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ANTWERP, BELGIUM - OCTOBER 26: Symmetrical composition of the main hall of the famous Antwerp Railway train station, also known as the cathedral amongst stations on October 26, 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium. From historic train stations complete with age old architecture to modern super structures and stations in the most amazing of places, Australia is home to a number of famous train stations.
Suicide is always a terrible tragedy that hurts everyone it touches, in one way or another.
As the Underground is readily accessible from almost everywhere in London, its fast, heavy trains have become popular instruments of self-destruction among the more desperate city dwellers.
Tube suicide is common enough that these tragedies have become just another routine annoyance for the poor Underground staff. As popular as the Underground method is, it is possibly the least dignified way to commit suicide in existence. Gustave Eiffel’s 1,063 ft (324 m) masterpiece is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and a symbol of both Paris and the entire France.
Despite its open-frame design, the tower is actually quite difficult to jump from thanks to railings and various safety measures. The management of the tower wisely does everything in its power to stop jumpers, from security nets to other, undisclosed safety measures.
Imagine the quiet, idyllic Nusle neighborhood in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
Still, having the local subway system cast a shadow on them is the least of the Nusle people’s worries.
The ominous bridge is a notorious suicide spot, to the point that it’s nicknamed “Suicide Bridge” by the locals. Beachy Head is an instantly recognizable, steep chalk cliff formation in the English county of East Sussex. As social pressures arose and suicides became commonplace, Prince Edward Viaduct suddenly turned into one of the main suicide hotspots in the world. The Gap is the Australian (and therefore automatically more dangerous) version of the Beachy Head we mentioned earlier. As with Beachy Head, the residents are well aware of the dark side of their beautiful scenery and are combating jumper activity with means such as fencing and surveillance cameras. Before his death in 2012, Don saved over 160 jumpers this way and was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for being a decent human being. When we think of people falling to their doom on Niagara Falls, we usually think of old movies and wacky characters trying to ride the falls in a barrel. The area is almost impossible to secure entirely, thanks to the vast amount of potential jumping points.
The panoramic Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is an icon of the West Coast, rivaled only by the Hollywood sign itself. Golden Gate Bridge has been called the second most common suicide site in the world (we’ll get to number 1 shortly). China is known for its massive constructs, and the fact that life can get difficult there if you’re one of the unlucky downtrodden masses. Still, that terrifying number might be much larger if it wasn’t for the bridge’s very own watcher. Mount Mihara is a famous landmark on the Japanese isle of Izu ?shima and a staple of Japanese popular culture. It is also a suicide hotspot that rivals even Aokigahara forest, the old Listverse favorite.
Mount Mihara happens to be an active volcano, and it’s open enough that its lava flow can be accessed from the top by jumping. The authorities have since fenced off the vantage point where the jumpers leaped to their fate.
Dan Malouff is a professional transportation planner for Arlington County, but his blog posts represent only his own personal views. Hey, Richmond also has the old Broad Street Station which now hosts the Science Museum of Virginia.
Here's a clip of the futuristic new station that was opened in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
The project cost 2 or 3 times the original budget and about 2 decades, but at least the city is now rid of the awful gloomy station they had.
The windows right below the clock face tend to get shattered by road debris pretty frequently too. It is interesting that the best new multimodal station in recent years is in suburban Orange Co.
It's the best only if your criteria is purely aesthetics (which is certainly in line with the theme of this post).
Excluding aesthetics, ARTIC is likely the *worst* multimodal station opened in recent years. I know its been brought up before, but I found out a few years back that Union stations are so named because they represented a place where more than one company came together, not the Union side of the Civil War as I had imagined. Saint Paul (MN) Union Depot, which is beautiful on the inside but seriously underutilized (2 Amtrak trains a day and some intercity bus service).
I don't see a mixed-traffic streetcar that will largely serve as a Disneyland shuttle (and will take longer than a regular shuttle bus) having much of an effect on usage. I would not be surprised if, in 10-20+ years when HSR finally reaches Anaheim, CAHSR just builds a new utilitarian station in a more centrally-located area since the placement of ARTIC is so terrible. ARTIC is a great representation of the pathetic and irrational state of transportation planning in the U.S.
Glad to see Richmond on the list, but Broad Street Station (no longer a rail facility) merits the honorable mention. Tacoma's Union Station is sadly no longer a train station but instead houses a federal courthouse and a state history museum.
Tacoma's current Amtrak station is being moved into the existing commuter rail station next year, so yet another Tacoma station will be demolished or repurposed. I will concede that without it being a key node in an HSR system, there isn't a lot of need for it, although yes, over decades, the parking lots can be redeveloped.

BUT I THINK it's great in that since they decided to build a station, they made it attractive.
The kids at the Polytechniqe were getting into some really complex geometries and bringing new forms to the western classical tradition.
To draw these kinds of geometries (elliptical sections) and communicate them to builders, they actually had to develop machines to assist them.
