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Hi Don your Waverley sure is a fine looking ship, it will look great when finished I hope to get down your to the Swanage railway again this year, so maybe we can meet up again. Nice to see your Waverley back on the move, Don.No doubt the PSPS members will display it with proud once completed.
In a vain attempt to return my thread back to its original subject (says he wistfully!), With Easter coming up, having a short break from my build while family visit.This is the latest of the build:Note that the vessel has been visited by members of the public who are keen to get sailing!!
Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Well I am still waiting to hear back from Del Prado about any issues they might still have for the Build The Bounty part work they done a few years ago, I picked up a "complete" set a few weeks back for ?20 only to find six issues missing 51, 55, 77, 90, 92 & 95 hopefully they will not be structural parts. Hey southendnickwhere abouts are you on the bounty?I have done a bit of a mess up on the ribbing, in the instructions it says to use a honey colour varnish but really a stain. The lifeboat is 20cm long!if you thought that was small the crew figures are just 28mm high!
Well less you have built the jolly i have put it aside for now and finishing the second deck layer.

You're in for some fun!The supplied planking for the hull is brittle but I found if I soaked the planks in water with a little ammonia for at least 24hrs before using them, they go on fine (mine permanently lived in a bucket of water until the planking was done. This is the boat I'm building at the night course with the Canberra Model Shipwrights Society this year. I have a bit of a problem, I've decided I don't like the thick single layer planking provided in the kit and I also want to double plank the hull with a walnut veneer, now the problem is where do I get some thinner planking, about the thickness of Bismarcks 2nd layer hull planking is what I'm after for the 1st layer on the Jolly Boat.
Bismarck and the Jolly Boat were going to be on display at a Model Railway and other models exhibition, but due to lack of space and other comittments, it won't be happening.
Our "big" engines (Manston, 257 Squadron and Eddyston) are hardly used as the running costs are very high.The poor old Waverley of course has no way of reducing costs unlike our railway, it would be aacomplete disaster to see her laid up, but at least we still have the Kingwear Castle running at Chatham. I have just completed 50 years membership in the Society, being one of the original group that set up the PSPS. Am having trouble getting help on parts for issues 47 thru 140 after checking out Ebay and other sites.Know where I might get some help.
Rubbing the planks over a hot soldering iron barrel makes them bend nicely too, just try not to burn your fingers!

Some more work on the Jolly Boat, added the planks, that form the floor of the boat and the seats. Please ignore my scruffy working conditions, this is my norm I am afraid, it is the end result I concentrate on!!!Note in the above the electric wiring for the various lights. Also painted a walnut stain onto the boat to make it look older and used, mine is not being built as showroom new, but after it's seen a bit of action in it life. This has given us the chance to scavenge lots of useful bits for our new waiting room for free.
It is from these pictures that I take all my detail and measurements, so the model will be as accurate as my inpretation will be , but never 100% of the real thing.

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