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Generally, evening shows are presented every night from Tuesday through Sunday and matinees are on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Broadway is a€?darka€? for most shows on Mondays, meaning there are no performances that day.
The Broadway New York City stage has much to offer, from long running classics to fresh new shows.
Many find they have a greater appreciation for a Broadway show when they are familiar with the storyline or music. Shows that have been time tested and remain extremely popular are Wicked, Mamma Mia!, and Jersey Boys.
If you're looking for a good show to take your kids to, it's hard to go wrong with Mary Poppins, Spiderman, or The Lion King. Once Tickets - A story of two musicians and their friends in a Dublin pub, Once won eight Tony awards including Best Musical. Newsies Tickets - The NYC-based musical Newsies has received positive reviews for it's high-energy music and choreography.
To be considered Broadway Theatre, a show must take place in a venue with 500 or more seats located in the Theatre District of New York City.
Broadway theatres are clustered around Times Square in an area known as the Theatre District.
The area inside the blue rectangle above is home to Broadway New York City's many theatres. Theatre In New York, a new source for everything happening on stage in New York from Broadway to Off-Off-Broadway, has been launched.

Like its sister sites, Theatre In New York will have a variety of pages and features designed to help facilitate the theatregoing experience, including the popular Review Round-Up, theatre map, childrens shows, half-price tickets, top rated shows, and more. In order to better serve this market, Theatre In New York will have a couple of new features not found on the other sites. Anyone planning a trip to NYC during the holiday season (or New Yorkers looking for ways to to entertain the visitors) will be able to take full advantage of Theatre In New York's variety of resources in planning their New York theatre experience. New York City's Broadway theater district is considered by many to be the epitome of world-class stage talent and entertainment. Broadway is a generic term that has grown to encompass more than just Broadway Street in New York City.
New York City Broadway shows got their start in 1882, and since then have attracted international recognition and stage names such as Irving Berlin, Julie Andrews, and Jackie Gleason.
Broadway shows in New York may run for several weeks, months even, and Broadway musicals tend to run the longest. Seeing a Broadway show is one of the most popular New York tourist activities and accounts for a multi-billion dollar annual business.
Experience firsthand the excitement of one or more 2016 Broadway shows in New York during your stay, and see the theater that has been called, along with London's West End Theatre, the highest level of English theater. They may not get the same attention as Hollywood stars, but their brilliant ability to belt out a tune, dance, and act night after night in front of a crowd is certainly remarkable. Theatre In New York will join its sister sites Theatre In Chicago, Theatre In DC, Theatre In Boston, Theatre In LA, Theatre In Minneapolis, Theatre In San Francisco, Theatre In Seattle, and Theatre Atlanta in providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on live theatrical entertainment. One of these will be a page listing just the shows playing (and upcoming) on Broadway, with links to ticket pages and show websites like always.

Theatre In New York also expects to roll out new features in the coming months so keep checking back.
Broadway shows in New York have included famous productions over the years such as Phantom of the Opera (the longest-running Broadway production), Cats, and A Chorus Line to name just a scant few.
It is an entire area on and adjacent to Broadway Street in midtown Manhattan, in and around Times Square, and includes several theaters of varying sizes and popularity. The Annual Tony Awards in June is a gala event that recognizes all Broadway Theater production effort, and is presented by the League of American Theatres and Producers and the American Theatre Wing. In an effort to make seeing New York City Broadway shows more affordable for everyone, same-day tickets are sold for several Broadway and Off Broadway shows, and many Broadway theaters also offer special student rates or standing-room tickets to help ensure that more people have the opportunity to see Broadway shows. New York City, of course, is the home of Broadway and the largest theatre market in the United States. Because of the popularity of Broadway shows, and the vast number of productions playing in New York at any given time, this will help ease the task of sifting through the entire database of productions.
Off Broadway shows and even Off-Off Broadway shows refer to the smaller productions located on these adjacent streets. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Off Broadway shows are often frequented by theatergoers who prefer a slightly smaller, more intimate setting, and account for a vital portion of New York City Broadway shows.

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