One that no one mentioned is Detroit's Michigan Central Station which is in total disrepair but in its day was one of the Grandest! In order to save money, Amtrak's Worcester Union Station has just lost its ticket agent. Newark, New Jersey has two very impressive downtown train stations, Newark Penn Station which is an Art Deco masterpiece and Broad Street Station, a classical revival landmark. The San Bernardino, CA station was actually a Union Station, serving passenger trains for both the Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads. Both Poughkeepsie and Yonkers, New York, have what are pretty much mini-Grand Centrals, designed by the same architects for the same company.
New Haven's Union Station is my favorite in the northeast, but luckily most of the smaller commuter stations have retained their old station houses, and many are quite beautiful. Once Springfield, MA's Union Station is rehabilitated, it may be a new hidden gem, and unlike Worcester, it will actually be of use to travelers and the public.
Located on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets, Melbourne's Flinders Street Railway Station is the oldest station in Australia. Even so, some people view the end of their life as a grandiose final act, and insist on making a spectacle out of it. Delays caused by jumpers are called with code names such as “passenger action” or “one under”. They also refuse to give statistics on the number of jumpers to the media, instead stating: “It’s always too many.” And really, can there be a better answer? It’s a picturesque collection of small houses and old apartment buildings, located neatly in a small valley. As such, pretty much everyone in the nearby town of Eastbourne has developed a keen eye for potential jumpers, up to and including taxi drivers and pub staff.
As such, it never occurred to the builders of the Prince Edward Viaduct (a huge 5-lane bridge construct in Toronto) to include safety features in the design.
At the height of this questionable phase, the Viaduct’s suicide rate averaged one person every 22 days. Located on the South Head peninsula in eastern Sydney, the steep cliff has seen numerous suicides (including some high-profile ones) over the years. The only people to benefit from the tragedies are said to be the captains and crews of the ”Maid of the Mist” tour boats. As a massive construct that grants pedestrians a majestic view and free access on a deck that’s 245 feet (75 m) above the freezing San Francisco Bay, the bridge is a particularly attractive suicide spot. There is an official suicide count that is at around 1,200 (2005 figure), but the authorities say the actual number may be much higher because not all jumpers have been witnessed. It has its own highway patrol force that is able to talk roughly 80-90% of jumpers out of actually taking the fall.
The massive four-mile Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing, China is testament to both facts. It’s the place where the government imprisoned Godzilla in “The Return of Godzilla”, and played a prominent role in the original version of the movie “Ring”. He has a degree in Urban Planning from the University of Colorado, and lives car-free in Washington.
I like that it's impossible to take a picture of it without I-95 and I-64 clipping through its tower. But unfortunately it and a couple of beautiful large churches are hidden, if not spoiled, by the elevated expressway that Mass DOT built years ago through the center of this small city. Your are correct that it is surrounded by large surface parking lots and a highway but if the area surrounding Angel stadium is ever developed and the Platinum Triangle area continues to develop, and if Anaheim decides to build the streetcar it has been considering, that would link this to the stadiums and Disneyland, use of the ARTIC facility could certainly increase.
Unused for many years, it was rehabilitated in 2003 and is the home for Time Warner Cable's 24 hour news station for the region (TWC News). Aside from occasional excursion trains, not currently used, but that may change by 2019 as efforts are underway to extend Amtrak's Ethan Allen Express to Burlington.
And if it does, it will be from the current shockingly-pathetic ridership levels to normal American Sunbelt levels. Truly, if you look on a map it is in the single worst location possible along the ROW through Anaheim. He agrees with you, but made the point that the station was originally planned when Anaheim was conceived as the primary LA terminus for the HSR, which then would have made the station much more central and important. They were doing some impressive, innovative things at the french schools that never really caught on in the US Beaux-Arts movement because the American students were steered to the conservative ateliers. It was restored through the grassroots efforts of regular folks back the late 1990s after being closed and boarded up for years.
So I will mention the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ) terminal at Communipaw in Jersey City, now landmarked and next to the Science Museum and a park built where all the tracks once were. About 6 years ago, on my way to Cooperstown, my son and I stayed at the Lackawanna station which was turned into a Radisson, I believe. Built in 1910, the first railway station was opened on the site as far back as 1854 and has been the southern hemisphere's busiest suburban railway station since. As such, certain famous locations have a reputation of attracting a statistically unreasonable amount of suicides.
It covers an impressive 270 stations with its 11 lines and 250 miles (402 kilometres) of track. The water drain openings many stations’ tracks feature are commonly called suicide pits, because the jumpers who fall in them have a better chance for survival. Successful jumpers are not treated any better: Their mangled remains will be collected by the disgruntled staff and unceremoniously stuffed in a cleaning cupboard until the authorities arrive. However, this particular paradise has a massive snake: The Nusle Bridge, a massive concrete construction that spans over the entire neighborhood, 140 feet (around 43 meters) over the streets below.

The city authorities have added a chain link fence and additional safety measures, but these have done little to diminish the bridge’s eerie reputation. As such, it is one of the foremost suicide spots in the world (around 20 documented cases annually).
