set is good wooden train set for younger children to begin with as they can learn to set up the train track themselves without the frustration they will encounter trying to assemble a more complex layout. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. Each of these locomotives vary in design and are often inspired by different rail travel eras. The train is battery powered and also features a number of sounds as well as lights that are located at the front.
With double bogey wheels this engine knows how to play rough and is built to pull huge loads. Based on the pop up hood engine this loco comes with two reinforced trucks that come supplied with two large piles of gold as luggage.
Youngsters will always appreciate the new story lines that can be thought up when one of these Brio trains is introduced to a wooden train set.

Based on the world famous locomotive this Brio train has the same dark green paintwork, long body shape and ten wheels. The train was in service for over forty years and was eventually retired in 1963 as diesel and electric as fuels became more popular. A few years later the train was returned to public ownership in 2004 and after extensive restoration the hope is that it will haul once again like the Brio Flying Scotsman does now.
Wooden train sets also have great play value because of their long-term usage as a child grows.
Brio train sets have been in production since 1957, although the Brio company was originally founded in Sweden by Ivar Bengtsson during the late 19th Century. But Brio's biggest transformation yet has been recently where they have given their wooden train set range a complete overhaul and introduced many more interactive train set accessories and elements. Built around an oval of train track with a set of points and buffers, the set features one of the new Brio Lights and Sounds Trains. The company has developed road sections to be plugged in to the system with the use of level crossing pieces. Having fallen out of favour during the 1980's and early 1990's wooden train sets have made something of a comeback in recent times. Many train sets are suitable for children aged three years upwards as they can contain small pieces. This is important because one of the main aspects of a wooden railway set is that it can be expanded. Wooden train sets also have great play value because of it long-term usage as a child grows.
Each wooden train set is made to Plan Toys high standards of quality and craftsmanship combined with their great attention to detail.
All of the wooden trains, buildings and vehicles are compatible with most standard wooden toy train sets and with the Plan City Road Sets.
From the the beginnings of train travel with steam through to the highs of the fifties and sixties.
Able to fit on any wooden railway track, the freight puller has independent front and back wheels which will allow it to pass round the tightest of corners whilst pulling trucks and wagons. Each pile of gold has a magnet inset to allow the heavy loads to be removed by a suitable crane. The Brio Flying Scotsman Engine also comes with a tender that would be used to store the coal that hooks on to the back of the wooden train. Famous for it’s non-stop eight hour service from London to Edinburgh the Scotsman also became the first train to be timed, officially, to break the 100mph speed barrier. Brio trains are still mostly non-motorised which makes them suitable for younger pre-school aged children.
Each Brio train set has a theme and offer much play value whilst still maintaining their core traditional style and compatibility with other wooden train sets. However there are a number of things that you can check out before you buy, any number of wooden train set can vary greatly in price and set size amongst other things. There can be a number of reasons, one is the manufacturers build quality, BRIO is the market leader and their products tend to be high quality so you will probably pay a bit extra. There are small sets that have enough wooden train track to make a basic circle or a figure of eight. There are many and numerous wooden train accessories that can be bought and enhance a basic set.
Along to the development of diesel engines which overlapped and eventually replaced steam locomotives on to the development of electric trains and ultra modern TVR's and Bullet trains as well as driver-less driven light railway systems, there are Brio trains representing them all.

Although Brio have introduced a new elements of light and sound to their wooden train set range that require batteries to function. The Road and Rail Loading Set comes with a large oval of raised railway track, numerous vehicles; train, lorries and crane as well as sections of road.
Firstly an increased interest in sustainable more environmentally friendly toys rather than chemical and resource intensive plastic toys. The Metro station is cylindrical like an underground station and has an open side where the train can pull up to. Whilst the PlanCity range by Plan Toys are made from ethically sourced rubberwood which carries a premium price as well. These kind of sets will currently set you back between ten to twenty five pounds depending on how many accessory pieces you get with it.
There is a train to suit any toddler or young child who will love the extra rolling stock for their wooden train set. Secondly, an increased in broadcasted television programmes that are based on train related subject matter; Thomas the Tank Engine, Underground Ernie and Chuggington have all been developed during the 80's, 90's until the present day. The station has a white tile effect floor with a red safety line on the platform edge to keep passengers at a safe distance when the Metro train pulls up. A medium size track will have a slightly more elaborate layout and may have a couple of features like a bridge, some points and sidings or a tunnel with extra wooden train carriages. The connections tend to be quite loose to enable compatibility but also to allow young children to put the train track together easier. The station also has red wall hung seats which have a decorative Brio poster and a tube map positioned above them.
The IKEA train track is an example where it's connections and shape means that in some cases it doesn't always fit or at least makes a very tight fit, this can be frustrating for a child if they wish to change their layout and can't get the track apart. Wooden train sets are recognised as such and are particularly suited as role play toys for toddlers and pre-school children.
Then there are large sets that have ample track that can be reconfigured into many different layouts, they are usually themed and have longer wooden trains and plenty of features including stations, docks, level crossings.
One of the main features of the underground train set is one of the new Brio Lights and Sounds Trains. The larger train sets offer much greater play value although of course you do pay for this aspect. The tops of the carriages come off the train to allow you to place the figures and luggage inside it. Other features include a cylindrical Metro shaped tunnel that connects directly in to the railway track itself. The set also come with two passengers; a man and woman, a suitcase, a stand alone ticket machine and Metro map. The Brio Metro Railway Set also comes with an oval of railway track that incorporates the special Metro platform section that has a plastic loop at either end to represent coming out and going into the underground network. There is also a set of points and a section of railway track with a set of buffers attached.
As with all Brio train sets the Brio Metro Railway Set can be linked into an existing train set. The set has a novel twist in that it resembles an underground train so it could perhaps link from an existing train set via the set of point that are included or an additional turntable.

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