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Can I be issued an NYC parking ticket when I only stopped in a bus stop zone to drop off or pick up a passenger? The bus stop sign regulates the portion of the block in the direction of the arrow until the next NYC parking sign.
If the one official bus stop sign has arrows pointing in both directions, then the bus stop zone goes in both directions until you reach another NYC parking sign or the end of the block. I got a bus zone parking ticket even though the beginning of the bus zone was not marked with an arrow (or at all) the bus stop was at the end of the block which I was able to see but in my estimation I seemed to be far enough away from the bus stop. A bus stop zone begins at the bus stop sign and extends in the direction of the arrow(s) on the bus stop sign…That is the law, period.
It appears you were issued a VC19 (bus stop) parking ticket, not a expired meter (VC38) parking ticket. What is relevant is that you were picking up a passenger, which you are permitted to do, as long as you complete the activity expeditiously, and skedaddle…But, the driver is not permitted to leave the car. I parked at a bus stop where the sign was not visible because it was obstructed by a scaffold during construction. As you can see, ALL of the other parking signs (which should be there per the database) are removed, the bus stop is semi-permanently obstructed, and there is a driveway there due to construction.
We are currently searching for hotels that are available on your selected date(s).We guarantee,you're always gettingthe best rate! You are permitted to stop temporarily and expeditiously drop off or pick up a passenger in a bus stop zone, as long as you don’t interfere with a bus entering or leaving the bus stop area…Yea right! But, what if your passenger is elderly or disabled and needs extra time or assistance to enter or exit the vehicle? The simple answer is there is never, ever a substantive defense to a parking ticket for an expired registration.

My recommendation is to check the date the warrior enters for date your registration expired because if you secured a temporary registration certificate attached it to the windshield next to the expired registration sticker, my argument is that the correct date of expiration is the date on the temporary registration certificate (not the date on the expired registration sticker). A temporary registration certificate is valid for 10 days and gives you a new registration expiration date.
There must be at least one official NYC parking sign that designates the beginning of a bus stop zone, with an arrow indicating the direction(s) of the bus stop zone.
If there is not a second parking sign anywhere on the block in the direction of the arrow(s) on the bus stop sign, the bus stop zone ends at the corner. I was pulled over by a undercover police officer because he said I didnt stop when the yellow bus had his stop sign.
If I would have gotten out of my car then I would have seen the bus stop sign; however, I did not think it was necessary at the time.
The Land and Liberty Tour - Gray Line NY includes passes to four different bus tours that travel Manhattan from top to bottom and venture across the river into Brooklyn, plus a ticket to a 60-minute cruise. The bus tours are part of the All Loops package, which covers four tours to be completed in a 48-hour period.
And you may be permitted to swim in shark-infested waters off the coast of Australia, but you’re going to get bitten.
I hate ’em and urge you not to swim in shark-infested bus stop zones, even though you are permitted to stop temporarily. My defense was that I was taking my grandmother to the doctor and had to assist her out the car so I could go find parking. But, I would also have to provide the judge with a bunch of additional information and proof.
For example if there is a bus stop on a street corner with the small no standing sign (no arrows as it is at a corner) within the circular bus stop sign, and a distance from that sign untill the next sign, then THAT is the no standing zone? Additionally, the alternate side parking sign had an arrow facing the direction opposite of me.

The tipping point is the quality of the photographs you present as evidence that the sign was hidden from sight. The Uptown Loop, Downtown Loop, Brooklyn Loop, and Night Tour include rides on a double decker bus with knowledgeable guides narrating the routes, detailing the history behind they city's famous buildings and locations. Ticketholders can hop on, hop off with the Uptown and Downtown Loops, which allows riders to explore the attractions that interest them most, and then just get on the next bus.
Or is it just a courtesy to have a sign with the arrow pointing towards the bus stop and not a valid defense? Even if the next sign is a no parking street cleaning sign that is not relevant on that day? The Uptown Loop travels to Central Park West, American Museum of Natural History, Cathedral of St. I placed the registration on the window that morning as I couldn’t peel it off, and drive to the hardware store to buy something to remove it and guess what? The Downtown Loop includes Times Square, the Empire State Building, Chinatown, and more. The Brooklyn Loop and Night Tours are not hop on, hop off. The Brooklyn Loop includes a ride over the Manhattan Bridge and passes some of the borough's most impressive structures, including the Brooklyn Museum and Grand Army Plaza.
The Night Tour shows off the city after dark when Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Greenwich Village are all lit up. The other component of the package is the 60-minute CitySightseeing Cruise Downtown. National Park Service, and you’ll hear a recorded narrative from park rangers, historians, and scientists about the significance of the sights that are passing as you cruise along Manhattan.
From the base of the pedestal to the top of the torch’s flame, it measures 305 feet, 1 inch. All Loops ticket holders often take the Downtown Loop to Battery Park, where they get on the Brooklyn bus.

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