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Polar Express G-Gauge Train Set from Lionel Trains is designed after a Berkshire steam engine.
The Berkshire steam locomotive features a blue and red passenger coach and an observation car.
The remote control will move the train forward or backwards, blow a whistle, ring a bell, and play music.
The inside details are well under way: I chose to use two long benches to make it possible to hide the batteries. Here is a hard working Shay (the grade is over 5% and the logs on the flat cars are real) going up a homebuilt loop. This bug was built from a Lego MindStorm set (with a few parts borrowed from some other kits as well).

G scale model trains, often known as garden railways, are good for both outdoors and indoors use and make better proportioned to the natural scenery.  Lionel G Gauge Train Set is always a great present for the holiday season.
Because of their size these trains are usually found outdoors, and are big enough to carry a passenger. It uses an LGB diesel engine's power brick (one that comes in a starter kit, I think) with one axle removed. I scratchbuilt a new cab out of wood (my first G scale board by board model ever!), added some new front and rear couplers (home made link and pin) and a few other details. You can see the home made front beam with its link and pin coupler (scratch built from brass). G trains vary in actual size, depending on which prototype train [real sized train] they are modeled on, but they all run on Gauge 1 track.

They have captured the hearts and stirred the imaginations of young and old because of their attention to detail, solidly built construction and authenticity. Here is the story behind its funny shape: this engine was in a locomotive shed that caught fire and burned to the ground. Realistic sounds, interactive controls, light, smoke, speed, action are all packed into the most realistic models ever produced.

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