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Chicago might be a big city, but thanks to public transportation, it isn't hard to get around.
The Chicago L Train system, which is operated by CTA, is the city's rapid transit system, and you might be surprised to know that it's the third-busiest rapid transit system in the country. When you find yourself at a Chicago Transit Authority metro station, you can purchase fare cards through the available attendants or at one of the on-site machines. Taking the bus in Chicago is a great alternative to the metro trains, as it's every bit as affordable.
Chicago public transportation more than has you covered when it comes to all your ground transportation needs. Foodseum has recently opened (in Chicago) its first exhibition, which is called ?The Hot Dog and Encased Meat of the World. The very first “L” ride happened on June 6th, 1892 when 30 people rode the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad from 39th Street to the Congress St. In the 1920’s the “L” continued its expansion under the control of Samuel Insull, owner of the Chicago Edison electric company, who saw a profit in owning the electric trains. The Chicago Transit Authority bought out the Chicago Rapid Transit Company soon after it became public in 1947. Over the past 40 years, ridership has continued to increase on our famous “L” despite worldwide drops in mass transit passengers. 2010 Toyota VenzaEnlarge PhotoWith baseball season in full swing and the summer driving season just around the corner, we thought that it would be a good time to take a look at five stadiums that are worth a look this season. The Venza--with available all-wheel drive--seems like a logical choice for a road trip to the Twin Cities. The Equinox has been a strong seller, and it is one of the products that is helping General Motors climb out of bankruptcy. Historic Wrigley Field is actually better accessed by public transit than by car, due to a lack of parking, but those who do choose to drive might be best served by hopping behind the wheel of the Chicago-built Ford Taurus. Along with Saabs and Volvos, Subarus seem to rule New England, so if you find yourself on the Mass Pike heading into town to catch a game, this might just be the family car of choice if you'd like to blend with the locals. The Fiesta may be smaller than most family cars, but it will work well in the urban confines of New York City. We have provided directions by car and by public transportation to Chicago’s most popular attractions. For more information about the Chicago Transit Authority please visit Transit Chicago or Travel Information. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) plays a key role in the city's public transportation department, as it operates a comprehensive network of trains and buses that can get you virtually anywhere you need to go. Hopping on the L Train to get around is a way of life in Chicago, partly because the routes are so complete.
These fare cards can store a specific value on them, so you can use them over and over again. One of the best bus routes in the city is the express route that goes from Belmont Avenue in Lakeview all the way down to Museum Campus on the south edge of Grant Park. There is no need for a rental car if you'd prefer not to have one, as the public transportation options are so complete.

He bought the Chicago Aurora and Elgin Railroad and the South Shore Interurban tracks and joined them to the existing “L” tracks, giving suburban commuters a straight shot downtown. The CTA added metal train cars and closed unused lines as a means of modernizing the system. What can arguably be called the low point in “L” history was the 1992 Loop Flood, which shut down major subway lines for days, as the 1940’s tunnels began to fill with water.
But for you to be able to reach any part of the city without a driver’s license speaks volumes about how the elevated train system keeps this city running.
Hop in the family car and take a look at these baseball palaces, as well as five cars to take, one for each park.
The all-wheel drive will help with the inclement weather, while the extra cargo room over the Camry--the car on which the Venza is based--will allow you to accommodate the family AND all the baseball memrobilia you collect while visiting this brand new stadium, which opened last month and seats 40,000 people. So it's only fair that visitors to Detroit visit this ten-year old ballpark in a product made by an American automaker. It will also help the driver save on gas money, which will be good, since those funds can be put towards tickets, souvenirs, and parking. Whether you need to get to Wrigley Field from the Loop or catch a plane at the O'Hare or Midway airport, the Chicago Transit Authority L trains can get you there. If you don't have a card to get on one of the Chicago buses, then you will need exact fare, so keep that in mind. Along the way, you'll ride along North Lake Shore Drive, North Michigan Avenue, and State Street before getting to Grant Park. Riding the “L” is as Chicago as eating a Vienna Beef hot dog while watching the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. By the next year, when the World Columbian Exposition hit Chicago, service was extended to 63rd street and Jackson Park. However, this mixing of various tracks caused strange detours for many trains trying to enter the city. Nonetheless, the CTA has put that dark day behind it and continues to expand its massive transit system.
Offering touches like limestone facades and a roof deck with a fire pit, this park is worth a look.
Comerica is now entering its tenth year in existence, and it's already hosted an All-Star Game and some 2006 World Series games. And while Wrigley still doesn't have a Jumbotron, the Taurus does offer Ford's Sync multimedia suite, providing a nice contrast. The new Yankee Stadium is now in its second year, and it's one of the more expensive places to catch a game. Book your cheap accommodations with Chicago Getaway as we are a ten minute trip via public transit from the stadium. The Chicago Transit Authority's trains and buses are both cheap and reliable, which is why many Windy City residents and visitors depend on them to get from point A to point B. When looking to get outside the Chicago city limits by way of train, the Metra rail system is the way to go. The Chicago buses do well to connect points in the city that are difficult to reach by way of train or metro.

As for the L Train, or the El, as it is also known, the red and brown lines that funnel into the Loop from the North Side are among the most scenic routes.
Between the Chicago train and bus stops, a wealth of attractions awaits you, and finding a good place to eat or grab some drinks won't be hard. Whether you simply ride it to visit friends, or as a means to get to work every single day, the train has as powerful a place in the heart of the city as it does for those that ride it. By 1895, trains ran on the Lake Street Elevated Railroad and the Metropolitan West Side Elevated, which provided service all the way to Logan Square. Two subway lines were added by 1951 in an attempt to grant a more direct access to the city’s core.
Certain stations became “A” stations while others became “B” stations, and the busiest ones became “AB” stations. Located in heart of downtown Detroit, this stadium is in close proximity to Detroit's famous Greektown, and not too far from GM's Renaissance Center headquarters. This regional rail system serves the surrounding suburbs, as well as the city of Chicago, and more than 80 million passengers rely on it every year. You'll almost brush up against some of the downtown area's most picturesque buildings on these routes, which a real treat. This largest of Midwestern cities is very user-friendly, which has a lot to do with its extensive public transportation network. However, not many know the complex history of one of the oldest and most widespread public transportation systems in the country.
Problems arose when the elevated train was not able to enter the city’s financial district due to a state law.
Many of these passengers are commuters who aren't too keen on driving into or out of the city during rush hour.
You likely won't need to rely on the Chicago buses if you are sticking around the downtown area or on the North Side, as the metro trains and your own two feet should suffice. Chicago architecture is world-renowned, and if you're interested in seeing in close up, consider booking an architecture tour while you're in town. Fortunately, railroad tycoon Charles Tyson Yerkes bought out most of the necessary areas for a downtown expansion due to his ownership of the streetcar system. Most area residents depend on Chicago public transportation to some degree, thanks to its overall effectiveness. Taking a taxi every now and again is always an option as well, and you won't have trouble finding one, especially when you're in the Loop area. Once the turn of the century rolled around, the elevated railway had expanded to the North Side and covered the majority of the urban sprawl.

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