The Viaduct’s railings were designed low, to the point where people could (and occasionally would) climb or trip right over them, plummeting into the ground below. 20-40 people (depending on who you ask) jump to their deaths in the roaring waters of Niagara every year, with an estimated 5,000 bodies found at the foot of the falls between 1850 and 2011. They allegedly have a fairly lucrative side business in retrieving the bloated corpses of the jumpers. The ones that have are meticulously (and somewhat creepily) catalogued and sorted according to which of the bridge’s 128 lamp posts the jumper was nearest. A safety net that should prevent the rest of the suicides is under development, but lack of funding (it can cost up to $50 million) has so far delayed the project. Chen, a stout man recognizable by his baseball cap and an ever-present pair of binoculars, is the bridge’s operator.
Kiyoko leaped in the depths of the mountain and immediately evaporated in the lava pit’s hellish temperatures of up to 2,200 °F (1,200 °C). New Orleans on the other hand has what has to be the ugliest (built in 1954 and without the cool midcentury modern vibe).
Also the old Albany New York Central Station (actually in Rennsalear, no longer in use but still standing. Most people don't even use the fancy head house - they park in the (much more convenient) parking lot on the other side of the platforms, or walk from the platforms *around* the head house to avoid the stairs. So Cleveland, certainly impressive, and Cincinnati, one of the top 5 in the country, imho, and LA, etc. Its 700m main platform is the country's longest and its iconic clocks and historic architecture have become a fixture in the daily routine of almost 250,000 people.Southern Cross Railway Station is another famous Australian train station also located in Melbourne.
Pancras, while the Northern Line takes home the “line with most jumpers” prize (145 deaths between 2001 and 2011).
So many, in fact, that it is said to be the third most popular means of suicide in the entire country (right behind poison and hanging). Others are less considerate, jumping during business hours and landing on the roof of the packed restaurant on the second floor of the tower.
They built a suicide barrier of steel rods on a frame, incorporating it to the very design of the Viaduct. He had a habit of wandering over to jumpers who were bidding goodbye to the world and engaging them in conversation, often starting with the phrase “Can I help you in some way?” Usually, he could and the suicide candidate would end up having tea at Don’s house, their will to live brought back by his sympathetic ear.
However, it also has an fearful reputation as one of the most prominent suicide sites of the Asian supernation. He spends all his spare time scanning the bridge from a vantage point at its South Tower, not unlike Don Ritchie at the Gap. The area where the trains used to actually come in is now converted to a parking lot, a man-made water feature, and a hotel. The station today is owned by the City of Cheyenne WY and serves as a community center and several offices. It has a magnificent waiting room and upstairs is the largest unencumbered such space, the ferry concourse.
Go stand in front of Washington Union Station or Grand Central or find pictures of Old Penn Station.
Formally known as Spencer Street Station, this state-of-the-art transport hub is just 500m from Etihad Stadium. The barrier is awesomely called ”Luminous Veil”, and has effectively stopped suicide on the structure. In fact, the Nanking Yangtze is listed as the most common suicide site in the entire world, with over 2,000 suicides on its dreary record. Whenever he spots a jumper, he attempts to help them both by himself and by calling backup. For almost a decade, jumping into the boiling lava rivers of Mount Mihara became the hottest way to commit suicide… literally. Located on Spencer Street between La Trobe and Collins Streets, the terminus not only receives the state's regional railway network, it is also home to suburban rail services, the overland rail service and an underground railway and coach terminus. Photo by C Hanchey on Flickr. Some of the buildings on this list are still active train stations, and some aren't. The second story of the museum contains the World Famous "Union Central and Northern Narrow Gauge", an HO scale 36" gauge layout. The B&O used it as their terminal until 1959 when they abandoned their last service to New York. Averaging approximately 43,000 passengers per day, the supersize station is also home to more than 40 retailers including banks, supermarkets, fashion, beauty, pharmacies, souvenirs, dining and car hire.Sydney's Central Railway Station is one of the city's most iconic landmarks and is the hub of the rail network. There is also an observation lounge that faces the main line of the original transcontinental railroad AND the UP's Steam Shop. A key interchange for trains, trams and buses, the station is characterised by a Grand Concourse and high arched roof, also with a well-known clock at the main entrance. Having served the people of New South Wales for 100 years, the station has moved thousands of troops during WWII and coped with the amazing influx of passengers during the 2000 Olympic Games.Kuranda Railway Station, home to the scenic railway, was built in 1913 and is one of Australia's earliest stations to be constructed from standard concrete units. It is also Queensland's oldest remaining examples of this historic type of railway station.
Kuranda has attracted people for more than 100 years in search of its stunning scenic qualities and with the growth of steamship passenger services from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Cairns, tourism grew and so too did the rail line with a line to Brisbane finally opened in 1924.
One of the world's most photographed stations, Kuranda's heritage listed buildings and stunning tropical gardens have made a name for it the world over.

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