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Aa?iaa anaai ciaou, ?oi a Bus Driver: New York City 3D i?enoonoaoao aea ec eaaeiu aaoiaona. Aeaaiaa?y iaaeaaoi?o iai oeacuaaaony iai?aaeaiea aae?aiey, a niaoeaeuiua ia?ea?u iieacuaa?o ianoi inoaiiaee.
?oiau iieiioaiii ainiieuciaaouny naeoii e nea?eaaou aanieaoiua oaeeu, aai iaiaoiaeii ca?aaeno?e?iaaouny eee aaoi?eciaaouny.
Iinaoeoaee, iaoiayueany a a?oiia Ainoe, ia iiaoo inoaaeyou eiiiaioa?ee e aaiiie ioaeeeaoee.
Auaa?o oaeea eae Winter fishing 3D, ii nouanoaoao iaiaei e aiieia i?eaeiaeuiuo, eioi?uie ii?ii ianea?aaouny aieaeie ?anaie. Noaoenoeea iieacuaaao, ?oi aieuoay ?anou ea?ieia e?aeo eiaiii aaoiiiaeeuiua neioeyoi?u, aaa iu aunooiaai a ?iee aiaeoaey. Iaaa?iyoii aa?ii ioiaoeou e oio oaeo, ?oi ana i?ienoiaeo aeiaie?ii, iiyoiio neo?aou caanu oieuei ia i?eaaony. He scavenged garbage cans for food and slept in a homeless encampment in a train tunnel beneath Riverside Park.

Eae iiiyoii ec iacaaiey, yoi neioeyoi? aiaeoaey aaoiaona, aaa iai i?eaaony acaeou io inoaiiaee e inoaiiaea, ianeo?eaay iau?iuo a?a?aai. Today, the 51-year-old is a dutiful civil servant, an NYC Transit bus driver who was just named one of the fleet's most popular operators.
3, 2013)New York City officials are preparing for a possible school bus strike that would affect more than 150,000 students, citing a dispute over contracts with the drivers' union.City officials say the union representing the school bus drivers has been pushing back against the Department of Education's new procedure of bidding out multi-year contracts on bus routes.
The union says it is concerned about job security.The possible strike in question was triggered by the DOE's request for bids on a contract for 1,100 bus routes serving 22,500 special needs children in kindergarten through 12th grade, according to Mayor Bloomberg. The praise prompted NYC Transit President Howard Roberts to give Abramski an award at the agency's headquarters. Abramski, still remembered on the West Side by his street name "Hollywood," is soft-spoken but brims with youthful exuberance.
In the mid-'80s, Abramski was a 29-year-old bicycle messenger and musician with rock-star dreams. He started smoking marijuana at 14 and branched out from there to crack, which was then ravaging the city.

Whatever savings I had - I think it was something like $600 - went like that." He was soon evicted for nonpayment of rent and moved into Riverside Park, which teemed with the homeless, many of them drug addicts, alcoholics or mental patients. A ventilation shaft in the park led to a freight tunnel and a concrete ledge 20 feet above the tracks. We had a little community." Daniel Entin, director of the small Nicholas Roerich Museum near the park, had many conversations with Abramski, who, he recalled, would discuss politics and spoke French with another employee. He was always open and friendly, even loving with people." The gap between the wayward son and his mother eventually narrowed a bit and, one day, he was invited to move back to her upper West Side home if he quit drugs.

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