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The National Transportation Safety Board has given the Transportation Department failing grades for its slow progress in implementing its recommendations, some of which date back more than a decade.
The National Transportation Safety Board is studying the crash to see whether new safety technologies that are available, but not required, might have made a difference. For example, there are collision warning systems that alert drivers to obstacles in their paths and tell them when they are swerving from their lanes. It’s too early to know whether any of the safety recommendations would have made a difference. The bus ran off the road along Interstate 95 in the Bronx as it was returning to New York’s Chinatown from an overnight trip to a Connecticut casino.
Though operated by different companies, the buses were among scores that line up in Chinatown each day for bargain-price trips to casinos and elsewhere.
On a typical weekday in New York, about 4,000 seats are sold on dozens of such buses, and 6,000 on weekends, residents say. Federal regulators have long recognized the dangers of fly-by-night bus companies that skimp on safety and skirt the regulations.
However, the bus company in the Bronx crash, World Wide Travel, has no history of serious problems. Driver fatigue, which has been cited more often than any other reason as a cause or contributing factor to bus crashes, has been the target of a slew of recommendations not just for buses and trucks, but in aviation, rail and marine accidents as well. NTSB investigators have said they are looking at casino surveillance tapes and gathering other evidence to establish what driver Ophadell Williams ate, what he drank and how much he slept before Saturday’s crash. Investigators said survivors and other witnesses have disputed Williams’ claim that his bus was clipped by a tractor-trailer before it ran off the road. Williams served time in prison for manslaughter and grand larceny, and state officials told The Associated Press that Williams was ticketed in 1995 for speeding and driving without a license and that his driving privileges were suspended when he ignored those violations. World Wide Travel didn’t return calls for information on how Williams managed to get hired. Like the NTSB, the police are looking into Williams’ activities before the crash and have viewed surveillance video from the Mohegan Sun. Federal statistics show that the number of fatal crashes involving buses has been declining somewhat in recent years, from 340 deaths in 2005 to 254 in 2009.
Search for arrests by Syracuse and Central New York law enforcement agencies and New York State Police.
Short Line (bus company), and check out Short Line (bus company) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Short Line is a brand name for three different Coach USA companies, Hudson Transit Lines, Hudson Transit Corporation, and Chenango Valley Bus Lines that provide local, commuter and intercity bus service in lower New York State, primarily along the Route 17 and Southern Tier corridor.
Within the New York metropolitan area, ShortLine operates commuter services along the Route 17 corridor, Interstate 84, Routes 208 and 32, and Rockland and Bergen (NJ Route 17) counties to New York City. Within and beyond the New York metropolitan area, ShortLine provides scheduled service to and from Long Island to the Southern Tier (via Middletown and Monticello) and service to and from major colleges and universities in the region, such as Cornell University, SUNY Alfred, SUNY Binghamton, and SUNY Albany, and intermediate points. These routes run primarily from the New York Metro area to points in the Southern Tier (Sullivan County and beyond), or service the Southern Tier of New York State exclusively. Stops in Middletown for transfers to buses to Pike County, Route 17, Ellenville, and Kerkhonson. Hi everyone, Ia€™m here in New York this week as Dona€™t Look Down, the new documentary about my world record breaking hot air balloon adventures, premieres at Tribeca Film Festival.
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Liberty Lines Transit, and check out Liberty Lines Transit on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
BxM3 Midtown Manhattan - Getty Square, Yonkers in Westchester, via Broadway in the Bronx, and Sedgwick Av. But the board has given the Transportation Department failing grades for its slow progress in implementing some recommendations, some of which date back more than a decade.
The independently owned Chinatown buses cater to Asian immigrants and often feature Chinese-language films on trips.
One exception is in the category of driver fatigue, where it is ranked slightly below average by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, based on some recent violations. The officials spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation.
New York State Police spokesman Joseph Becerra, would not reveal what police had seen on the recordings or what witnesses were telling police about Williams’ activities in Connecticut or his behavior behind the wheel.
In addition to cracking down on shady bus companies, the Transportation Department under LaHood wants to require all new buses be equipped with seatbelts. If you need ny more proof, let me know in the comments and Ill try to provide them if necessary.
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We just released the 2016 Innovation Scorecard highlighting which states are the most innovative in terms of technology and business and where others can improve. I'm Programme Tutor on the MSc in Financial Regulation, a part-time degree for practicing regulators offered in collaboration with the Financial Conduct Authority. Liberty Lines purchased companies such as West Fordham Transit and Westchester Street Transportation in 1969, Yonkers Transit in 1972, Riverdale Transit in 1975, Club Transportation Company in 1981, and Hartsdale Bus Lines Inc. Fifteen people died when the bus, returning to New York from a casino in Connecticut, flipped onto its side. Transportation Department to require that bus roofs be strengthened so that they aren’t sheared off, as happened to the New York bus when it hit a signpost. They offer cut-rate fares — gamblers can pay $12 round-trip from Chinatown to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, and get a $60 bonus at the casino.
Some schedules may serve only portions of the line, skip some stops, or may service multiple routes.
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Also, a Senate bill that was reintroduced this year would require anti-ejection glazing windows to prevent passengers from being easily thrown out of a bus. And yes, it's a wireless connection based on proximity and light sensors as well as now being BLE enabled to connect with smartphones. It currently operates around 320 vehicles, all similar to the one pictured on the top right and all owned by Westchester County.
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