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When I lived in Dorking (bottom of Deepdene Vale) nearly 50 years ago, I am confident my dad would not have tolerated my trains in his garden!
After visitors arrived at the weekend with a bagful of old Tri-ang locos, we dusted them off and got them running, although old, coarse wheels don't go too well with Peco points. Here are a couple of shots of the latest engine to arrive on the DGR - a Southern N Class 2-6-0. Today I was lucky enough to discover some seasonal photos taken in the Fraser River Canyon, British Columbia, in the 1960s. Ecologically diverse wetlands, woodlands, savannas, prairies and formal gardens in Northern Indiana. The Railway Garden is an outdoor G (Garden)-scale model train garden that tells the amazing story of America’s steam engine history and its impact on the United States civil war, expansion west and the industrial revolution.

A permanent outside layout is used whenever possible, supplemented by a portable layout in the clubhouse at other times. Visitors are welcome but should note that boilers having a capacity above 3 bar-litres will require to have a valid boiler certificate and if below must have proof of a pressure gauge and safety valve check within the past two years. This plan of the GMES portable layout "Mwch Grumblyn" by Adrian Rogers is primarily for exhibition managers.
We now have a Border Patrol at Llechfan in case we are due to be Annexed and declared an Independent State.
Subject to the weather and individual availability, there is usually someone in Llechfan Garden most Sundays through the year, and Thursday evenings through the summer months, but we cannot guarantee that the railway will be operating as maintenance and improvement of the garden and railway is an ever present task. However my Father is building a 3 rail layout in his railway room that will once again echo to the sounds of tinplate, if we can only decide and source what controllers to use as time has been called for safety reasons of deteriorating insulation on the original A3s, C3s, T1s and A2s. They feature a pair of Canadian National F7As in zebra stripe livery with the 'wet noodle' logo, hauling a short freight train.

The owner had built all the track, locos and rolling stock himself in absolutely beautiful detail.
For further information please contact Adrian Rogers, Chris Webster 01483 476657 or Graham White 01252 861831. Built in the garden at the rear of the Railway’s volunteer hostel Llechfan, the 32mm gauge line has around 180 yards of main running line consisting of two circuits (a low level circuit of 40 yards and a more recent higher level circuit of 90 yards, both of which are level) linked by a steeply inclined (1 in 35) branch line. Do not cross the running lines to get to the layout unless supervised by Talyllyn Railway staff.
These included fully working trains and fairground rides mostly in wood but all with superb engineering skill and an absolutely immaculate detailed finish.

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