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One day after members of the Chicago Teachers Union(CTU) voted to approve a one-day walkout on April 1st, the union will enter bargaining with Chicago Public Schools(CPS). The teachers have organized the walkout in protest of unfair labor practices, though their contracts are up for negotiation as well.
One major issue that the walkout is designed to call attention to is the lack of a responsible spending plan for Chicago schools.
The move has both the school district and parents scrambling to find other ways to care for the over hundreds of thousands of students affected. CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey acknowledged the difficulties this causes, but says that it has a purpose. Several unions, including university teachers and school bus drivers, will join the CTU, but not all are telling their members to walk out. Already picketing at schools before classes begin, the Chicago Teachers Union is planning an entire day of rallies and teach-ins in the city that will comprise a one-day strike on Friday that promises to close schools.
The union encouraged its members to be a part of the walkout by publishing a bulletin that listed some longstanding complaints aimed at the district, along with a warning that the union knows that CPS CEO Forrest Claypool intends to close schools, force furloughs, and initiate layoffs in the next academic year. Juan Perez, Jr., writing for the Chicago Tribune, reports that CTU has rallies planned to take place at Chicago State University, the Thompson Center, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and City Hall. The American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, who is an ally of CTU President Karen Lewis, will possibly attend a teach-in on the Northeastern Illinois University campus on Friday morning, according to a provisional schedule of events released by CTU.
The walkout is focused on disagreements between the district and CTU, but it is also intended to motivate Gov. CPS is expected to release information concerning contingency sites for young people who may be shut out of classrooms by the walkout. But Mark Konkol of DNAinfo writes that not all CPS teachers are excited about the one-day strike. Union leaders counter that once delegates have approved a measure, the members must agree to the decision to show the union’s solidarity. Union members say the district has a $ 480 million budget shortfall because they have refused to investigate additional tax revenue to fund schools.
Claypool said he would welcome any teachers who come to school on Friday since many kids get their only meals at school, and there will be children who need to be supervised.
The walkout will make this the second Friday in a row that CPS schools will be closed, reports Emily Florez of WMAQ-TV Chicago.
The post Chicago Public Schools, Union, Clash Ahead of Friday Strike appeared first on Education News. Despite widespread protests, Chicago Public Schools still opted to close 50 of the city's schools before the 2013-2014 academic year began. The Chicago Public Schools district had already closed 86 schools in the previous decade on the basis of low test scores and, more recently, arguments that the buildings were underutilized. Though the district did not apparently respond to these rumors during the strike, in February 2013, the school board officially released its list of schools slated for closure. Despite this blow, the city vowed that students and teachers would not feel an impact from what amounted to the largest school closure in history. The district allocated more than $8 million in operating funds to the receiving schools, where students from closing buildings moved, and $155 in capital investments.
Furthermore, the costs of the closing moving expenses have overrun their projected budget, coming to $10 million more than the $8.9 million originally projected, WBEZ found. In its rationale for the school closings, CPS promised a library to every student, as well as iPads for all students in grades 3 through 8.
In addition, the effect of the transition on special education students was a significant concern for both parents and teachers opposed to closings: 59 percent of the closed schools had a larger proportion of special education students than the average school.
However, the report argues, the slower-than-average hiring of social workers and nurses at receiving schools meant that many students in need were left without resources. An assessment by the education magazine Catalyst Chicago found few complaints about the receiving schools from the parents of special education students in the first months of the year.

