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The mobile site also features weather forecasts and information for walkers and bicyclists -- or any combination of the above.
CTA shall not be held responsible for the content of third party websites or any issue arising from the use of third party applications.
Shows estimated arrival times for both CTA buses and trains, alerts and weather in a Web-based slideshow for use on kiosks. Designed to be the "ultimate transit app," its mission is to make cities easier to use! Shows you the areas you can reach with public transportation in a specified time from a specified location. Designed for bicyclists, provides route recording, weather, news, directions and more, including finding the train stops nearest you and shows arrival times automatically.
Offers real-time integrated public transit information that combines crowdsourced, real-time data with existing schedules to identify the fastest and most comfortable commuting alternatives.
Shows scheduled bus and train arrivals and can use device location data to find routes and stops near you and display these on a map.
Lets you search for local attractions and events, find discounts and provides easy access to get estimated arrivals for bus & train stops. Addison takes a visual approach at representing information and empowers commuters to make efficient and real-time transit decisions based on immediate surroundings.
Provides live bus and train predictions as well as a map with buses and transit stops. Has features from the useful (CTA Bus and Train Trackers, RedEye news) to the playful (Missed Connections, Metromix bar and restaurant guide). Stores a custom-designed bike map on your device, shows transit stations and lines in relation to bike network, and more, without the need for a data connection. Provides trip planning, offline schedules and real-time bus positions for Chicago and many other cities in the USA and Canada. Your next generation trip planner that provides all your door-to-door options for easy comparison - including public transport, taxi and bike share.
Manage your Ventra account, add transit value or passes on your Ventra Card and buy and use Metra mobile tickets. Zoute helps you identify the bus stops and subway routes closest to you, tracks them in realtime, and quickly takes you to your favorite destinations - all from our free mobile app. A simple and beautiful bus tracker for the CTA — All Aboard knows your location, and finds your nearest stop automatically. Provides directions and schedule information for travel between train stations, shows maps, uses device location data and provides service alert information. Utilizing your device's GPS hardware, Quicktrain finds which station you are currently at and displays the train approaching, quickly. Next Transit provides quick and easy access to estimated train and bus arrivals times for CTA buses & trains. Has features from the useful (CTA Bus and Train Trackers, RedEye news) to the playful (CTA Missed Connections, Metromix bar and restaurant guide). Provides tracking and alerts, news, deals, entertainment, events and route-based chat rooms. Uses a minimalist and sleek design to provide easy and fast CTA Bus and Train stop and tracking info.

Find the nearest bus, train or metra stations with scheduled stops and view upcoming departures with just two quick taps.
In case you’re living in the dark when it comes to the wonders of pre-planned public transportation timing, we put together a quick guide to help you pick the perfect Chicago public transit tracking app. The Transit Stop app includes arrival time estimates in minutes (2 minutes) and times (3:16pm).
Buster seems to be a Chicago favorite in the transit app department because of its attractive interface. HopStop works in dozens of cities in the US, Canada and Europe, so if you’re a traveler, this is the app for you. Google Maps offers transit directions for bus, train, subway, bike, and pretty much anything else a city would have available. If you travel to different cities — or even different countries —rather frequently, Google Maps is a great app to have in your travel arsenal. Transit App supports almost all major US cities — as well as a few internationally —and focuses on letting you plan a trip with transit. If you like to check transit times or plan long before you leave home, Transit App is a must. Moovit supports many large metros within the United States and typically provides both bus and train system suggestions.
Moovit is ideal for anyone who needs great detail or wants to minimize the amount of walking they need to do. Citymapper actually only services New York City here in the states but it's one of the best transit apps you can get for that particular area.
Transit supports a decent amount of US cities and focuses on finding you the fastest route possible. With interactive notifications, no longer do you have to stop what you're doing to respond to a message, trash a junk mail, or accept a calendar invite.
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Tesla picks up the pace, Windows 10 hits 300 million devices, HTC gives their new phone an update, and safeguarding your digital keys. If you’re someone who wears their Apple Watch all day, every day, then you may want to consider a case for it. It cuts across the whole system,” RTA spokeswoman Diane Palmer told the Chicago Tribune of the app. It also offers updates on delays or detours, as well as information on major area attractions, according to NBC Chicago.
CTA neither endorses any third party products listed here nor makes any guarantees or representations as to accuracy or reliability. This app provides an A to B journey planner, real-time arrival information, nearby stop info, and service disruption info. The tracker’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, minus the occasional crash.
The app includes your basic train and bus tracker features, with the ability to save favorite routes, including multiple lines from different stations. It gives you directions from your current location using GPS, then provides several transit options including subway, bus, walking, taxi and bike.

When Apple ditched Google for their own map data in iOS 6 one of the casualties was transit.
If a specific area offers a specific type of transit, you'll probably find it within Google Maps. Not only can you search for directions right at the moment you need them, you can choose a future time and then choose the best option. Just plug in where you're doing and where you're coming from — or use your current location — and Transit does the rest.
If you have another favorite, one I didn't list, let me know what it is and what makes you like it! Most cases are lightweight, and only cover the actual watch portion, so there’s no uncomfortable bits digging into you under the strap. It was a fantastic app, but they suddenly and inexplicably removed Vancouver, Canada (my home) from the selections. See CTA service routes for whichever bus or train you’re tracking, and refresh arrival times by touching the button, or if enabled, refresh by shaking your device. And in case you need a bit of entertainment for your L ride, the app features CTA News and a Metromix bar and restaurant guide. It even estimates travel time and cost for taxis and automatically gives you cab company phone numbers. While Google Maps isn't the prettiest transit app of them all, the map data that Google has under their belt is pretty much greater than any other maps database.
Not only is Transit App carefully thought out, it's one of the easiest transit apps to interpret.
I've found Moovit's descriptions and directions to be a little more detailed and show more at a glance than other apps. The thing that draws me to Citymapper when in New York City are the beautifully designed maps that are easy to view and pick apart, something every tourist or non-local needs to do from time to time.
One of my favorite features of Transit however is the ability to create reminders that can notify you to not miss a specific bus or trip. And just in case you spot your soulmate on the morning commute, RedEye’s got you covered with a special CTA edition of Missed Connections.
One feature that is unique to Buster is the ability to set reminders 5 or 1o minutes before the bus arrives to avoid missing your ride. And if you opt to walk, bike or take public transit, HopSpot will tell you how many calories you burned and how many carbon emissions you save. Luckily there are many apps in the App Store to help you navigate public transit, but to get alerts about delays and outages. You can however buy an unrestricted version of the reminders feature for a one time in-app purchase charge of $0.99.

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