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Products reviewed by the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio are provided by the manufacturer at their cost. Fisher Price Geo Trax Workin Town Railway Train & Rail Road PlaysetA vehicle track system that is a world of transportation fueled by imagination.
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award are Registered Trademarks of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. It has the lowest product ID, B1836, of any set available.Tracktown Railway is naturally a good starter set. For even more imaginative play, kids can drive their engines to the two factory sites (Windmill & Factory) where they can get magic powered action to deliver the finished goods to their train.

So you naturally want to run some of your track under that coal drop area.The Pipe Works creates the yellow pipes. Still top rated, GeoTrax Workin’ Town Railway ($39.99 4) This 30-piece set comes with a bridge, station, and windmill.
Our testers found that it is possible for the train to get caught in a loop and fitting the tracks together is more challenging than with wooden tracks, since these only fit right side up.
When you make the Pipe Works function, the smokestack will bob up and down and a pipe will slide down the chute into your pipe car. After inserting your controller and pushing it forward, not only will your train move forward down the track, but you will also hear sounds coming from the controller through the Depot’s speakers.

These cubes fit nicely into the crane that slides along the top of the Gantry.Even though this set was discontinued in 2005, it is still fairly readily available.
Three pipes make a complete set, but one or more of these is often missing from a used set. Gray bridges (below) that came in the same set have corresponding openings so the bridge can sit properly atop the ramps and make the connection.This is normally not a problem unless you come across a set with mismatched ramps and bridge.

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