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It was 1985, Gary and Wyatt made a women with their computer in the movie Weird Science, and I got my first printer, it was a Dot matrix. Fast-forward nearly 30 years and our first 3D printer arrives at the office, it was like birthday and Christmas rolled into one! It was relatively easy to set up, once you've unpacked it, connected up the spool of printing filament and inserted the printing plate.
By this time we had started to attract a lot of attention the office, pretty soon we had a crowd of quizzical people pointing at it and asking "what's that?". The release of DesignSpark Mechanical forms the latest step in a process of software evolution which spans at least 5 decades and forms an increasingly fundamental framework within today’s global design industry. CAD or computer aided design first emerged as a tool in the 1960s and was created mainly to support the demands of the automotive, aerospace and defence industries. Much of the early motivation to develop such systems was focused either on the potential productivity gains or on the ability of new systems to define complex surfaces and solids.
More recently, the focus on CAD has been as a creative tool, allowing for the design process to comfortably take place on a screen rather than on a sheet of paper. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) has evolved in a similar way, especially with the recent innovation of Rapid Prototyping, including technologies such as 3D printing, Rapid CNC and Rapid Injection Moulding. We’re reporting live from Manchester’s historic Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on Day 1 of our Design Challenge. Over the next three days, we’ll keep you updated with all the action as our four teams take on the ultimate design challenge: to create a ‘life-changing invention’ in just 48 hours using our new FREE software tool, DesignSpark Mechanical. Trevor Baylis has just given an inspiring talk on ‘Innovation and Invention’ and now the teams are busy brainstorming their ideas. The concentration in the room is palpable and our live Twitter wall is bursting with activity from an excited engineering community. We spoke to Jude Pullen earlier, from Team Tesla, and he was excited by the prospect of tackling the Challenge brief. Some common themes are already emerging at this early stage around energy, conservation and health.
Other ideas that are being thrown around include a honey extraction technology, a power solution for third world rural areas using bamboo and a new take on the pencil sharpener. Team Kao are in serious shortlisting mode: “We’ve gone from 20 life-changing concepts to three”. Team Babbage have made an early bid for most competitive Challengers with a statement of intent: “We’re in it to win it”. The Babbage guys have even created their own hashtag, follow their creative process here #TeamBabbage.
3D printing is a big theme of our Design Challenge and Team Baylis have decided to tackle it head on with the creation of mass-market 3D printer cartridges. Welcome back to the ultimate Design Challenge, live from Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. If yesterday was about brainstorming, white-boarding and some tentative glue-gunning, today is all about the detail. Expect some serious 3D designing (and printing) as the four teams get to grips with their life-changing ideas and our new software, DesignSpark Mechanical. Our four teams have just two hours to finalise their life-changing inventions before they present their ideas to the world. Yesterday, the Museum of Science and Industry was a hive of creative activity with engineers literally skipping in excitement at the prospect of prototyping their ideas.
From water filtration systems to bike security devices, the invention concepts are all markedly different but equally ambitious. Why do you think it’s important for DesignSpark to be making tools like DSM available to all engineers?

