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El primer carro que construyo y lanzo al mercado la firma del Ovalo Azul fue el Ford T, un carro de bajo precio. La compania aspiraba a que el Ford T fuera concebido para las masas y que todo en el fuera practico y simple. Henry Ford was a brilliant machinist, inventor, and business tycoon, but he would have never made it without his reluctant business partner James J. Most people don’t know that before starting the Ford Motor Company in 1903, Henry Ford was a part of two failed automobile enterprises. Henry Ford was, among other things, a perfectionist who cared deeply about every minor detail of his automobiles.
Henry Ford, one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in American history, may not have been the success he was without Couzens, who forced him to ship.
The Model A car that left the showroom on Couzens urging were far from perfect, but Couzens knew that a company without a product wasn’t a company at all. Ford mechanics would travel to customers by train, fix the mechanical issues, and then report their findings back to the engineering team in Detroit. The Ford Model T, widely regarded as the world’s most influential car of the 20th century. As I read the biography of Henry Ford, I find that there are thousands of lessons to learn, but this one stands out in particular. While I suspect that Henry Ford would have found a way to make his company a success in some way, no arguments can be made about the Couzens effect. Ford Model A features an L-head 4-cylinder engine with a 201 cubic inches displacement, giving the car 40 horsepower.
When it comes to style, this model is available in Coupe, Sport Coupe, Business Coupe, Roadster Coupe, Convertible Cabriolet, Phaeton, Convertible Sedan, Tudor, Fordor, Town Car, Station Wagon, Victoria, Taxicab, Commercial and Truck.
Siga leyendo que le vamos a contar cual fue, y tambien cual fue el primer modelo que la firma lanzo para Europa. Siendo el primer carro de la historia producido en serie, popularizando la adquisicion de los carros.

De sobrio diseno y bajo coste (850 dolares), el Ford T permitia una facil conduccion en comparacion con otros carros de su epoca. The first was the Detroit Automobile Company, which folded after Ford failed to ship a working automobile. Henry Ford’s first race car, which won often, primarily due to its superior mechanics and engineering. Overheating engines and disintegrating brakes were among the many problems that faced the early Ford Motor Company. So, rather than taking the time to perfect the model, he shipped it, and then began sending Ford mechanics to every corner of the country to make repairs and gather feedback. At the plant, Ford began making improvements on the fly, implementing them as new Model A’s rolled off the assembly line.
Ford would prove his own business acumen over the years, but in those early days, it was Couzens who made his mark in history. Ford got to the Model T faster because of Couzens. While this never made Couzens particularly famous, it did make both him and Ford extremely successful. The Model T would have happened eventually, but it would have been long after 1908 if it wasn’t for the learning that took place on that early Model A and its subsequent revisions that were based on failures. Its typical fuel consumption ranges from 25 to 30 mpg or 8 to 12 km per liter utilizing a Zenith up-draft carburetor with a speed of approximately 65 miles per hour. Una de las claves de esta compania era fabricar carros en serie y especialmente de bajo costo. Fue disenado por Henry Ford, inicio su produccion el 12 de agosto de 1908, salio de la fabrica el 27 de septiembre de 1908 y vio la luz publica el 1 de octubre de 1908.
Era un carro muy alto, lo que le permitia recorrer los caminos de granjas y atravesar zanjas, ya que en esos tiempos las carreteras eran muy escasas en los inmensos campos de EEUU.
The second (the Henry Ford Company), eventually became known as the Cadillac Automobile Company after some failed partnership dealings. Ford racing cars usually outperformed their counterparts simply because of their superior craftsmanship.

After Couzens was brought into the Ford Motor Company as its first Vice President, he became uniquely focused on business matters, and more particularly, on shipping cars. As new issues would come in, Ford would would look to hold off another month or two from releasing his first car from the assembly plant. In the five years that spanned between the A and the T, the Ford plant engineered, and sold, more than 20 different models before finally getting it right.
Couzens and Ford had no doubt perfected a useful feedback loop that made better cars, and continually a better business. I remember taking lessons at Babson College with this lesson over and over with different examples of successful entrepreneurs. My interest in vintage vehicles has only started and it’s a lot of fun finding articles like this. This model was the first to utilize the standard driver controls set with conventional brake pedals and clutch, gearshift and throttle. Este sistema le dio tantos triunfos que para 1927 la mitad de los carros que circulaban por las calles de EEUU eran de marca Ford. The production of this model ended only in March 1932 when its successor, the Ford Model B, was launched. For months, his investors waited for a final product to bring to market, but Ford repeatedly failed to submit a final design, insisting on continuing improvements.
Actualmente (2012) Ford ocupa el cuarto lugar entre las grandes automotrices del mundo, detras de Toyota, General Motors y Volkswagen.

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