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Scale model plans for HO Scale , N Scale, and soon to be added O Scale model railroad buildings and structures. These designs are not a specific style of architecture but a combination of two or more styles. Search quality Traditional home plans, house plans, one & two story floor plans from Associated Designs. This is the first of an entire collection of Story Book Houses that will compliment the Fantasy Castle and be part of a lover-ly little medieval-model village. Annie displaying 'Roberts Roost' but oddly concerned that I would photograph her without make up. Chip, I gotta confess I wasn't too happy about this new direction when you could have been working on the B-25, until my 11 yr old Granddaughter came over. FG is looking better than ever and the addition of the Story Book Houses is like the cherry on top of the whipped cream sundae. I just wanted to thank you for the CD of English building kits I ordered from you a couple of weeks ago. My sincere thanks to you and your team and I wish you continued success with all that you are achieving. I used a No 2 pencil to darken the spacer and cutout white areas of the original window on pieces that showed as 3d objects like porch post I printed two (sets) and and put them back to back, used model train lichen at the foundations where plants were indicated and got a very neat 3-D effect. Dr John Glessner sends in this great tab idea that will be used on future Story Book Houses. Step by step instructions on scratch building a model using free plans found on the internet..
And in many cases, production schedules are too tight to allow for this kind of traditional scale model building, which often takes weeks to complete. If you are opening this PDF with another program such as Adobe Elements or Photoshop, be sure to return the DPI to 300 or higher. You may also want to run a quick check on your printer to be sure you do not have low or clogged ink by printing a test page on plain paper from your printer’s control panel first.

A lot of people ask us what printer we like to use, especially when they see these buildings on display at a show. The Epson Stylus Photo R260 printer, a great little printer that we use a lot can usually be purchased New for $20 – $60 USD on Ebay. These are the scales we can create the kits in – Please provide comments on what particular scale members would like the kits in, so we can resize as necessary. Using Model Builder Software we printed it on drawing paper, glued it to matt board then cut and assembled it using some basswood bracing on the inside. Haven’t built any yet but just want to say thanks for providing these to us free of charge!
Excellent stuff Kevin, all my railway is OO gauge but most of the kits you send is quite adaptable.
I really like the idea of theese kits but the problem I have is that my train is o scale and theese are way too small.but thanx a lot anyway.
Hi Doug, I bought the software (obviously), but can’t see anything on their site that states that you cannot share the files. I`’ve been printing the HO versions of the buildings on plain paper, then glueing them to empty cereal boxes. In this article I describe how to use free plans to scratch build model railroad buildings. All good plans will provide a cutting list of materials which you provide to Home depot to supply.
As a family, we often took narrowboat holidays on the British canals and nearly every canal-side shop would have a selection of FG postcards. I removed the original windows from the house and pasted the clear one behind the cutout area.
They print out at HO scale so they can be instant background or ready plans for scratch building. Building a Scale building design and list of specifications for the structure they are about to build.

Great reissue by Lindberg measures almost 20 inches long when complete complete with decals and. Turn off the Page Scaling by setting it to NONE to get this file printed accurately in scale.
The porch roof supports are sections cut from a shish-ka-bob stick and some lichen was used for shrubbery. These free plans are to show you how to build a miniature train and train track in the backyard. Either way, you will need a good set of plans with step by step instructions, and a little skill.
Maybe some libraries will subscribe and keep the kids off the streets designing their own villages.
I've been enjoying spending the evenings with the TV off, Mozart CDs on, and slowly taking my time assembling them with a strong cup of tea by my side.
Maybe there is a future Frank Lloyd Wright of paper model design out there to add to your trusty crew.Thanks.
For added depth I used a paper space the size of the window opening to give more depth and realism. When I started building N gauge model railway layouts, I found a practical reason for building them, other than simply enjoying doing so. I was sorely disappointed when they became unavailable, and equally elated to have found that you have preserved their existence. Ok, printing them from a digital file is not quite as 'romantic' as wondering into a canal-side general store on a hot summer day and browsing throught the postcards on sale, but it certainly is more convenient!

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