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Jim Shutt of the San Antonio Garden Railroad Engineer Society (SAGRES) is engaged in an ambitious project to create "G" gauge model trains of all the railroads that have served San Antonio.
CPS, or City Public Service, operates San Antonio's coal fired electricity generating power stations. Although the "Tex-Mex" did not serve San Antonio, it is yet a fascinating small South Texas railroad well worthy of attention. I want to put a small pond on my layout but I'm not sure which is better and EASIER - a pre-formed plastic pond insert or to use a pond liner?
A pre-formed insert has the advantage that you can see what size & shape it is when you buy it. Be sure to visit my site, lots of technical tips and modifications, and you can search for topics and key words.
Note: After the history of acrimony from the anti-bully and liquid refreshment imbibers, I might not respond in a thread, so feel free to ask me questions via email (not private messages).
Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. The DEL ORO PACIFIC operates the oldest and largest "G" scale modular layout in the United States. I have three twenty foot hazardous materials containers as well as a 40' large loads container.

This involves a lot of research, looking for pictures and information about how these companies identified their rolling stock, plus what types of locomotives, passenger and freight cars they used. Of the nine original independent railroads, three soon became part of the Southern Pacific. Every day coal in vast quantities is delivered from Wyoming using a remaining spur of the old San Antonio & Aransas Pass RR near Elmendorf. Completed in 1881, it ran from Corpus Christi to Laredo, and was vital to the economic development of both port cities.
I will consider this method for my Phase III model RR line.A* As always, the garden model RR construction methods brought forward here on MLS are excellent.
These were the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio, the San Antonio & Gulf Shore and the San Antonio & Aransas Pass. CPS Energy owns and operates a huge fleet of coal cars which are emptied by being tilted upside down at a purpose built terminal. The pump was located inside the pond tub, so that left little room for anything else, like fish or plants. You either need a thick rubber liner (hard to follow complex curves but inexpensive) or coat the inside with a rubberized coating (which I have done with my 2 fountains at my house.
There simply isn't anywhere else that people can see accurate working models of the trains these companies operated.
It is important that the cars are always put into each train in the right direction to allow the emptying procedure to work properly and the cars are painted red at one end to prevent problems.

The project fits the purposes of the Texas Transportation Museum's historical function to a tee. These were the International & Great Northern, the San Antonio, Uvalde & Gulf and the San Antonio Southern, which was originally called the Artesian Belt. I think you can have a nice pond with either method, but I would stress think bigger than 100 gallons. While this is not a fallen flag as such, representing this cars in this project is important as it underscores the continuing importance of the railroads to San Antonio today. In time the Union Pacific merged with the Missouri Pacific, purchased the MKT and merged with the Southern Pacific to become the sole owner of all tracks in and around San Antonio.
One tip, don't tamp the dirt TOOOO HARD when filling in around the liner as it may raise part of the liner and give you a high spot. That happened to me but I left it [the part that sticks out on the right side of the pond in the picture] as I didn't want to dig out the pond. Had a pile of dirt and cut steps into the dirt about the size of the rocks I was using, layed the liner down ran a water line to the top and added the rocks.

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