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When searching for cheap bus tickets to New York City on each bus linesa€™ website, you will see a box that says a€?Promotions.a€? Use a Google search box below to find a promotion code. Tripper Buses offer cheap bus tickets to New York City complete with comfortable seating, plug-ins to charge your cell phone or laptops, restrooms, and WiFi. Click here to learn about the best promotions including buy four regular tickets and receive a FREE TICKET. Vamoose Bus provides service between New York City and the Washington DC Metropolitan area, with stops in Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, and Lorton, Virginia. The Gold Bus costs $50 one way and features full-size coach outfitted with only 36 seats (compared with 56 seats on standard buses), comfortable reclining plush leather seats, 50% more leg room, 25% more width per seat, folding tray-table and cup holder at every seat, conveniently located power outlets capable of charging your phone, iPod or laptop; complimentary unlimited Internet access, clean restrooms. New York City Museums: Secrets To Free and Discounted Entrance Fees May 06, 16 04:06 PMI'll show you how to visit New York City Museums for free or at a discounted rate!
The Amtrak Keystone Service train runs between New York City and Harrisburg by way of Philadelphia, a great way to discover the Pensylvania Corridor..No booking fees! Carmel Limo offers limousine services to and from destinations in the greater New York City area, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Westchester County, especially to and from the NY metro area airports. For 25 years they have been renting moving trucks, cargo vans, minivans, 15 passenger vans, and full-size cars. For over ten years, Prestige Car Rental has provided New York City, Manhattan and Long Island with amazing car rentals at the lowest prices.
They have an extremely large selection of cars such as Ford Escape, Range Rovers Mercedes Benz, 15 passenger Van, Minivan, Sports Convertible, Ford Explorer, Nissans and many more. Bolt Bus is a great alternative for business travelers who need to move between Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York or Boston.
Youre in charge of your own baggage—you’re allowed two carry ons, and one piece of baggage for under the coach. For drivers convenience you can have an EZ Pass, IPod hook-up, gas card that works at almost any gas station and a text message to remind you where you have booked the Zipcar.
They also have deals where you can commit to a certain amount of time used per month and you can get discounts on the hourly rate.  This is a good deal if you know you have to use a car for a certain amount of time for business or something. Based on service of US Airways and their partner Luxair you may consider to visit New York City also during summer holidays for a very attractive fare. Given that competition is rampant these days, you are in a unique position to get to New York City for very, very little money! It searches 85 cities across 19 states including Vancouver, Canada and Tijuana, Mexico and scans almost 200 bus companies. Bus Junction searches 30 cities and includes all the top bus lines including Megabus, Bolt bus, Vamoose, etc.
Chances are that it's cheaper to take the bus given insane gas prices and tolls not to mention wear and tear on your car and you.

A simple call to 1-877-BOLTBUS (1-877-265-8287) also allows you to speak directly with an operator and book advance purchase fares. BoltBus guarantees you a seat on your ticketed bus provided you arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure to claim your seat. Regular fares are $27 each way (some are a little higher) but you can take advantage of their regular specials and promotions. The accumulated points have no blackout dates, no initial or annual fees, and never expire. In New York City, you cannot call for a taxi, but you can call a car service to arrange a pickup. Carmel succeeds in providing industry leading on-time pick up capabilities through its state-of-the-art reservation and dispatch systems.
For our worldwide network, we have adopted the same customer-focused business model that has made Carmel the leading consumer car service in the New York City metro area – offering great convenience to the traveling public by providing on-time luxury service at a reasonable price. You could make a reservation for a 15 passenger van for whatever the occasion might be and it will only cost you 139$ a day and with minimal paperwork. Polite and professional with black Lincoln towncars.  Not costing much more than a taxi and much better service. Roundtrip flights from Luxembourg to New York are available in limited quantity and travel options from just amazing €337! In this case you would be departing from Luxembourg to New York on 23rd of July and returning from America back to Europe on 4th of August 2014.
Enter in the name of the bus line, followed by a plus sign, followed by the word a€?coupons.a€? For example, Megabus + Coupons. Round trip fares from Washington DC as low as $30 and Round trip fares from Boston as low as $20! At 5 minutes prior to departure, any unclaimed seats are released to walk-up and standby passengers. However, sign-up to become a member (for free) and youa€™ll enjoy reduced fares of $28 one way and $50 round trip. Taxis can be hailed on the street, while car services are not supposed to pick up fares unless they have been arranged in advance. You can often avoid additional toll charges by asking the driver to take a bridge — there is no toll to take the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, or Queensboro Bridge to or from Manhattan. With a fleet of over 600 late model Lincoln Town cars, over 20 new stretch limousines, 3 SUV super-stretch limos and over 40 minivans and large passenger vans, we have succeeded in providing the kind of service we believe you deserve in New York City – simple, smooth, and affordable. As of 2009, Carmel Car and Limousine Service proudly holds the title of being the largest limousine service in the world.
If there are more than five in your party, they can offer a large passenger van or a stretch limousine, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers (Lincoln stretch), or the Hummer Stretches that accommodate up to 15 passengers.

Superior value, great cars, outstanding young driver and cash deposit policies, and the lowest rates all combine to make Prestige Car Rental the perfect choice for your next car rental. It’s got amazing prices such as $15 for a one-way ticket between New York City and Boston. A Round trip service between New York City and Boston is about $30 for one full-fare adult ticket. You can use the car service within Manhattan, as well as to the airports.  They service five boroughs, and credit cards are accepted. The gas card is kept in the windshield visor and a smart card which means you wont have keys to carry around with you. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Considering this incredible fare this is an interesting deal to many travelers planning to visit America during the peak season.
Travel options allows to purchase such a cheap flights to New York in travel period between July till beginning of December 2014 and from January 2015 till April 2015. This site also includes very cheap vacation packagesa€”some so low that you wona€™t believe your eyes.
You may find a code to insert into the promotions box that will give you an even lower rate. Constant communication with the drivers via cellular WAP system, Metro-call beepers and latest 2-way radios with 4 Radio.
The Bus takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes from New York City Port Authority to the South Station bus terminal in Boston. Manhattan cabbies don’t take credit cards, so this works out a lot better conviently for most people.
We have the biggest bus network, with 3,800 destinations across the U.S, Mexico and Canada. Unlike many other rental companies They allow you to rent and return vehicles 24 hours a day in New York City.
You may find roundtrip flights during summer period as well as at the beginning of December to get some Christmas feeling in New York! Megabus currently serves nearly 50 cities in North America from hubs in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. Friends of mine who frequently travel the Megabus to from Pittsburgh to NYC give it high marks in all areas.

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