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Adds service to 48 routes, including the busiest and most crowded bus routes in the city, by increasing service during peak times on congested routes and extending two other routes. Discontinues 12 duplicative and low-ridership routes and discontinues route segments on three routes. During weekday peak travel times, 17 rail trips will be added to all six lines, mostly on the Blue, Red and Brown lines, the CTA’s busiest train routes.
Let's see how long before the South Side ministers start screaming that it's racist that most of the routes increased are on the North & Northwest Sides! Now I'm an occasional rider on the #4 Cottage Grove & I consider it the single worst bus route in the city as it makes the #22 Clark look good. I don't know the exact numbers, but personal observation is that there are at least three #3s to every two #4s. I was surprised to see that the 55 bus didn't get increased service as it's always got standees when going EB at the Ryan L station. Hopefully, the increase on the 22 will bring the service back to what is was before the cutbacks & layoffs of a couple of years ago. As for demanding an increased subsidy from the U of C for the 192, watch for a huge outcry over that route as every run always fills up every seat, with a few standees on an articulated bus, which is what's used for all the runs unless there's a breakdown. I'm assuming they're going to try and get U of C to pony up more money if they want to continue the route. Also, since they're purchasing a bunch of 60 foot buses that seem to be replacing 40 foot buses, how does that play into this, if at all? Since the pdf doesn't have details, just that certain lines get more service, other lines are cut, other lines are coordinated with Pace, etc.
The racism call the last time was based on "They cut the X3, X4, X9, and X55" without noting that the put the resources back into the locals, which were down in some cases to 15 minutes in 2009. As far as the 40 to 60 foot buses, it may eventually change things, but I am convinced that the reason the 100 Seattle options just had to be picked up now for delivery between Nov. And also wondering if the proposed increases to Brown Line at all times are structured to accommodate both decreasing current car loads *and* the added #11 alternatives? Tools to promote happiness even through the worst headlines by thinking about how we think and overriding psychological tendencies that cause stress, anger and unhappiness.

The CTA Holiday Train is a longtime and beloved tradition for commuters and families alike.
I don't care what lies the CTA spews out, this foolishness costs the agency actual money & they're broke! Only the CTA can manage to take a 25 minute commute, and turn it into 45 minutes of torture.
I remember when Kruesi was called Scrooge for canceling the Holiday Train and it was said that it was mostly volunteer labor. I would be more concerned about the foamers who reportedly are having a set of 2400s redecorated as they were in apparently 1977-80, again, unless the charter pays the full freight. I sort of wondered about going into a Korean coffee shop tonight and hearing a bunch of sappy Christmas music.
But, Spiny, I think there was the ritual burning of the pagan solstice bus about a week ago. Sort of like Aykroyd's Nixon soliloquy, apparently Wiccans are Pagans, but Pagans aren't all Wiccans. I've seen the K-Pop on TV (mostly channel 24.7), but haven't picked up on the individual artists. Also, this coffee shop sells bagels, lox and avocado, and gelato, so maybe that's where people in South Korea go when they want to eat occidental food (the chain says it franchises here from Korea). Beginning Friday, the CTA's Holiday Train will kick off its 22nd annual run, offering riders the chance to catch a peek of Santa and ride in fully decked-out, holiday spectacular rail cars. This year, the Holiday Train will again kick off its run for three days on the Green Line before moving on to the city's other train lines as the days count down toward the end of the holiday season.
The CTA's schedule will update with more specific times on each line's turn as the Holiday Train as the weeks go on. The holiday train tradition began in 1992 when a "Season's Greetings from the CTA" sign was affixed to the front of a train delivering food to charities. When they increased service due to three tracking the L, it was the first time in 30 years that the Clark bus ran smoothly & on time, even in the rush hours or when the Cubs played! I had previously said that if they want to "force" ridership on the Green Line, service frequency should be cut north of 63rd, but that's the thing that is not going to be politically possible.

There's really nothing quite like the surprise on people's faces when the Holiday Train comes rolling into the station. Look, when it's 50 degrees outside, and the trains are packed like sardine cans, we don't need the heat cranked to 90. If so, I don't have any problem with it, and if it is for collecting food for the needy, also o.k.
I'm not going to do more work to find out if it was the Wiccans, Druids, or whatever, although I was more thinking along the lines of Druids. I do understand some Korean words, such as Dempster, Schaumburg, Pfingsten, Nature Golf, and Assi Market. When I board the #4 NB at 58th St, there are always at least two bunched up, often three & on several occasions four of them.
Someone in Grand Crossing will say that they can't visit their aunt or ahnt in Bronzeville.
Maybe they and the approximately 100 in the pending solicitation will have an effect after that's done. I don't see how saying that they are cutting X28 but regular 28s are to go downtown is really a change. Also, as they pointed out in the Press Release on garage renovation, they have to find somewhere to store them. Let's start by figuring out how to solve the bus bunching problem so I don't have to watch 3 buses roll past my stop while I'm stuck waiting for the traffic light on the other side, and then have to wait 10 minutes for the next one. Though I doubt you'll ever reach enlightenment, so in the meantime enjoy your holiday bus and shut up.

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