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For those looking for the ultimate in die-cast aircraft i??HOBBY MASTERi?? fits the bill superbly. The 1:18 AUTOart Aston Martin V12 Vantage is looking up to be another must-have for the fans of Aston Martin and sports cars.
But before we dive into the model leta€™s check out the real car for a couple of sentences.The V12 Vantage was first shown in December 2007 as a concept car. Nascar diecast collectable cars south philly diecast, Nascar diecast collectable cars by action revell brookfield team caliber winners circle & more.

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The model offers an impressive amount of details but also a couple of disappointments here and there. It was made to commemorate the opening of Aston Martina€™s own design studio.The car received very positive feedback and the company decided to put it into further development and then to enter production.

And you begin to see the superb ride height, the nice grille, the vents in the bonnet and those amazing wheels.

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