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Creating A Garden Railroad In A Natural Environment – Garden train modelling (commonly referred to as G scale railroads or Garden Scale railroads) is becoming increasingly popular because it combines the realism of model trains within a natural environment.
Thanks Rex: I spent a long cold snowy wenter building the buiildings or at least most of them for the lay out now I have to figure out if it will all work together. Welcome aboard Fats, sounds like you may be in Sierra City, if so I live just over the hill from you, also in Sierra County in Loyalton. My Bug Hauler will run on my 4+% grades, but then its only pulling itself and 1 or 2 cars, anything more and it stalls. Howdy Fats; I was on the Sierra County grand jury several years ago and drove to Downieville monthly. Patricia and I are members of the Northern Nevada Garden Railway Society and the Sacramento Valley GRS. Bassett-Lowke's Garden Railways locos and accessories were another major product line for the company, and although the market for these very large model locomotives kept shrinking, they were an area where B-L didn't have a lot of competition.
In 1904, Bassett-Lowke set up an offshoot company, "Miniature Railways of Great Britain", to build 15"-gauge model railways for exhibitions and fairgrounds, with engineering by Henry Greenly and James Mackensie managing the works. Model railways were built for Blackpool, Rhyl, Southport, Parc des Eau Vives in Geneva, the Nancy Exhibition, Barmouth, the Ravensglass and Eskdale line, and the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch miniature railway, along with a specially-commissioned model for the LNWR for the 1908 Franco-British exhibition. Formation of subsidiary company, Miniature Railways of Great Britain, for the operation of passenger-carrying railways up to 15 inch gauge. 15 inch gauge steam locomotive and rolling stock supplied to the Duke of Westminster at Eaton Hall.

Complete 15 inch gauge passenger-carrying railway with Pacific type locomotive constructed for Luna Park, Geneva.
Equipment constructed prior to the war was installed to convert the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway to 15 inch gauge. Customer buying these very large and very expensive locomotives were invited to have a cordial chat at a Bassett-Lowke showroom where their needs could be explored, and where they could negotiate having a loco, train, or full layout built for them, to their specifications. Approximate prices listed in the 1937 catalogue were ~?250 for the George V loco and tender, ~?500 for the Royal Scot, and ~?450 for the larger 4-4-2 loco.
If we assumed a very crude "40?" scaling factor to take into account inflation (ignoring the fact that inflation affects different commodities differently), we'd arrive at a price in "modern money" of around twenty thousand pounds for just the loco and tender. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a World-class repository and display environment for early toys and models situated under Brighton Railway Station, on England's South Coast. For the mine mill I used the real Kentucky mine in Sierra County of California which is just a ffew miles above my house.It probley the only building I made that is some what true to scale. Wow, when speed limit signs say 15 mph on Highway 49 over Yuba Pass they mean it or it over a 500’ cliff with no guard rails.
The museum is a Registered Charity (1001560), and depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests. It is snowing here as we speak now.and I was looking in the back yard to see what I can do for my rail road. This winding branch-line would be for runs with one or two cars, and possibly an interurban car.

The traction of most locomotives can be increased by adding weight to the loco, just make sure that when the loco stalls the drivers still spin, otherwise the motor can burn up.
I have a couple more building to build yet and some more track and I am ready to start putting it all in. I’ve been to the Kentucky Mine, it’s a beautiful location, would like to see your model of it. I took agout three thousand gallons of old diseal oil over to the musium for them to use I had the oil  and it was contamited wih motor oil and I think it would run a old oil stoker real good, at leasr it would make a lot of black smoke. They had a old tanker car sertting there and I would just back up to it and pump the oil into it. The track was a mess I would walk along it to get to my bottom fields and there was not a tie that did not have spikes out and laying on the ground.
Talk about something that can ruin a corn field they did, but they paied me for it in spades.

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