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Across the country, demographics are shifting: in New York State, less than 48% of toddlers under 5 are White. The changes result from a combination of more deaths and fewer births among Whites, and an eruption of minority births in the last decade. Over 17 million people live in the New York Metro area, about 4.2 million of them being Latino. The impoverished residents of a neighborhood are those most likely to need a living wage, but least likely to have the skills or education required for the most in-demand jobs.
The median rent in the Heights was $1,086 according to the Furman Center’s latest 2013 figures. There are pretty obvious open air drug markets in sections of the Heights, although there were more of them and they were far more violent during the early 90s. Subways provide rapid transit to the City’s Central Business Districts (Financial District and Midtown), and Washington Heights has the unfortunate position of being both affordable and just a bit farther than Harlem from those CBDs. Once again cities are creating jobs, although these jobs are noticeably more tech dependent than those of the past. Preventing gentrification from happening in Washington Heights is clearly not an easy task. My immediate thought would be to see the redevelopment of all the 1 and 2 story commercial buildings that can be found the length of Broadway, but especially between 181 and 192.
Get clear, free, sober insight into a phenomenon transforming the landscape of the Big Apple. The Fort Washington Presbyterian Church was founded in 1913, the result of a merger agreement between the West Presbyterian and Park Presbyterian Churches. The Fort Washington congregation remained affiliated with West Park Presbyterian until 1923. Over the years, the demographics of Washington Heights have evolved to include a large Puerto Rican and Dominican population.
The answer seems apparent to some who point out the distinct change in demographics, specifically the decreasing number of Dominicans in the neighborhood. But the merger with Cornell in 1997 spurred new frontiers in research, which certainly required hiring more high-skillĀ  and college educated employees.

Meanwhile places like Columbia-Presbyterian are magnets to young workers who had the opportunity to invest in higher education. Over 80% of the neighborhood’s rental stock is rent stabilized (a great anti-gentrification tool if incumbent renters manage to hang on). Gentrification has been demonstrated to work in NYC by replacing at least the normal outflow of low-income tenants with higher income ones. The less bloody conditions of today have come at a cost, with many young Latinos being incarcerated or bogged down with trivial drug-related charges from their past. Park improvements and urban landscape changes are feared for what high income onslaught they might bring.
Additionally, subways are proving to be the favored choice of transportation of the emerging cost-and-carbon-footprint-weary Millennial workforce. That’s great for Millennials, many of whom all but spent their teenage years attached to a computer, with the wealthiest of their families living in the suburbs. However I think the conversation needs to be changed from preventing gentrification to shaping it. I would be in favor of seeing 10-15 story residential buildings with street level retail and with 30% of the apartments being earmarked as affordable. I live in nearby Inwood and I can see that gentrification has both positive and negative effects. When the old West Church on 42nd Street was sold for $1,100,000, the proceeds were used to build and endow a new church in the Washington Heights area of Upper Manhattan. Over the years, the demographics of Washington Heights evolved to include a large Puerto Rican and Dominican population, and since 1948 Spanish-language services have been held in the church building.
Hastings designed a similar building in 1904 for the First Church of Christ, Scientist, located on Central Park West at 96th Street.
But the vacating Dominicans are being replaced by other Latinos, both census estimates and a walk through the neighborhood suggests. Criminalization, whether it be of drugs or noise, often leaves people in a lower rung of society, diminishing economic opportunities like employment or education. But this poses a challenge for the low-income people of color who were left in the inner-city after white flight occurred, and now find themselves unarmed in this new labor market.

Defining factors will be how well incumbent rent-stabilized tenants are supported, whether the rent-stabilized integrity of recently vacant apartments is maintained, and how strong of an effort is made to connect incumbent tenants to either the skills needed in the new labor market or to feasible opportunities to make a living wage. The heights benefits from a huge stock of rent stabilized apartments, but constantly fightnew construction which is slowly straining the rental market. I would also be in favor of taller buildings, 25 stories near transit hubs like 157, 168, 181 and 191. The neighborhood is named for Fort Washington that had been erected during the American Revolution on a ridge between what are now 181st and 186th Streets. Fort Washington Presbyterian disbanded in 1982 and the building was turned over to the Hispanic congregation, now known as Iglesia Presbiteriana Fort Washington Heights. In May 2009, the Fort Washington church building was designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. And while you can still find plenty of rent stabilized buildings in the area and rent burden has gotten worse on all fronts (hinting to a significant number of poor renters still around), rent for new movers has grown 9% since 2006 and the poverty rate has been steadily declining. And while high-skill jobs do have multiplication effects for complementing low-skill jobs, it doesn’t always play out perfectly.
This type of new development not only adds to the number of rent control units in the area, it increases the supply and quality of market rate housing.
Multiplication effects could be especially limited if there isn’t an expansion of capacity, like more buildings, which probably has its own gentrifying effects anyway. However I also think that its important to negotiate other benefits into these development deals including potential space for schools in any larger building that might be given a variance. As it stands now, rents have be climbing fast anywhere west of Broadway, but with no new construction, it won’t be long before the area around Wadsworth starts to change drastically in regards to rents. While new construction will bring new people, ideally the focused development on Broadway will shift their attention away from existing buildings in favor of new construction.

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