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Cette table circuit train en bois est une version entiA?rement nouvelle de la table de train classique.
Les trains pourront divaguer au grA?s des rails, par les ponts et les tunnels jusqu'A  la gare. Tag along as I poke around local garage sales, yard sales and thrift shops looking for collectible treasures to re-sell. When buying train tables, you'll notice some people sell the trains separate from the tables.
Once I have a basic train layout made, I take some pictures then the train table goes up on Craigslist. So when I see a train table at the right price, it's going in the back of the truckster and heading home with me. Money in the Garage will be on a brief hiatus this week as the family and I head down the beach for summer vacation.
Next to going to a garage sale, enjoying a good cup of coffee is one of my favorite things to do. There's nothing like finding a good garage sale score that can be split it into multiple sales.

If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. Obviously the best deal is when you can get both the table and the train sets for one low price. Like anything else at a yard sale, prices can range from practically giving them away to asking full blown retail. Some folks get financially attached to their kid's Brio Tables, remembering what they forked out at the store and expecting you to do the same. However if your selling around the Holiday season, you may be able to go even higher due to increased demand. But no matter what the price is, this I know for sure: almost as soon as you post a train table parents will start e-mailing you looking to buy! Although the best one to buy and re-sell is Brio, you'll make money with most any train table no matter who makes it.
An excellent return on a ten dollar investment and I didn't even have to use my surplus pieces! I don't go crazy adding pieces though, I figure their Mom and Dad can always buy more later.

One way to deal with shipping is to look up similar items on eBay and see what other people are charging for the same thing. Bottom line is you should try to keep your shipping fee as close to the actual costs as you can. Plus, buyers can now ding you in the rating system if they think your shipping fee was too high!Your exactly right about Craiglist buyers, they can be very flaky and inconsistent.
I got one at a garage sale for $5 with the intention of using it in my kindergarten classroom.
It's in pretty good shape except that the trim is cracked and has some rough edges so it needs to be replaced in order for my students to play with it safely. Either way, someone will buy it for their kid because the new tables go for well over $100.As they say, price depends on condition.

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