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Mat Irvine: Last Sunday saw the third Automodellismo Show for auto miniatures, held in Hanslope, near Milton Keynes, UK. There was certainly a mixed bunch of interesting full-size vehicles parked outside the show hall. Below, two views of a small selection of co-organiser Mat Irvine’s model car collection.
Below, on the Britmodeller stand, the Airfix Land Rover from Shaun the Sheep, with the three naughty pigs, Bitzer the sheepdog and Shaun’s cousin, Timmy. MONSTER REPORT I journeyed to Scotland recently with a team to investigate a famous legend, Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.
THE 2016 CHICAGO TOY SHOW was held on April 24, at the Kane County Fairgrounds, west of Chicago.
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In 1996 I started to follow Formula 1 racing, and my interest for F1 racing has only been increasingly escalated from year to year, and I can blame my interest for it on F1 high technology as it is very attractive to me.

Let me mention, that it was from the very beginning of collecting these formula one model cars, my motto was and still is: to collect formula one model cars of all formula one teams. Initially, due to limitations in finance, my collection has from beginning grown slow, but later with the increased financial independence, the number of models increased from year to year.
My wishes for the future, however, remains: Organize a studio, in which a formula one theme may be presented, which would be on display to the general public. The car shows the progress the team has made since it won the right to the final slot on the 2010 F1 grid following the withdrawal of BMW. Last month Lola, which was not successful in its bid to compete in 2010, displayed model of a 2010-specification F1 car. The most significant changes to F1 cars in 2010 will include narrower front tyres and larger fuel tanks, the latter due to the banning of refuelling. F1 Racing is already heading into the windtunnel with a scale model of its first Formula 1 car. Is there really enough time to get a car and a team up and running before the first race in Bahrain?

These came from model clubs from the surrounding areas, including Watford, West Berkshire and Milton Keynes.
Two Ford Mustangs, a classic Jaguar XJ6, Triumph GT6, MG-TF, Bond Equipe and a Volvo 760 estate. The next show is smallspace 2, the show for everything on space, science-fiction and fantasy. Individual models included (below) this highly-modified AMT Ford Model T custom, by Watford club member Jon Rackham.
This was a beautiful Mclaren Hakkinen (1998 model) in 1:18 scale, when he became world champion in spite of my attachment to the team Ferrari.

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