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Bachmann N 24019 Southern Belle Electric Train Set with E-Z TrackThe Southern Belle races across the rails against the gleam of the Dixie skies on her way to the next depot. 0 Liliput L133941 H0 Electric train set Domino of the SBB Order no.:" 499441 - 62 Would you like to link to this product from your website or forum? Model train sets can be a great hobby, but cleaning your layout can be intimidating due to all the small, fragile parts. Carefully clean large areas with a regular cloth by using a small piece so you don’t brush against scenery or fragile pieces on your layout.
Use a pencil eraser to clean your tracks and locomotive tenders by gently rubbing it against them. Cleaning Lionel O-gauge track should be a regular part of your model-train maintenance routine.

Using a little maintenance each month can save you from having to do a deep cleaning on your layout.
Use a safe distance so that the air is light and gently blows the dust away from your layout. This is a car that attaches to any of your other track cars and looks like part of your train set. The 6-car Deluxe Power Blaster Train Set boasts a high-powered locomotive with working headlight and gleaming red and white paint finish to stylishly lead the way!
NEW COUPLERS ARE PROVIDED HOWEVER THAT ARE VERY HARD TO CHANGE OUT.ON THE GOOD SIDE LOCO AND CARS ARE VERY DETAILED, INSTRUCTIONS ARE GOOD AND MAKE INSTALL EASY. This is especially good on scenery such as trees where there are tiny crevices that dust builds up in.

It has a couple of coarse discs that are mounted off center from the railhead so that they swivel across the track as the car is pulled. Comes with over 120 pieces, including a giant 47 x 38" oval-shaped Power-Loc track, bridge and pier set, railroad signs and much, much more! All postage rates quoted are rates per order (even if we split your order into separate deliveries).

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