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On September 3rd, 2014 the Doylestown DART Service will operate on a new weekday (Monday-Friday) schedule.  The DART will also begin a Saturday service on September 20, 2014, as the DART continues to provide transportation for residents of the Doylestown region. There needs to be an Old York Road Septa bus route that originates from the Olney Transportation Center and stays on York Road traveling through Hatboro, Warminster, Hartsville, Jamison all the way to Doylestown and back again.
Chef Anthony Pasceri, 38, has joined the popular Bucks County dining spot, located just off Route 413 on the Buckingham Township border. The Central Bucks School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved an agreement with the district’s transportation union which would lay off at least 44 bus drivers.
Their routes would be picked up by the district’s transportation subcontractor, First Student. According to the agreement with the Central Bucks Transportation Association, drivers who agree to be laid off or retire before May 30 would receive a $5,000 stipend to help them transition from a district healthcare plan to one of their own, the school district’s labor negotiations attorney, Fred D’Angelo told the board and public on Tuesday. The base figure of 44 drivers was agreed on after a survey by the drivers’ union and does not figure in any drivers who have yet to make their choice to retire or leave. The district hopes to disband its transportation division and move entirely to outsourcing the transportation of its students within the next five years. The 44 layoffs are projected to save only about $15,000 next year, after the stipends and other factors.

Those figures do not factor in money earned from the possible sale of the district’s buses that would not be needed once First Student takes over all the busing responsibilities, school district Business Administrator David Matyas said. While one major issue with the drivers has been settled, the district and the transportation association still are working on terms for a new labor contract.
In other business on Tuesday, the district presented an updated version of the 2012-2013 budget.
The proposed $287,238,850 budget puts two administrative staff, 11 professional teaching staff and one support employee out of work.
Also proposed was a tax increase of 2 mills which would end up costing the average homeowner $80 extra dollars a year. The tax increase was blamed on declining revenues, decreases in state aid, and increasing personnel costs, Matyas said during a budget presentation. Chef Anthony Pasceri, 38, has joined the popular Bucks County dining spot, located just off Route 413 on the Buckingham Township border.Pasceri is an Ambler native who attended Wissahickon High School. Prior to that, he worked at Modo Mio, Poplino and Paesanos in Philadelphia from 2012 to 2014.
However, D’Angelo added the drivers would have to submit their resignation by May 30 to be eligible to receive the $5,000.

D’Angelo said the rising cost of healthcare and pension contributions is the reason behind the move. But by 2015, the savings is expected to reach more than $1 million in one year alone, according to figures presented to the board.
Last year’s increase cost the average homeowner an extra $65 dollars, according to the business administrator.
Between 2010 and 2012 Pasceri took time out to travel and train extensively in Italy, spending most of his time in Spoleto in the Umbria region where he “fine-tuned his pasta making skills,” the announcement said.“I am thrilled to be heading up the culinary efforts at such a landmark establishment like the Pineville Tavern that is steeped in history and great food,” said Pasceri.
The teachers likely would be laid off from the elementary schools, where enrollment is falling, Maytas said.

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