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Here are two story, one bedroom, 2 car garage plans with classic lines and styling that will fit with many other architectural styles you expect in garage apartment plans. The one bedroom apartment in the garage apartment floor plans is designed with convenience in mind. In these 2 car garage plans there is a coat closet inside the living room area and another walk-in clothes closet off of the bedroom.
You're sure to love the layout and well balanced design of the Yellowstone 2 car garage plans with one bedroom apartment.
Newer storage shed designs from the Amish in Lancaster County are changing the model of portable sheds, barns and detached garages. When Sheds Unlimited unveiled the new line of backyard utility buildings in early 2012, their goal was to produce a premium line of Amish built storage buildings and backyard sheds.
Garden sheds have been delivered to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Virginia. The very attractive Premier car garages have created a strong sales base for the newest backyard garden line. For those looking to go to even greater heights with a backyard storage shed, Sheds Unlimited offers detached two-story sheds, barns and garages. Whatever the need Sheds Unlimited offers backyard storage shed solutions that are both pleasing to the eye and are built with the quality standards of the traditional Amish construction standards. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Welcome to the Hooniverse Obscure Muscle Car Garage, a regular feature which aims to expand the notion of what a muscle car is, and have some fun in the process.
The Chrysler 300 Hurst was a special model and is seen today as a legitimate member of the Chrysler 300 Letter Series. There seem to be a lot of theories as to why there were only 485 (or maybe 500) cars built, but one that has been widely circulated was that the approval came well after the regular 1970 Chryslers were already in production. The cars were run through the Chrysler plant on Jefferson Avenue in batches, as two door hardtops in Spinnaker-White. The fiberglass hood had a non-functional power bulge scoop (with a “300-H” emblem on either side) and functional recessed twist locks. The whole package left room for some additional options, but most characteristics could not be altered. The interior came in “Saddle” (tan) with leather seats, the same that were optional in 1970 Imperial LeBaron two-door hardtops.
Well, once again, I’m asking you, our readers, if the Chrysler 300 Hurst is an Obscure Muscle Car? Do you think the Chrysler 300 Hurst is Obscure enough to be included in the Obscure Muscle Car Garage? The Obscure Muscle Car Garage is quickly becoming one of my favorite series of posts on the whole of the internet. I had heard stories that one of these ended up with a 426 Hemi under the hood–it may have been a dealer conversion instead of a Hurst project. I remember when these came out, and I'm sure it was written up in Hot Rod magazine, for which I walked down to the local drug store every month, to plunk down my 50 cents. I kick myself because there was one of these sitting forlorn in a driveway on Heatherdowns road in Toledo for years when I was in HS and college.
Although this was a great article, how can we answer the question if this 300 was truly built as a muscle car. Great article Jim, I saw the Jersey-plated example in the last image at the 2009 Greenwich Concours, where that particular photo was taken. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Muscle Cars (ASPCMC) needs to get started post-haste! I voted thumbs down on this for being primarily cosmetic and for diminishing the legacies of both the letter series 300 and Hurst packages. Curious why did the 1970 Chrysler 300 come with crag-er mags and not the original Chrysler 300 factory mags, also Why did the convertible have the white interior, rather than the typical tan imperial interior?.Is this vehicle the original Chrysler 300 Hurst convertible from the factory, or did someone use parts off of a 300 Hurst to make it look authentic? Weld County Garage would like to thank their loyal customers and community by hosting the most impressive car and truck sale of the year; the $5.00 Car Sale!

