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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority began testing a new electric bus built by Chinese automaker BYD. New York City has started testing an electric bus by Chinese automaker BYD in a move to eventually reduce the 50 million gallons of diesel fuel its 5,700 buses use each year.
The test run is scheduled to last two months and then the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will evaluate if the bus meets the city's needs, according to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.
The bus will have to face "the twin challenges of operating in the stop and go traffic of Manhattan while maintaining high levels of passenger comfort and operational performance," according to a statement on the MTA website. The bus needs a four-hour charge to be ready for service, and it can go approximately 150 miles on a single charge, which is being tested under New York City conditions with the pilot run, Ortiz said. A BYD electric bus costs approximately $850,000, Ortiz said, compared to the $400,000 for a regular diesel bus. The bus was manufactured by Shenzhen-based BYD, which stands for "Build Your Dreams" and is backed by investment giant Warren Buffett.
In April, BYD was awarded a $12.1-million contract with California's Long Beach Transit Authority to produce 10 zero-emission, all-electric buses, and then in July, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) on announced a contract with BYD for the manufacture and delivery of up to 25 all-electric buses. The BYD contract contains a local jobs component in which final assembly will take place at its new plant in Lancaster, California, the international firm's first manufacturing facility in the United States.
In August, BYD said that its net profit increased 25 times in the first half, as its three core businesses in the vehicle, cell phone and new energy sectors all saw strong growth.
The growth comes after the company reported net profit slumped 94.15 percent year-on-year to 81 million yuan in 2012, the lowest level in at least four years.
The strong performance was the result of the company's efforts to gradually improve the technology, quality and branding of its products in the past three years, the report said. Even though BYD made its name in the global automotive market with leadership in the electric-vehicle segment, analysts said the company's business will mainly depend on vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines, which contributed more than half of the company's total profits. BYD Motors President Stella Li has said the company expects to produce 50 buses a year by 2015 and to continue increasing production, with the intention of reaching the plant's capacity of 1,000 buses annually within two decades. Eastern Travel provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Rockville, MD and Richmond, VA. I bought a ticket online and unfortunately no seat was available for me they forced, that forced me to lose my seat even though ticket was bought online. Also, I saw a French lady trying to put a huge luggage into the storage space alone, struggling with other small belongings with her. My bus driver heading north was very rude and should be coached on how to discuss rules and regulations with people. Some customers maybe difficult to deal with, and some may come back no matter how much they complain, but keep running your business like that with so much carelessness and blame the customer for the wrong schedule posting, and you'll get the worst reviews and people spreading the new word of mouth.
By all means, please take Rockledge Bus, my friend is the thin man with the fanipack that speaks English very well, and smiles all the time. I PERSONALLY WILL TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS WHO TRAVEL FROM NY TO MD ON A WEEKLY BASIS, TO NEVER TAKE EASTERN.
Also the driver took a 15 minute break, reason unknown and did not inform the passengers of this. I had this old rude bum sitting next to me with his smelly food not in luggage but bags that were taking up the isles and part of my leg room. I've been riding with Eastern for several years now, It's been some good days and some bad nights. Good year reliable chinatown bus operator new york to Good year is a reliable chinatown bus operator who would lead you love bus trip home bus bus stations ticket policy contact home Good year reliable chinatown bus operator new york to.
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Unlike the traditional Greyhound model, curbside intercity bus-service has become popular through services such as Megabus and Bolt Bus. According to a recent article from the Atlantic Cities, Chinatown bus service does run direct from New York City to Cincinnati. Services operated by Coach88 and Sky Horse Bus operate six days a week, and arrive in the morning after a 12-hour overnight trip.
Still curbside bus service continues to appeal to many people, including local resident Rob Naylor.
These bus companies are filling the growing market of low-cost intercity travel alternatives brought on by rising airfare prices.

