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Under the terms of the agreement with OCR, the district will add participation opportunities at a minimum of 12 high schools beginning as early as fall 2015.
Title IX compliance does not require the cutting of sports, teams, or other athletic opportunities. OCR will monitor the district’s implementation of the agreement to ensure that the commitments made are implemented in a timely and effective manner and results in equal athletic opportunities for the female students. A letter dated May 8, 2015, the District asked OCR to consider its co-ed competitive cheer and dance teams to be part of the District’s interscholastic athletic program and to count the participants as athletic participants for the purposes of assessing Title IX compliance. As many as 477 additional participation opportunities are needed for female athletes at Lane Tech  to meet current standards.  The largest of any of the CPS schools. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
For the last three years, two uniformed Chicago police officers have been stationed at each of the city's roughly 100 public high schools.
But as the Chicago Public Schools stare down the barrel of a $700 million budget deficit, every dollar of spending is being called into question. Over the weekend, the paper wrote that CPS has been paying the police department around $8 million a year for the officers. With Rahm Emanuel's election as mayor, his newly-appointed schools team revisited the question and found the CPD's claim to be reasonable. That means CPS is on the hook for around $70 million to the police force this year, the Sun-Times writes.
The schools have already attempted to cut down their spending by revoking a four-percent raise that was owed to teachers next year.
In 2011, marijuana possession arrests totaled 663,032 — more than arrests for all violent crimes combined. Based on my very, very unscientific poll of 14 black youth ages 15 to 18, I would say that gun control advocates have their work cut out for them.

In 1955, Williams joined the NAACP in his hometown of Monroe, NC after having served in the Marine Corps. We spend over $70 million on school security in CPS (with $25 million going to the Chicago Police Department to provide two police officers for each high school). Inspirational QuoteCherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. Department of Education today announced that its Office for Civil Rights (OCR)   has reached an agreement with the Chicago Public Schools to ensure that Illinois’ largest school district complies with Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Thereafter, based on a comprehensive assessment of the interests and abilities of its students, the district will add new sports, levels of competition or squads each season until each high school has demonstrated compliance with Title IX. The agreement requires compliance to be demonstrated no later than the 2018-19 school year.
The participants in cheer and dance have not been included in OCR’s analysis of the District’s compliance with Title IX.
With the police department now demanding more than three times what CPS has been paying them for the officers in schools, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the district plans to take a much closer look at the program. But the Chicago Police Department has long insisted that that wasn't nearly enough: in fact, they argue, police supervision costs more like $25 million a year. It agreed that the full cost should be $25 million a year -- and also agreed to pay the difference from the last three years. CPS Chief Administrative Officer Tim Cawley said some schools could possibly do without police altogether, FOX reports; others could do with only one officer. He didn't say that he would be cutting the program altogether, but he did say that cops who weren't active in their schools shouldn't be kept around, and that some schools might not need cops at all. Possession arrests have nearly doubled since 1980, according to an FBI report, while teen marijuana use recently reached a 30-year high. Black males 15-19 were eight times as likely as White males of the same age and two-and-a-half times as likely as their Hispanic peers to be killed in a gun homicide in 2009. The leading cause of death among Black teens ages 15 to 19 in 2008 and 2009 was gun homicide.

Some of the young people suggested that banning things just made some folks more likely to want them.
OCR will consider the information provided by the District during the monitoring of the Agreement, in light of OCR’s guidance.
When the circle ended, I engaged the young people in a conversation about recent school-based shootings. For White teens 15 to 19 it was motor vehicle accidents followed by gun homicide in 2008 and gun suicide in 2009.
Much of the increase in this population is directly due to the war on drugs and the severe punishment for persons convicted of drug trafficking. Anyway, Naomi was visiting her mom and picked up a couple of vintage Ebony magazines for me from another store adjacent to her mom’s.
About 50% of the inmates in federal prisons and 20% of those in state prisons have been convicted of either selling or using drugs. The many minor drug traffickers and drug users who spend time in jail find fewer opportunities for legal employment after they get out of prison, and they develop better skills at criminal activities.
I have also never before shared my very personal and specific reasons for engaging in anti-violence work with girls & young women in my community. Finally, one young woman spoke about the need for people to be able to protect themselves from the police. The KKK held rallies, drove around black neighborhoods intimidating residents, and shot guns at people out of moving cars. The topics include high youth unemployment, terrible public schooling, a lack of recreational opportunities for youth, poverty, gangs, the impact of racism and more.

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