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This section contains links to graphic files you can use to provide color, period, and detail to your garden railroad structures. You may notice that most of the new graphics are just the right size to go on trashbashed Fisher Price and PlaySkool store fronts.
Our Sticker Sheets page includes .pdf versions of the new graphics, as well as links to many other resources you can downoad. When I started printing graphics to use outside, I used an ALPS printer, which printed waterproof ink, but cost several dollars worth of ink to print a full page of graphics. If you wish to share this resource on a web page, please link to this page, rather than copying these images to your site, which will be an infringement of copyright, and not a very nice way of rewarding our hard work. Though many of the individual signs below are also available in our Sticker Sheets pages, the versions below are in a format (.jpg) that is easy to resize, in case you need another size than the Sticker Sheets provide. The Fort Tecumseh General Store, Indian Crafts, and Shirley's Kandy signs were created to go over signs on the Artline Western Town bird feeder, which I refashioned after a local business that sells candy and native crafts. The signs on the two sheets to the right were created or revised in 2013 to prep my trashbashed Fisher Price Sesame Street store fronts for two open RRs.
If you have the same buildings, go to our Sticker Sheets page and download this pdf version, which has the correct sizes of each graphic to fit. Obviously, these buildings are getting very hard to come by now, but there's no reason you can't use these signs to liven up your own buildings. The signs in top three rows of the graphic to the right were designed to help finish my PlaySkool Sesame Street storefronts.
Again, these buildings are getting very hard to come by now, but there's no reason you can't use these signs to liven up your own buildings. James Powell's Ad Sign Collection includes several scans of signs that were originally printed on wood sheathing as part of a hobby business that James used to operate. The Ande Rooney company (no relation to Andy Rooney) makes hundreds of vintage-style signs.
Note: Family Garden Trains?, Garden Train Store?, Big Christmas Trains?, BIG Indoor Trains?, and BIG Train Store?
Club membership has helped many new garden railroaders learn what is possible, learn what plants and approaches work in their region, and make new friends with similar interests. While I was attempting to confirm even the "known" good sites, I could not help noticing that, to an "outsider," clubs with functional web sites had many advantages over clubs that didn't - even if the web site wasn't "state of the art." A web page that showed club contact information, meeting times, photos of club events and the like made the club "real" to me. No, I don't mind calling or e-mailing folks I've never met and asking them questions that expose my ignorance, but I'm not exactly shy.

Outreach aside, a functioning club web site helps the club to be more functional, and improves member participation in many ways. Keep computer-savvy (usually younger) members involved - Some clubs' founding members feel that, since none of them uses a computer, why should they bother to accommodate folks who do? Helps young families feel involved - Many of the families we need to take the hobby into the next generation have children who are at a "difficult" age for taking to club meetings, or who are involved in sports or other activities that conflict with club meetings and activities for months (or years) on end. Provides an archive for club newsletters and other information that otherwise could get lost. Helps members share ideas and accomplishments - "galleries" of member railroads help people learn about each others interests; "how-to" articles help people learn from each other.
Even more important than the internal benefits are the ways the club can attract newcomers who would be hesitant to make just a phone or e-mail contact.
Meeting schedules and local events calendars build confidence that you have a legitimate, family-oriented organization and aren't just three guys sitting around "drinking beer and running trains" (like, unfortunately, several of the "clubs" that have been listed on public club lists for years). Providing "how-to" articles and photos of member railroads helps folks see the rewards of the hobby and also realize that there are some folks in the club who might help them figure things out.
Maintaining a consistent, quality "presence" helps people on the "fringes" feel like they're still (or at least could be) a part of your "community.
Now it's time for a confession - I'm fairly useless as a local club member, because I'm always neck-deep in some online or regional project that benefits people I'll never see face-to-face or, in some cases, will never see again. Yes, I've already mentioned photo galleries and "how-to" articles, but a good collection of each makes our hobby more attractive, not only to folks around the corner, but also to folks around the globe. Let's keep thinking globally and acting locally until everyone knows or knows of someone who runs trains in the garden.
Ideally, someone in your club knows enough or can learn enough to get some sort of page up and keep it reasonably maintained. It IS better if you can register (and keep registered) a domain name that identifies your club.
If you want something more professional than the 3-4 page "home-grown" web site I described above, you may have to pay someone to build the framework, and then show your club web person how to keep it updated and add new member galleries, "how-to" articles, and so on.
By the way, this is a hint to clubs that make their newsletters "members-only," you're actually hurting yourselves in this area (unless your newsletter really suck).
One other hint, for wannabe webmeisters: Use thumbnails on your gallery page that expand to fairly high-resolution "blowups" when folks click on them (Get to know the "target=new" parameter). Garden railroading is fun all by itself, but many folks find that sharing their hobby with other folks makes it even more fun. I don't have the bandwidth to do a bunch of web sites for free, or even for a "reasonable" fee. To read more, or to look at recommended Garden Railroading and Display Railroad products, you may click on the index pages below.

We are a unique train shop specializing in G-Scale Trains and Thomas.Owner Tony has over 50 years experience with the train hobby. Ultimate Trains prides itself on carrying the total line of Thomas stock, including Take-A-Long Thomas. Not only will they take a while to download, but if you view these files on your system, they will also seem several sizes too large, although most of them are actually the right size for printing on a 600dpi printer.
When I started out, I was using plastic sheets that were much smaller than a sheet of typing paper. I bought two LGB "Toy Train" stations, which are actually Piko "Red River" stations with cheaper paint jobs. Working on another project, I collected a few thumbnail versions of old toy train posters and box covers. These include old soft drink and other product signs that could be used to dress up buildings, etc. Also, having multiple contacts on your contact page reduces the fear that the contact information a newbie picked up on a club list is obsolete (it often is).
Most people who aren't in club don't realize that many club members actually don't have railroads - they just like trains and they like people who like trains.
All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 by Paul D.
Ultimate Trains aims to give the new G-Scale hobbyist clear advice, while offering instruction of the newest digital equipment. The many varieties of spring-blooming creeping phlox planted throughout the railroad help to visually pull the railroad together.Download ImageDownload EPS (Zipped File)This image illustrates the size differences of the many scales of model trains.
Other people scanned these, so I apologize in advance for the low resolution on several of them. All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 by Paul D.
I also printed up "No Spitting" signs, ticket office signs, and others you can probably use even if you don't want to use the same station names. But in some cases, that made readers frustrated and disappointed - some online club lists have almost as many broken links and bad contacts as they have good ones.
If another 500 or 2500 or 5000 people join the hobby next year because of various clubs' outreach, you can be sure it will help manufacturers keep costs down and introduce new and improved products.

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