Additionally, implementation of a plan to consolidate these bus services under a single destination like the Riverfront Transit Center, first proposed last July by UrbanCincy, would greatly enhance the accessible population base for these services thus integrating the service into Cincinnati’s broader regional transportation system.
I’ll be honest, I had absolutely no idea that there were two Chinatown bus services operating daily routes between Cincinnati and NYC.
Maybe, if the city could get its act together and put together a proposal to consolidate all inter-city buses in the Riverfront Transit Center, they would locate there. Not to say that I don’t think it would be a good idea to get them into the Riverfront Transit Center.
One other thing I find interesting about this is how little service is offered between NYC and Cleveland. I was looking to book tickets to take the Megabus to Pittsburgh (then to Phila) in March, but it looks like (I’m just surmising) that Megabus is phasing out its service between Cinti and Pburgh? Essentially, the person I was talking to said that the driver of the bus had been driving for 13+ hours and couldn’t really stay awake anymore. I recently took the Chinatown bus from NYC to Cincinnati and will say it was one of the worst bus trips I have ever taken. Though more expensive, Ortiz said he anticipates the electric bus will be more cost-efficient to run. After testing and evaluation, the transit agency could then choose to buy up to 20 additional buses.
It plans to build as many as 1,000 plug-in electric buses a year in the Mojave Desert city. The buses will be powered by BYD's iron-phosphate batteries, which will be manufactured at another plant near the Lancaster bus factory. I am sorry for this the price is good but never would I want to do business with this company. It would have been nice if the bus driver is ready and willing to help such an exceptional case.
Mike the African American gentleman drives the bus I always have a quick and quiet journey with no stops. They turned away several people who tried to buy a bus ticket even though there were many seats open. Not only did it take 10 hrs to get to NYC from Virginia, but the bus was filthy especially the bathroom. These bus companies based their business plan on the Chinatown bus model developed by the Fung Wah buses in the late 1990’s. Megabus currently offers direct connections to Chicago and other Midwestern cities, including Columbus and Pittsburgh, but does not offer continuing service to New York City.
UrbanCincy investigated the claim and found that there are actually two Chinatown bus services that have established direct bus service from New York City to Cincinnati as well as Dayton and Columbus.
According to their websites, buses come equipped with comfortable recliner seating and restrooms.
It also serves as a missed opportunity for several state governments, including Ohio which could have capitalized on with expanded inter-city rail connections. If you ever talk to Clevelands about regional dynamics, many will be quick to tell you how Cincinnati is more aligned with the South, and Cleveland with the Northeast…especially NYC. I’m not sure I would have guessed that Cincinnati would be the top spot in Ohio and the Midwest, but I did think that Cleveland would have had more service. I believe the only way to get to Pittsburgh from CIncinnati via Megabus is through Chicago which just isn’t practical. Or perhaps they are moving those buses to accomodate for the Atlanta hub that just opened recently. It’s kind of funny this article came up, because I heard of this service the day before this article was released. Another passenger (who drives 18-wheelers) essentially forced the driver to let him take the wheel the remainder of the way to NYC until just before entering the city. I took both bus lines two weeks ago, Sky Horse on the way there and Coach 88 on the way back.
In comparison, I have taken the Fung Wah from Boston to NYC then back again and have no complaints like wheels falling off or catching fire as many believe. A BYD electric bus started operation in Tel Aviv last month, and fleets of electric taxis were launched in Bogota and Hong Kong, in September and May, respectively.
Got to the office in Chinatown, the office personnel was very rude, saying that it was MY MISTAKE, when the schedule and the bus driver mentioned NOTHING about DC.

The driver stopped the bus on I-95N in the left lane opened the door stepped off the bus to curse and argue with a Fedex truck driver that cut him off!
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We had taken this image on the net we consider would be probably the most representative images for custom pedicure chair. With the increasing cost of air travel and the declining flight activity at shrinking airport markets like CVG, many people are turning to low cost alternatives provided by inter-city buses. Klein and Andrew Zitcer conduct several focus groups to gauge rider experience on Chinatown buses. It’s unfortunate, because I have family in Pittsburgh and it was a gateway to the East Coast as Pittsburgh is a major hub for Megabus. After the bus driver threatened to fight a passenger who didn’t have a ticket, and then turned off our AC so we subsequently turned on said passenger until he left the bus, the ride was FAST (closer to 10 hours) and uneventful.
My impression was that this location has to do with ease of access to 75N and keeping the trip to Dayton a little shorter.
After arriving in DC at 7:45pm, had no choice but to take an Uber straight back up to Baltimore and took the Rockledge Bus instead. When he came back i explained to him that it was not right for him to leave his stuff next to me while he went to sit somewhere else. The next thing i know he was shouting at me how everyone thinks he doesn't deserve to live. These locations are near city bus service provided by SORTA, however, both the #20 and #78 routes are located a half-mile to almost a mile near the drop off locations.
Once we got on the road we drove over to Brooklyn to drop some random things off and have a look at the engine. I started to get annoyed when we drove back through Chinatown on our way through Manhattan heading back home an hour later.
The man collecting tickets launches into a tirade, just cursing his competition and kind of everything around. We stopped an hour and a half into the trip to fill up, which if anyone is wondering, it cost $600 to fill up one of those buses! We got off the highway and pulled into some strip mall parking lot to a waiting line of people.
I happened to be up at 3:30 when again we made at most a 10 minute stop in West Virginia (I think) to switch drivers.
We pull up at a cheap motel, our driver gets out, closes us all back in, bus is still running. He walks over to a door and raises his hand to knock, I swear his knuckles don’t even reach the door, it opens, no words are exchanged, this other guy shoots out, takes the drivers seat, throws her in gear and we are back on the road. Onward, one more short stop around 5:30 in the morning at a gas station, this is the only time passengers are allowed out. Now being the middle of the night, they decide to put on an awful action movie being played quite loud…it may have played twice. But these guys take their sweet time there and I watch the Sky Horse bus pull in, having caught us.
Two of our operators are gabbing upfront, one briefly smoking a cigarette in the bus, as the sweet efficient mechanism that is Sky Horse glides in and out before we can turn around.
Once we hit Ohio, there were a series of stops where we would get off an exit, someone upfront would yell a name, no one would move, door closes, back onto the interstate we go…having accomplished nothing. I would even say it is worth the extra $20.00 bucks they charge for the Friday night ride, it is $30 for all other days.

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