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Car carrier trailers sale truckertotrucker., Find the new or used car carrier trailer you need. Car hauler for sale in florida - commercial truck trader, We have 64 car hauler trailers for sale in florida.
Browse used 1999 cottrell c5309 8 car hauler trailer for sale by trailer open dealer in florida orlando at the truck guide. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This 1971 Ford F-350 hauler is said to have been used since new by a drag race team and Bill Meier’s Trans-Am team. This trailer has been used exclusively for transporting High End, Sports, Collector, Classic, and Antique Cars.
Ford f-350 accessories and parts: custom grilles, custom rims, wood grain dash kits, body kits, custom headlights, floor mats, nerf bars, cargo liner, chrome. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If I could put my two cents worth in, I wonder if Brad considered making a tractor out of it. Howard, you can take the driver out of the truck, but you can never take the truck out of the driver.
You predate me Howard by a few years, but I do remember seeing the convoys that stretched over the horizon. Hi Graham, By the looks of the police cars in that video, it must have been filmed in the mid-’70s, right about when I got started. Whew, I have to correct this quick before somebody else does, 20 pallets will fit in a 40 foot trailer, 22 on a 45 footer, and so on. Hi geomechs, a NTC230 hp, castrated( did they make a Formula 230, 1900 rpm ?), 855 Cummins, Allison automatic. I remember seeing the futurliners,as well as, the displays and show that the liners were used with in the 1950’s. 2007 cottrell, 2017 cottrell cx-5308, 2017 cottrell c-5309, 2017 cottrell ez-5307xl, 2015 cottrell cx.

However he did good with what he had although that aluminum sheeing around the back end makes it look like something’s missing. I guess a 230 would still have an edge over something more in vintage with the truck itself, say, an HB160. Rust had gnawed away at it over the previous half century, parts were missing, and the deal that brought it to Brad meant that the Futurliner would be separated from even more of its parts. Yup, 40 footers were the norm for a long time, then 45 footers run 20 pallets straight in, then 48 footers, 22 pallets turned.
Speaking of which, I’d have my doubts if the 160 could outperform the 302 by much of a margin. There was little hope for a restoration, but Brad still saw potential in it, and now has put the result of that vision up for sale. According to Brad, the previous owner, a man in Long Beach, California, had torn the Futurliner apart for a restoration, but ran out of money before he could make any progress. My daughter is familiar with him, and has used some of his vehicles in some of her her prop and stage design jobs. I’ve worked on a lot of Cummins engines and I think that any one of them (220 to 444) with the rated speed stifled under 2100 rpm was within the category you referenced.
He got right back to me, saying a lot of his stuff was currently out on loan, but would be happy to show me what he had. Sadly, I got so involved with helping my kid, I didn’t have time to go see his place, maybe this spring. 5 – and stripping off the parts that the NATMUS team needed, Brad would keep the rest of it for parts to restore his other two Futurliners. Along with some hardware and trim, the NATMUS team took the complete dual-wheel front axle assembly. I got a chuckle out of all the people wanting to check it out while driving, I got a lot of that while driving my classics around.
The complete rear section of the Futurliner, including its rear axle, remained in good shape, so Brad cut them off and set them aside to use for the restoration of Futurliner No. 8, which had been rear-ended in an accident during the latter days of the General Motors Parade of Progress (and which has since traveled to Sweden for a full restoration).

Most of the center section was far too rusted to be saved, so Brad scrapped it, leaving him with just the cab section and front sheetmetal, not a whole lot to work with. Brad, who has plenty of heavy truck equipment on hand, still thought he could build something interesting with the remains of No.
5 now rides a 236-inch wheelbase on 20,000-pound air-sprung axles front and rear and gets its power from a Cummins NTC-230
Brad said the Cummins is substantially larger than the GMC straight-six gasoline engine that previously powered Futurliner No. 5, so to make it easy to work on the engine once installed, he converted the Futurliner front section into a tilt cab. At the same time, he fabricated a new body section to house the radiator for the Cummins behind the cab, and he made sure to include seating for four and air conditioning inside the cab. While the GM lettering on the nose of the cab is original, Brad had to source a windshield from somebody in Canada who had four new ones cast. Though Brad said he’s not sure what the current weight rating of the transporter is now, his photos show it hauling some rather heavy loads, including an 8,800-pound 1937 White Yellowstone Park bus. In addition to 200 gallons of fuel capacity, Brad said he installed a train horn, 12,500-watt Onan generator, and 240-volt flood lights. Though he said it could probably use a little more insulation around the cabin, Brad took the opportunity to drive the Futurliner up the West Coast to the American Truck Historical Society’s Seattle meet earlier this year. That places it somewhere in between the reported $247,500 that Boyajian got for the unrestored Futurliner No. 3 in 2011 and the $4.1 million that Ron Pratte paid for a fully restored Futurliner in 2006.

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