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If you'd like to be notified when this item becomes available, enter your information below and click "Notify Me". We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! My kids love Chuggington and enjoy building different train tracks for their little Chuggars to chug around on.
We used the Tomy Twists and Turns Action Track Pack, Rescue at Rocky Ridge Stack Track Set and Chuggington Die Cast Koko’s Icy Escapades Playset to create the Rocky Ridge Roller Coaster using the instructions on Megabuild Junction. Megabuild Junction is beyond cool because it makes it EASY to build complicated train sets even when you are putting sets together. I love that the Rocky Ridge Roller Coaster was big enough to give each of them room to play.
One very lucky winner will receive all three sets we used to construct the Rocky Ridge Roller Coaster!

Not-so-Mellow Yellow Is what we want to try because my son’s favorite color is yellow.
Brewster's Cargo Caper (HO Scale)  Hop on board with mighty Brewster as he rides the rails on a fun train trip.
This set is Ideal for first you railway and includes all you need to get started; track, trains and signals. This oval-shaped starter set is the perfect foundation for your Chuggington Die-cast collection. It takes you step by step through the process showing you piece by piece how to construct the set.
This lights and sounds playset is the trainees' home and a great centrepiece for your Chuggington die-cast world.
This set is easy to expand, and the set comes with two die-cast engines, Wilson and Harrison.

Send any die-cast engine down a fantastic track spiral and launch them through a 360-degree overhead loop! Megabuild Junction showcases awe-inspiring layouts and provides building instructions for a variety of skill levels so kids can combine existing playsets and create mega-exciting Megabuilds. My husband usually hates putting things like this together so I had him do it as that would be the true test. The kids LOVED the end result of course and they played with the train set for hours upon hours.
Note: While this set does not include stackable track, it is compatible with StackTrack sets.

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