Our main work at the moment is on our new RepRap design, which is called Ormerod (after the entomologist Eleanor Ormerod – all RepRaps are named after biologists).
But I am also working on printing with electrical conductors (including, we hope, graphene) and designing a heated, ink-jet-style print head for the machine, so we can build with materials like wax.
Finally, why do you think people should get involved in the DesignSpark Mechanical Challenge? As part of our Design Challenge we’re putting a weekly spotlight on a standout entry and interviewing the person behind the submission.
With my version of the maglev, the aim was to improve the existing designs to make the transportation of the future both economical and sustainable by eliminating the power consuming electro magnets. Mostly how easy it is to learn to use the program and the overall ease of the user interface. Also the extensive library makes life even easier and the exported pdfs look really neat.What tips would you give to others who are starting out with the software? I still have a few ideas up my sleeve.  I always have something that needs a housing or I need to see if things I intend to buy fit together as expected, which will most certainly save me money.
My model maglev project, of course, maybe even a (small) production run!Also, I’d print some cool housings for some ideas I have.
It is, as requested, innovative, green and a way of transportation that is also a lot of fun to play with as a model. Copyright © 2010 - PortaldeMisterios - Privacy policy This blog is licensed under a Creative Commons. The LCD display gives you instructions to level up the printing plate, and then you’re ready to start printing! Well you're not going to get rich with a counterfeit Lego production line, neither will Gary and Wyatt be able to print out their dream women.
The process by which we have reached this point forms a microcosm of the development of the technological world. By the 1970s, CAD was being presented to Engineering students as the way forward, with traditional manual draughting methods falling gradually by the wayside. One barrier to this has been the constraints built in to parametric CAD systems whereby designs tend to become “locked” in form by the inter-relationships of features, planes and surfaces within them.
Product development timelines have been decimated as a result, with the ability to generate “real” 3D examples of a product in a small number of days, rather than a series of weeks. The museum occupies the site of the former Liverpool Road Station, the world’s oldest passenger railway station. And expectations are high – Team Tesla told us: “One of our ideas is to improve the wheel”. They aim to design a more consumer-friendly and affordable cartridge which brings this incredible technology to the masses. They plan to mount a disc on the spindle of a bicycle wheel which generates electricity when it spins. They want to make it easier for the elderly and those with physical impairments to extract plugs from sockets.
Yesterday’s 3D printer cartridge concept has been shunned in favour of a new water dispensing invention.
Their invention will lock brakes and handlebars together with a conductive circuit, which will trigger an audible alarm when broken. Team Tesla, who were leading the pack yesterday with their household plug idea, have slipped back into procrastination mode. Think Google, who give away their primary product free (just as TV stations have for decades, incidentally).
We hope that through these interviews you get an insight into the design process and an understanding of how these amazing ideas are developed and eventually realised. This provided an ideal opportunity to learn the wonderful possibilities of DesignSpark Mechanical.Although originally designed as a model, the ideas can be used on real life maglev trains.How does your design address the themes of accessibility, mobility and green living?

This is done by positioning the permanent magnets in such a way that a self-balancing system is created.What engineering applications do you think the product could be used for?
This maglev would work not only as a public transport solution, but also for transporting goods.Which features of the software were the most useful?The most useful feature was to be able to start from a 2D idea and extrude it. Some improvements are on their way and some electronics to drive the train have to be developed as well.If it all works as expected maybe I will try a production run via crowd funding, if the production and setup cost are within reason.
One of them is an adapter for Lego parts to be able to motorise some stuff or create new parts containing the electronics to make sounds and control servos.I would also like to test print a functional pneumatic cylinder. Is there anything else you would like to add?Thanks to the DesignSpark Mechanical challenge I finally had a project to help me start learning how to use a very useful tool. Typical of early acquisition technology scenarios, in the early 70s, a single seat CAD software licence would have cost around USD 150,000 (USD 7-800,000 current equivalent) as compared to the RS offer of DesignSpark Mechanical as a free download package today.
During the 1980s, due to both the move from 16 to 32 bit processor technology, and the introduction of colour raster display technology, the evolutionary process took a quantum leap forward. Renault, for example, can be credited for initiating the process which led to the emergence of the CATIA software product.
Re-shaping or developing the design in a creative way becomes very difficult, time-consuming and demanding of great expertise.
Files generated in DesignSpark Mechanical can be used for all types of Rapid Prototyping processes. As Trevor Baylis (OBE) said in his keynote speech, “You can smell the golden age of steam”. Their design will explore how the storage of mechanical energy can be used to create an innovative push and pull process.
It’s early days, but we’re told they have a new concept around water filtration, which also involves waste plastic bottles.
If that succeeds, then the printer is pretty accurate!Why do you think your idea should win the DesignSpark Mechanical Challenge?
Now I know how to use it and have explored a few possibilities, it will be used for quite a few projects. Rachel Riley could have walked past and we would have been totally oblivious, that's how focused we were! As a business you can create 3D prototypes of things to aid and speed up your product design process. In addition, it has the ability to correct itself, so that it prints things more accurately than it was put together. When you give ideas away and people use them, human nature means that many of them will give you their ideas back.
It is great that the program does not allow you to create a chamfer if is not possible (e.g. Also, I need a way to reliably connect the tracks and to make improvements to the cosmetics of the vehicle.
So, even if I don’t win the RepRapPro printer, I have already gained an extra tool to keep me entertained through the log winter evenings.
Afterwards I learned by watching the videos on the tutorial page.How do you hope to develop your product idea?  What are your ambitions for the concept? Broken a plastic bracket of something at home?, no problem, draw it up in a 3D CAD package and print it out. Creative or developmental adjustments therefore become quick and easy to carry out, whilst still retaining precision and accuracy.
So the RepRap is a bit less reliable and requires a certain level of tinkering, but the price point is lower and there are even groups around the world that get together to build them, like the Thames Valley RepRap group near where I live in the UK.

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