For its part, CPS said in a statement that it is continuing to hold job fairs to fill vacancies as soon as possible. At the heart of the issue, argues the CTU report, is that consolidating and closing schools didn’t minimize a devastating resource gap faced by the roughly 12,000 students who were affected.
In a statement, the district contested the idea of a resource gap, noting that they provide the same amount of core instruction funding for every student, and that receiving schools would have gotten an extra boost this year. However, it’s well known that the better-resourced CPS schools bring in tens of thousands in additional funding from parent fundraising for extra positions and extra-curricular activities.
For the low-income communities that lost a neighborhood school, the effects are still palpable one year later. Her 8-year-old son has had trouble adjusting to his new school, Vega says, and his grades have dropped. Yana Kunichoff is a Chicago-based journalist covering immigration, labor, housing and social movements.
Did ICE Violate Its Own Deportation Guidelines in Arresting Chicago-Area Unionized Meatpackers? Did I miss something or is there nothing in this article about school performance: was there some huge drop-off in test scores? There's no analysis here that compares the number of teachers and number of schools with the total number of students over time. If Education Reformers Are Concerned About a Teacher Shortage, Then Why Are They Attacking Teachers? Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union have been in protracted negotiations over a new teachers contract. Earlier this evening, the union announced a possible breakthrough after the day's bargaining session wrapped up, saying it had received a "serious offer" from the district. The potential agreement now goes to a 40-person committee of union members who will discuss and vote on the deal Monday.
During a one-on-one interview on Thursday night with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on "Chicago Tonight," the mayor wouldn't discuss details of the tentative agreement, including questions about the possible removal of the 7 percent pension pickup that has long been a sticking point with teachers.
Chicago Public Schools officials say 247 members of the Chicago Teachers Union reported for work on April 1, the day teachers walked out classrooms to highlight funding woes. Alberta schools prepared to take in students evacuated from Fort McMurray Parents of some 12,000 students caught up in the Fort McMurray, Alta.
Schools: A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.
Teachers: A teacher or schoolteacher is a person who provides education for pupils and students .
With an overwhelming majority approving of the walkout—486 delegates—CPS has had to respond quickly both to immediate and future concerns, as reported by ABC 7 Chicago. Many in the union wanted a full-out strike as well, according to CTU President Karen Lewis. The stage government in Springfield has failed to put together a proper state budget, and the teacher’s union has also been working without contract for almost a year. CPS has told parents to prepare for no school on Friday, and encouraged teachers who voted against the walkout to come to work.
We do this through providing breaking news, education, and company information within the African American space. Bruce Rauner and state legislators to approve laws that would provide more funding to public schools and social service agencies.
Another South Side elementary school teacher said her loyalty to her students trumps her loyalty to the CTU. A teacher who is kicked out of the union still has to pay union dues because he or she will continue to benefit from contract negotiations.
At the time of the strike, rumors were circulating that up to 120 more schools were on the chopping block.

Of the more than 276 schools initially considered, 50 had their doors shut for good for the 2013-2014 school year, despite citywide protests and school occupations by parents. Now, a new report by the CTU finds that few of those promises were kept, particularly around staffing receiving schools and additional allocation of resources. All of the capital investments and half of the operating funds would come from money redirected from the closed schools, while the additional money would come from the expected savings having more students in fewer schools, said the district in March 2013. Only 38 percent of receiving schools had a librarian on staff, compared to 55 percent of elementary schools across the district. Two lawsuits arguing the closings would disproportionately hurt special ed students were filed, though they were eventually dismissed. The proportion of special ed students to social workers is higher at receiving schools now than it was before the consolidation, for example.
The article does note, though, that this could simply be attributed to a lag between when a child in special education classes starts instruction and when parents begin to notice a problem, and from there how long it takes to reach advocates like those interviewed in the story. CPS has also said it believes students from closed schools now have improved attendance, a decrease in misconduct and an increase in grade point averages. Two of Rousemary Vega’s four children attended the now-closed Lafayette Elementary School. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Reporter, Truthout and the American Independent, among others.
28: Mayor Rahm Emanuel joins us to talk about the gridlock in Springfield, the financial crisis at Chicago Public Schools and police accountability. 22: Chicago Public Schools today gave layoff notices to some administrative employees as part of efforts to reduce its $480 million budget shortfall.
Schools spokeswoman Emily Bittner says most of the union members reporting for work were teachers.
In countries adopting Monday-first conventions as recommended by the international standard ISO 8601, it is the fifth day of the week. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is commonly compulsory.[citation needed] In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or other place of formal education. For parents who are unable to find alternative options, 250 contingency sites are being prepared to be staffed and available to students.
The union has announced that it will be supported by roughly 50 community groups and unions on Friday. But few of those gains are statistically significant, with the rate of students from closed schools on track to graduate on time increasing 0.3 percentage points, a report by Catalyst Chicago found, and students from closed schools continued to lag behind their peers in almost all other areas. We hear from education leaders on the GOP plan for a state takeover of the nation's third-largest school district.
It is the sixth day in countries that adopt a Sunday-first convention, as in the Abrahamic tradition.
I think we are being used as pawns to get legislation passed,” said a high school teacher, who asked not to be identified.
Of the 49 closed elementary schools, 90 percent had a majority African-American demographic, while 71 percent had a majority African-American staff of teachers, according to the Chicago Teachers Union.
Since CPS says that the one-day strike is an illegal one, teachers who participate will not be paid. All in all, the closings amounted to shuttering 25 percent of all CPS schools that had majority African-American students.

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