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1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal in grey with black interior with beige corduroy inserts.
I picked her up from the Original California Owner that purchased her in the mid 70's when arriving in California. Older Gentleman had health issues and parked the car and stored in his home climate garage in California for almost 15 years.
I purchased it from him and did a full tune up with all fluids flushed, brand new fuel pumps from Europe.
Car is very nice no rust what so ever since it has been in California ever since it left Italy in mid 70's. Original owner installed some electrical items including radio system, some extra interior lights and so on as he was an electric fanatic as well. I am including my website address where I sell some cars Part Time so you can see the pics that I took of her.
1972 ALFA ROMEO MONTREAL –Rare “Grigio Escoli” truly White in appearance with only a hint of Grey with Black cloths seats and Grey carpeting, 5-speed manual, 59,000 Original Kilometers (37,000 Original miles) from new, Only two owners from 1973 to 2013. We constantly monitor online auctions for the best classic and modern classic Italian cars like Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Bugatti, Ferrari, Fiat, Lamborghini, Lancia, and Maserati. Please let me know if you've found something special that belongs on our website or if you have feedback for us. Show cars - automobile manufacturers taunt us with them; visionary styling design exercises that hint towards the future of the brand. Launched as a show car in 1967 at the Montreal car exposition, what became known as "The Montreal" internally grew even crazier than the original design.
I AM HAPPY TO HELP WITH SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD SO INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO BID! The Montreal is an interesting car for sure; while not as pretty as the Miura, it's certainly a lot easier to live with in many ways. The Alfa Romeo Montreal could be considered as the spiritual forerunner to the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.
As one of the premier European GT cars of the early 1970’s, the 1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal wowed the crowd with its Bertone styling, and powerful V8 powerplant. This vehicles' history had one owner in Europe, it was then brought to the US in 1985 by the 2nd owner, which is who I purchased this vehicle from. Built as a 2+2 coupe, the Montreal was distinguished by its front headlight treatment by designer Marcello Gandini fitted. The first two prototypes were powered by an inline-4 from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, but the production version was much more serious.
Chassis details were lended from the Giulia GTV including its double wishbone front suspension with a live axle in the rear. We curate the most interesting italian cars for sale almost every day.Do you share the same passion as we do? The bodylines are accented best with the Gold Paint the the contrast of the balck hood scoop stands out best (in my opinion) against the Gold paint. Kind of like yellow ochre is really a nasty color, but for some reason looks stunning on a GTV. It'll probably need a lot of new rubber hoses after the long park (the water hoses are probably chewing gum once they're hot), but that's pocket change compared to a major overhaul or a mechanical renovation on a high mileage specimen. They are litmus tests for the public's reception, intended to generate enthusiasm and buzz about all of the wonderful things that the company is doing.

Outside the car retained its partially obscured headlights, the sensuous curves and the crazy vent slats in the C-pillar that hint the car could be rear-engined. You also won't pay the cost of entry, either; while the seller notes that top condition Montreals have soared in recent years towards $200,000, the reality is that most examples fall far below $100,000 today. Both V8 engined, rear drive sports cars, the Montreal was named after the locale that the concept first appeared. Powered by a Spica fuel injected and dry-sump lubricated 2.6L V8 engine borrowed from the Alfa race program, this car quickly made a name for itself in the GT sports car world. Presented as a concept car, it was stylistically different from previous Alfa Romeo’s. Instead it was powered by 90° V8, with competition features like dry-sump lubrication and SPICA fuel injection. Ironically, none were ever sold in Montreal because Alfa Romeo was limited to European markets.
Equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power windows and Campagnolo wheels. Penned by Marcello Gandini, who created the iconic Miura just one year before, the concept featured innovative side gills and retractable slotted headlight shades on a classic, flowing shape.
The reality is, though, that when it comes to the production version that company has had to deal with lawyers, laws, production schedules and the bottom line.
Bertone styled the original, so it's not much of a surprise that it in large part resembles the also-Gandini styled Miura. The car is titled as a 1967, This could have been a simple typo on dmv paperwork or something to do with import smog laws in California when it came to the states in the 1980's?
There's a definite upward trend in their value befitting their unique nature - let's not forget this was Alfa Romeo's halo car of the day - but they're still quite affordable compared to other Italian exotics from the same period. This was a wild looking sports car, with intriguing design features such as the slatted headlamp covers and series of cabin vents on the B pillar. This particular vehicle is in excellent condition, with the entire engine, drivetrain, interior, and exterior fully sorted. The factory stereo and speakers were recently upgraded to modern CD head unit and speaker components. Given the rarity on these shores and the condition of this car, we are probably looking at a reserve somewhere around that point, with bidding that might have the potential of reaching $50,000. By the time the car reached prodcution in 1970, these were replaced by larger, single panels. This sleek, unnamed coupe was met with much acclaim and began to be colloquially referred to as the Alfa Romeo Montreal.  Three years later, Alfa debuted the Alfa Romeo Montreal as a production model at the 1970 Geneva Auto Salon. Suddenly, that quad-turbo V16 and 28" hand polished magnesium wheels go out the window, left behind like the dreams of the designers in favor of something that won't explode the second you turn the key. But unlike the Miura, the Montreal show car was fitted with a 1600cc 4 cylinder engine popped out of a Giulia.
Hagerty places a condition 2 Montreal right around $65,000 - conveniently, exactly where the opening bid is on this no-reserve auction.
While never sold new in the North America, a few have made their way over here throughout the years. Other unique details include a hood-mounted NACA duct and nonfunctional slats behind the doors.
Outside, the rakish designs, flying buttresses, gaping vents and grills and exotic materials are replaced by stamped steel and toned down to a more suitable design.
This car recently came out of a climate controlled private collection where it was lovingly stored. I'd wager this car is probably appropriately priced there or maybe a few thousand dollars higher in today's market, but not much more.

