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Cost: $9900Offering the speed and power of a much more expensive sports car has always been the Corvette's signature. Cost: $9864After a long hiatus, BMW got back into the roadster business when it introduced the Z3 in 1996. Cost: $9353The Boxster is a purpose-built sports car, following in the footsteps of the race-bred 550 Spyder and its RS60 forefathers. Cost: $9278When tasked with building this car, Honda engineers were told to give it superior handling, crisp shifting, incredible braking ability, and killer looks.
Cost: $8952We can't say much about the Miata's place as a legendary driver's car that hasn't already been said. Cost: $8637The Acura RSX had some big shoes to fill when it replaced the Integra back in 2001.
1 day agoThings To Do In MTL14 Cute Quebec Beaches You And Your BFF Can Road Trip To This Summer Sun, sand, and waves ahead.
1 day agoLifestyle30 Free Montreal Summer Festivals You Must Attend With Your Friends It's time to have some FUN! The C5 (1997 to 2004) was no exception—so if you can't afford the sizzling new Corvette Stingray, look into one of these fixed-roof hardtops.
The affordably priced, four-cylinder roadster conjured up memories of well-heeled socialites zipping around in their early BMW 328 roadsters or 507s.
You won't get the latest tech or the most luxurious features, but you will satisfy that need for speed, and do it without having to sell body parts to pay off the note. But this generation of pony did deliver brilliant acceleration back in the early 2000s (0 to 60 mph in a scant 5.3 seconds). Because it was only offered for two years (1999 and 2000), the nontarga Vette offers a small piece of exclusivity in a popular car model.

A completely modern two-seater, the Z3 offered superb road manners, cast a sexy shadow, and came well-equipped from the factory. And while the old Z28 was merely the standard V-8 model, it still took its cues from when muscle cars were big, fast, gnarly looking beasts.
The key to the S2000 is its 2.0-liter four-cylinder that revved to an amazing 9000 rpm and pumped out 240 hp—a specific output that's still impressive today. It also offered good grip when cornering hard, but the ride and handling were anything but sophisticated. While no match for the 385-hp Z06 (which became the only fixed-roof model in 2001), the regular Corvette's LS1 V-8 engine cranked out 345 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. While its predecessor was a bit underpowered, the 2000 remodel was a peppier machine, thanks to a more powerful 2.8-liter engine. With a Corvette-sourced 5.7-liter producing 310 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque, the Camaro offered the same brutish power with a broad, smooth power band that launched the Camaro effortlessly, whether from a standing start or for a fast highway pass. Honda also mounted the engine behind the front axle, technically making the car a front-midengine and helping it turn on a dime. Based on the LS trim, the MazdaSpeed Miata is equipped with a six-speed transmission, beefier gearbox, and heavy-duty clutch.
For those who really like to push a car to its limits, this 200-hp two-door was loads of fun to toss around in traffic.
I thought we were friends Login to continue using the site without ads Login I'm already subscribed Sponsored content10 Cars For Sale Under $10,000 Right Now In Montreal Feature Buy these before they're gone! Besides being instantly responsive to the driver hitting the gas pedal, the engine was also capable of sprinting the car from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. And though it still had an unfortunately long nose, its rump was hippier, giving the car a more aggressive, but balanced, look.

The use of aluminum suspension components helps in the rigidity and unsprung weight departments, endowing the vehicle with ultra-quick reflexes that seem to only get better with speed. There was also a particularly appealing A-Spec package that included stiffer shocks and springs that lower the car an inch and upgraded multispoke alloy wheels fitted with more aggressive rubber for better grip. The Mach 1's V-8 produces about 40 more ponies, it's about a half-inch lower and is equipped with a sportier suspension; and don't forget that slick-looking shaker hood. Other MazdaSpeed signatures include an exhaust tip, a unique front-air dam, and Racing Hart wheels.
The A-Spec definitely had a more stable and planted feel than the regular Type-S without sacrificing much in the way of ride quality. While this pint-size roadster is not screaming-fast, it'll power through the twists like a rocket.
The snow (most of it anyway) is melting, the days are longer, and summer is just around the corner. Pride in a job well done and the desire to offer our customers the best service are the cornerstones of our philosophy.
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