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Even at 7 feet, you are replicating the engineered trusses of the bridge so the wood segments shouldn't really warp or sag. You could try mini-pop rivets or make out of wood and glued plastic and paint to look like metal gray, weathered rust.
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Ils sont impressionnants ces ponts._________________Frederic TestardAnd in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.

Starting with the beginning stages of the model railroad layout and ending with the finished product.
I'm a civil engineer and have decided to start building model bridges as a hobby and want some plans to follow as a start, where did you download them from? It looks amazing and contains model engine sheds, industrial railways, model railroad houses, railroad bridges, railroad mines, railroad crane, bridges and mountains!
It also has beautiful scenery, railroad tunnels, rusty engines and overall railroad construction. If you look at my other Instructable (Ledge Train), you can see what I'm talking about.

Le "Pin-Connected Single Track " me plait bien , ca tombe bien, c'est le seul en Z avec le double track !!! If you are beginner looking to build a similar layout, then it is advisable to use the same guide that was used for the creation of this model train layout by taking a look at a fool-proof way of building your own model train layout.
I thought about building the bridge superstructure on top of the board that I have up now, but it wouldn't look as authentic.

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