This Montreal for sale in Los Angeles looks sharp in red and has resided stateside for almost 30 years. Service receipts are available, with about $10k in recent work including brand new Alfa replacement exhaust system, (5) new tires, complete service, flush, and tune-up, etc.
This 90° dry-sump V8 redlined at 7,000 rpm and brought this stylish coupe to 60 mph from a standstill in 7.1 seconds, and on to a top speed of nearly 140 mph. It's as if the dream dish you spent hours preparing was loaded into the conservative oven, set to boring and baked until all of the passion dried out. While they're almost certain to increase in value over the next few years, they're not there yet - meaning now is a prime opportunity to jump in to these classic V8 Alfas.
The 200hp engine runs very healthy and full of torque, and sounds excellent coming through the classic center exit twin-pipe exhaust.
While the Montreal offers blistering performance and stunning Marcello Gandini good looks, it also features four seats and a trunk, making it quite a practical and usable sports car.  This Montreal is a superb example having limited and enthusiast-collector ownership from new. At least, that's what is supposed to happen - but apparently no one told the Italians that. The chrome and bright work are in great original condition and look great against the bright red.
It was delivered to France where it’s believed it was used by the official French Alfa Romeo importer or main regional Alfa Romeo agency. The cars second owner would keep the car for another 25 years and until its recent purchase by Autosport Designs, Inc.  This is a rare Alfa Romeo with V8 engine is reminiscent in many ways to the Maserati Ghibli, but far more rare and just that bit more bespoke. The Alfa Montreal is great automobile for both around town and cross-country or cross-continental touring pleasure.
The seats are in great condition with only one small hole on the side of each as seen in the pictures.
The factory fuel injection works great with no problems and the engine is extremely clean and well kept as you can see in the pictures. When you rev it and hear the superb sound you understand why Alfa Romeo's derive such passion and love from their owners and car aficionado's the world over. The factory ZF 5-Speed manual transmission shifts great and goes through all the gears smoothly with no binding or sticking. The manual steering works well and really gives the driver a feeling of being connected to the road and increases the driving experience exponentially. The power brakes work great and the car stops in a straight line with no pulling to either side. This car is a complete joy to drive and beyond that is is extremely comfortable for a classic Italian sports car. From 1970-1977 there were 3917 Alfa Romeo Montreals produced and a very small number of those still survive today, let alone being found in the U.S. This car can be enjoyed as a survivor or do a full restoration on the car and when you're finished you will have a $200,000.00 piece of art that you can drive.
If you have ever wanted an up and coming Italian sports car that is a phenomenal investment that you can drive and enjoy at the same time.
This car belongs in a private collection when it can be treated with the same love an enjoyment that the previous owner had.
The classic car market is on fire right now and is a better investment than stocks or laughable bank interest for an excellent rate of return on your money.

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