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Thanks for the update Brett, we just need to ensure we don't lose the skills acquired along the way.
Robert Heuston wrote:Stuff the side tippers, Floats all the way for me.you read bruce's reply to me ? I have nothing against customizing models but when looking at the tri drive conversion the rear mud guards look terrible.
BAH wrote:I have nothing against customizing models but when looking at the tri drive conversion the rear mud guards look terrible. Freshen up your tired old bar area with some of our great bar products including coolers and bar mats.
I think this Doolans C509 is the best looking C509 yet, I love the change to painted fenders vs chrome or black and I love the new air line holder. Use Flickriver Badge Creator to create a badge linking to your photos, your group or any other Flickriver view.

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Also where is the pin striping around the middle wheel arch on the Membrey 5 axle trailer conversion.
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The Kenworth T908 has become part of Australia’s landscape, renowned for its long-bonneted, traditional, tough, good looks and its even tougher performance. The T908 excels in many applications ranging from general freight right through to logging, livestock and mining. The black model yeah go for it but I don’t know why anyone would destroy the other limited edition model that will be worth something in a few years time when you look at the resale value of some of the other Drake limited releases.
Whether in single trailer or multi-trailer road train configuration, on highway or the roughest outback track, the T908 has been designed and built in Australia to deliver unmatched performance in the harshest possible conditions.

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