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Eastern Travel provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Rockville, MD and Richmond, VA. I bought a ticket online and unfortunately no seat was available for me they forced, that forced me to lose my seat even though ticket was bought online. Also, I saw a French lady trying to put a huge luggage into the storage space alone, struggling with other small belongings with her. My bus driver heading north was very rude and should be coached on how to discuss rules and regulations with people. Some customers maybe difficult to deal with, and some may come back no matter how much they complain, but keep running your business like that with so much carelessness and blame the customer for the wrong schedule posting, and you'll get the worst reviews and people spreading the new word of mouth.
By all means, please take Rockledge Bus, my friend is the thin man with the fanipack that speaks English very well, and smiles all the time. I PERSONALLY WILL TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS WHO TRAVEL FROM NY TO MD ON A WEEKLY BASIS, TO NEVER TAKE EASTERN. Also the driver took a 15 minute break, reason unknown and did not inform the passengers of this.

I had this old rude bum sitting next to me with his smelly food not in luggage but bags that were taking up the isles and part of my leg room. I've been riding with Eastern for several years now, It's been some good days and some bad nights. I am sorry for this the price is good but never would I want to do business with this company. It would have been nice if the bus driver is ready and willing to help such an exceptional case. Mike the African American gentleman drives the bus I always have a quick and quiet journey with no stops.
They turned away several people who tried to buy a bus ticket even though there were many seats open. Not only did it take 10 hrs to get to NYC from Virginia, but the bus was filthy especially the bathroom. Got to the office in Chinatown, the office personnel was very rude, saying that it was MY MISTAKE, when the schedule and the bus driver mentioned NOTHING about DC.

The driver stopped the bus on I-95N in the left lane opened the door stepped off the bus to curse and argue with a Fedex truck driver that cut him off!
After arriving in DC at 7:45pm, had no choice but to take an Uber straight back up to Baltimore and took the Rockledge Bus instead. When he came back i explained to him that it was not right for him to leave his stuff next to me while he went to sit somewhere else. The next thing i know he was shouting at me how everyone thinks he doesn't deserve to live.

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