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My little one loves watching Dinosaur Train on PBS, and he always wants to make a stop to see the interactive dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train at the toy aisle in Target. Extreme InterAction Arnie is quite large, and he certainly does look as if he has arrived on the Dinosaur Train.
Extreme InterAction Arnie from Dinosaur Train is quite special, because not only does he come with a unique Junior Conductor Watch that can help control Arnie, but he also interacts with the rest of his interactive buddies from Dinosaur Train. Arnie can walk, talk, sing, stomp and rear back and much much more, and when his buddy Alvin comes around he can do even more fun stuff. It incourages creative play and stimulates young kids’ imagination and roleplaying skills. While photos are great, the boys decided that making a video of Extreme InterAction Arnie and his buddy Alvin from Dinosaur Train would give all of you a much better picture.
Extreme InterAction Arnie is a part of the Dinosaur Train toys series from Tomy toys, and there are lots of dinosaur toys in the series inspired by Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train.
You can buy Extreme InterAction Arnie and other Dinosaur Train Toys at Amazon and Tomy Toys, and you can find the toys at your local Target, Walmart and Toys R Us store.

Extreme Interaction Arnie from Dinosaur Train and Tomy toys is a part of the Holiday Gift Guide here at Frugality Is Free, because it inspires, entertains and spreads joys to all Dinosaur fans.
Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Extreme Interaction Arnie sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. My 5yo son already has Buddy and Tiny, and would love any others Dinosaur Train friends to join them! InterAction Roar 'N? React Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex is the largest Dinosaur Train toy measuring 24? long!  Thanks to SmartTalk technology, Boris and his other dino friends are able to recognise and talk to each other. He was ready to play out of the box, and the junior conductor wristband watch worked perfectly. My three-year-old was lucky to receive Interactive Alvin for his third birthday this summer, so we were eager to see how Alvin and Arnie would be able to talk and play together. While Extreme Interaction Arnie is easy to use and setup, you can always find the Dinosaur Train toy instructions at the Tomy website. Arnie is more than 12 inches tall, he makes more than 80 fun dinosaur sounds and phrases, and when he is put together with his other Dinosaur Train friends he has even more phrases to share.

The fun interactive collection of Dinosaur Train toys for Tomy will be sure to thrill any young Dinosaur Train fan this holiday season, and, and it will make a great holiday gift this year. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Extreme Interaction Alvin and the Dinosaur Train toys from Tomy Toys. Five different points of action on his body make Boris a real fun animal!Press his tail to hear him roar, press his back for some great chomping action, move him up and down to hear him stomping through the undergrowth and press his mouth to make him create some extraordinary chomping noises! This year Extreme Interaction Arnie from Dinosaur Train and Tomy toys is on the top of his wish list, so his six- and ten-year-old brothers decided to help me out testing whether Extreme Interaction Arnie would be a great fit with their three-year-old brother.
After landing in our South Florida jungle, the big boys were ready to check out just what Arnie the Argentinosaurus could do. The special button on InterAction Roar 'N? React Boris?s back makes dino sounds and enables him talk to all of his dino friends.

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