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Here are two Walthers Cornerstone coal towers in the process of being kitbashed into a representation of the tower the Rutland used. The track work is still in the process of being completed with a total of 10 to 12 tracks capable of holding 15 to 20 freight cars.
The Rutland's boiler shop and car shops had a few more tracks with larger buildings than what is modeled. Using the yard plan above, I was able to determine how much space I needed and what I would be able to fit into the space I have. I initially used the roundhouse floor pieces put together to see how much room and the best location for it to accommodate.

When I first became a€?seriousa€? about setting up a train layout, my "benchwork" consisted of an old ping-pong table that I found sitting in the attic that wasna€™t being used any more.
I've noticed on your layout that you've basically been doing a full-up scenery job in spots, with large areas still unscenicked in between.
Starting with the beginning stages of the model railroad layout and ending with the finished product. It looks amazing and contains model engine sheds, industrial railways, model railroad houses, railroad bridges, railroad mines, railroad crane, bridges and mountains!
It also has beautiful scenery, railroad tunnels, rusty engines and overall railroad construction.

If you are beginner looking to build a similar layout, then it is advisable to use the same guide that was used for the creation of this model train layout by taking a look at a fool-proof way of building your own model train layout.

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