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While violent crimes like stabbing and non-fatal shootings are more common, it's still well within the realm of possibility that some days would be violent-crime free.Still, it's important to note that crime statistics - especially when it comes to assaults and injuries - can be imprecise.
Thanks in part to Comstat, a sophisticated statistics tool, New York police were better able to identify crime patterns and violent "hotspots" in the 1990s.
But it's difficult for criminologists to determine which of these methods work and how effective they are individually.
Two buses and a fuel tanker collide in Afghanistan's Ghazni province killing 73 people and injuring more than 50, officials say. New York Daily News New York City's subway crime through the decades New York City's subway crime through the decades While New Yorkers complain about the public transit system today, just decades ago New York City's subway was a very dangerous place to be. New York Daily News 1970s New York City: The dangerous & gritty streets during a decade of decline Gritty New York City in the 1970s With pimps and prostitutes populating the streets, an economic collapse and a crime filled subway system, the streets of Manhattan in the 1970s were a gritty and dark place.
When did Gotham get so safe?For more than 36 hours in New York City, no-one was shot, stabbed, or otherwise killed. From there, top brass in the police force were able to meet together to develop a more consistent battle plan against the city's crime.
With this setup, Luxoflux has given itself ample room to both take the series anywhere it wants to go while also playing off of, improving on and even entirely changing aspects of the series without having to directly cater to the rules of the first game. Perhaps it's possible that the lower crime rate has allowed police to focus on a more altruistic approach.At around the same time that New York's crime-free wave was making headlines, a New York City police officer became a viral sensation after he was photographed giving a pair of new boots to a barefoot homeless man.
We had a chance to take a look at the newest build of the game recently, and we even got our grubby mitts on the controller for a little hands-on time.
Though the break in violent crime marked the first time in recent memory such an event had occurred, the figure doesn't surprise criminologists.

A man trying to avoid paying subway fare is caught in the act after getting stuck in the gate while attempting to sneak through. Considering, says Blumstein, that there were only 472 homicides in New York last year, with this year on track for even fewer, the odds of a violent-crime free day are favourable. The answer seems to lie with more and better policing - but what constitutes "better" policing is still up for debate.
If you know your way around the island, you'll be at an advantage from the get-go as Manhattan has been recreated about as accurately as possible, sans the likeness rights to every hooker on the island. Players no longer assume the role of Nick Kang, but rather the new hero (or is that anti-hero) Marcus Reed.
Marcus shares the same respect for the law but disrespect for doing things by the book as Nick, allowing players the ability to walk the fine line between upholding said laws or stepping over the line here and there to get what he wants. Like last time out, evidence, drugs and weapons can be turned into for credits at the police department, but they won't nab you black market items like rocket launchers, grenades or the like, so you can turn around and sell confiscated items for hard cash to earn those. Obviously, this isn't the way a good cop would do things, but you have to take the law into your own hands sometimes. All of those upgradeable assets are still present in the game, they're just not the focus this time around, nor does your lack of any upgraded skills at the start of the game hinder you in any way. Rather than needing to head to a dojo to learn new moves, you'll be able to earn new fighting styles through the normal course of the game, like fighting at various Fight Arenas around the city, which also happen to earn you some dough. You may still need to head to a dojo to essentially collect each new fighting style, but you won't be required to learn anything else there; the dojos are only there to allow you to practice, but you don't need to actually ever do any fighting there to learn a new style.
Gun ranges are only there now for practice, as you'll learn new weapon abilities every time you move up a rank at the police station.

You can still get in some target practice here if you want, but like the dojos, it's not a requirement.
Having to go and essentially earn a new fighting style or weapon move after you've unlocked it may have seemed like a good idea, but it was tedious at best. It also meant that you were essentially held back at the beginning of the game, which made your character feel less powerful than many other games on the market. We were able to play through the first couple segments of the game, as well as some later levels, and we never felt like we were playing with an under-equipped or stripped down character. The game feels solid from the get go, so we're expecting the weapon and fighting style upgrades to fully add to the game, as opposed to being something that eventually brings you up to speed like last time out. Holding a button will cause you to lock onto the nearest target, in which case the game then feels something like Grand Theft Auto. The mix of these three styles, running from the most basic free-look up to precision aiming, is a great mix that seemed to work very well during our time with the game.
The lock-on targeting system also seems to work quite well, though most of the shootouts we took part in were indoors and only featured gang members for us to pop caps into, so we're not sure how well it works with cops, civilians or otherwise around.

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