The $5.00 Car Sale is an opportunity to afford reliable transportation for buyers who are not able to traditionally finance a vehicle purchase. Warren Yoder, owner of Weld County Garage, explains the overall theme of the event, “We’ve been selling quality products and taking the best care of our customers for 100 years.
The 20th $5.00 Car Sale will be Saturday, February 18th at Weld County Garage, located at HWY 34 and 47th Avenue in Greeley.
This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 at 12:12 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. You'll love the extra deep 26 feet offered by the Yellowstone 2 car apartment garage plans.
There is a window in the rear of the 2 car garage plans for natural lighting and fresh air. You can enter the second floor apartment from two different directions 1) the front entry steps and 2) the rear entry steps. The large living room has dimensions of 11' 10" x 16' 9" for nearly 200 square feet of living area.
There was little variation in styles and choices throughout the storage shed and prefab garage industry.
An example of a new and attractive storage shed design is the Premier Garden Storage Shed line from Sheds Unlimited of PA. By adding a steeper roof pitch, plenty of windows and fancy dormer options, the Premier storage sheds line was designed to live up to its name. Backyard garden sheds and barns are also available for delivery in Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and beyond. Currently, Sheds Unlimited partially assembles the beautiful backyard car garages in the Gap, PA manufacturing facility then completes assembly on site. The detached two car garages allow for many possibilities for the specific needs of the homeowner. It wasn’t the Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang or Chevy 409 that began the performance car wars, it was arguably, the Chrysler 300.
Apparently, it was a scramble to get the Hursts’ made, and to add gasoline to the fire, Chrysler thought Hurst would promote the model and Hurst assumed Chrysler would. They had Imperial leather interiors in “Saddle” color installed as they went down the Chrysler line. Almost all of the 300-Hurst Models feature power windows (Some of the Car Magazines that tested a 300 Hurst noted that their particular car had manual crank windows) and one is known to have come with a sunroof. It breathed through a dual snorkel air cleaner, had dual exhausts and required a beefed up TorqueFlite transmission.
Oddly I was reading a period "Car Life" magazine during a garage cleaning yesterday! American day at Greenwich has been pretty strong in recent years, but there's not enough of this sort of thing there I feel. It's going to be much harder to kick something out of the Obscure Muscle Car Garage than to try to keep them all.
There was one for sale in Clearwater, FL, about 20 years ago for $5k- with a sunroof… I have yet to see one in the flesh.
February 18th, this EPIC sale will give people in need of a vehicle the opportunity to receive a great deal.
This is the 20th $5.00 Car Sale and the Garage is always happy to see the cars go to people who truly need them. Please note that the $5.00 Car Sale is well-known, with many people camping on the lot 1-2 days prior to the sale, so customers should arrive early for the best chance at an amazing deal.
Each of the two garage bays has its own standard size 9' by 7' overhead door enclosing the front of the bay in these garage apartment floor plans. The front steps to the apartment in these garage apartment plans are accessible from an external entry door in the front of the building or from an interior door leading directly to the garage.
Two windows adorn the front of the second floor garage apartment floor plans, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. The beautiful Premier Backyard Garden Storage Sheds add an attractive style while providing maximum storage space.

No doubt, manufacturers in Lancaster, PA offered varying options for their backyard storage sheds, barns and garages, but they were relatively few. This new collection of sheds is proving to be an attraction which homeowners cannot resist.
This newest line of backyard storage sheds offers a touch of beauty unmatched by many storage barns and sheds from the Amish in Lancaster, PA. Their decades of experience in the industry makes Sheds Unlimited a company which is both dependable and willing to go the second mile to please the customer. At that time, the still independent Hurst Company not only manufactured shifters and other performance enhancing products, it also produced car concepts based on regular production cars.
As a result, most dealers were unaware of the model, until one showed up on a carrier in their lot. From the rear of the garage building you can enter from the deck that has it's own set of steps leading down to the outside of the lower level. Backyard shed kits can be delivered via common carrier throughout the continental United States and then assembled by the homeowner in the backyard. The 300 Letter Series, as they would be known as, were produced as limited edition, factory hot rods, through 1965, when the last 300 “L” was produced. Many of the concepts were never realized, though it seems that this one was destined for production.
Originally, the cars were to get deeper oil pans, special ignition systems and of course, Hurst shifters. This required the vacuum remote trunk lock as standard, operated from the dashboard, in the glove compartment.
However, they didn’t come all chromed but were painted Satin Tan color and had decals applied along with the stripes in brown and orange.
Ride was enhanced with a firm suspension due to heavy duty rear leaf springs and larger diameter torsion bars up front (this suspension was also available to other Chrysler models as part of the trailer-towing package). This event has become well-known within the Greeley community and has grown to an exciting and fun occasion with hopeful winners camping on the lot in front of the vehicles, coffee, doughnuts, and a great energy from all involved.
After an absence of four years, a full-size Chrysler muscle car made an appearance once again in 1970.
However, there have been published reports that most 300-Hs’ were customer-ordered, some were designed for dealer stock, and a few were built for the sales bank, so why there were so few sold is still open to debate. The regular 300 grille with hidden headlights sported orange instead of red accent paint stripes.
Column-shift was standard while the Chrysler console with gear selector was optional and would replace the center seat cushion with armrest. With a base price of $5,939 it was the most expensive Chrysler in 1970 (except for the Imperials). At that time, a crowd of energetic and eager Weld County Garage employees will announce the price of each car.
The spoilers were structurally deficient, and many either sagged, or broke, so Chrysler dealers offered support blocks sandwiched between spoiler and lid.
What Hurst actually did was to cut off the sheetmetal hood skin and replace it with a fiberglass part.
Whoever is behind the steering wheel when the price is announced will have the first opportunity to buy the vehicle at the discounted price!
Then they installed the fiberglass trunklid plus rear fender end caps and painted the car in the one available color scheme.
What appears to be gold color is actually “Satin Tan” which graced the hood, trunk and a beltline streak (this also explains why the interior was in tan and not in gold, which would have been feasible).

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