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Description The UK's #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars, bikes, vans, trucks and caravans with over 350,000 vehicles online. Looking for an OT-64 in prime condition - then look no further than this - just arrived, lovely example.
Rather than employ the Soviet BTR-60P series of 8x8 APCs, Czechoslovakia and Poland decided to develop their own vehicle. The main advantages of the OT-64 over the Soviet vehicle are that the former is powered by one diesel instead of two petrol engines and that the troop compartment is enclosed.
The hull of the OT-64 is of all-welded steel construction providing protection from small arms fire and shell splinters, the maximum hull armour thickness being 10 mm (0.39 in). The crew compartment is in the front of the vehicle, with the driver on the left-hand side and the s in the front of the vehicle commander on the right. Nearly all rear wheel drive cars have been used to slide round a corner or two, drifting is not a new trend but its a popular one. Drift-CarsTypically modified engines, custom suspension and decent breaks are all drift modifications, slick tyres can help slip faster.
The usual cars used for drifting are Mazda RX7's, Nissan Skylines, RX8's, GTRs and ofcourse your higher end cars like porsche GT's and aston martins do go sideways quite well.

Drift Cars For Sale on this website are simply shown for your easyness of access, and are in no way related to this website or mod car auctions co.
The OT-64 (Obrneny Transporter) 8x8 uses many of the automotive parts of the Tatra 813 heavy truck series and entered service in 1964. The commander and driver are seated at the front of the vehicle with the engine to their immediate rear.
Each has a large single door in the side of the vehicle for access to the crew cab and also a hatch in the roof of the compartment.
Welcome to Drift Car Auctions, the one and only place to find drift-cars for sale in the uk, an offshoot of modified car auctions.
Buying an already modified drift car for sale in an auction can save you all the effort of building your own drift car but its got to be done carefully.----DriftCarA driftcar is for life not just for christmas, or so they say.
The Czechs made here there own version of the BTR60, but installed a Diesel instead of having 2 Petrol (Benzene) engines.
The Czechoslovak company Tatra produced the chassis and automotive parts while the Polish firm FSC of Lubin produced the armoured body.
Its important if you do buy a used drift car, something you didnt build to get as much detail as possible out of the previous owner, how they did that, what they did to set up that.Drift-Car = Fast Car.

The Polish designation for the vehicle was Sredni Kolowy Opancerzny Transporter (SKOT), OT-64 being the Czech designation. Roof hatches are provided over the troop compartment, and firing ports are located in the sides and rear.
The engine compartment is behind the crew cab and is mounted over the second axle with the air inlet and outlets on the roof and the exhaust pipes on either side of the vehicle. To the rear of this is the troop compartment which runs to the rear of the vehicle and has room for eight men inside. There are four roof hatches above the troop compartment, all of which are also fitted with firing ports, which can be locked in the vertical position and used as shields when using the firing ports.

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